ID from one country, sent from another country

So the subject might seem complicated but is not… following the recent unreasonable raise of cost for postcards by the greek post (from 1€ to 2€ overnight, without prior notice) I was tempted to stop postcrossing for good. (Lets not discuss here if it is cheap/expensive compared to other countries, as greek PC community agrees that is pretty expensive!) Then I had a thought…

Does it violate PC rules (and does it annoy you as a postcrosser) to send a GR-xxxxx card from lets say Turkey? Meaning I would send it with a Turkish postmark.
Of course I can use travel mode while being there, but it would be easier and more convenient to receive addresses while in Greece, prepare cards and send the next day that I will be in Turkey.

Thoughts and input needed here!


It’s within the rules, so no problem. Go for it, it’s a very good reason.

I think everyone will think-feel differently about it, depending on what is important to them.
If explained (and especially not send from a country like Germany, which sends so much) it should be okay with most postcrossers, I believe.
Given that you most likely send Greek cards, I think it’s better with your country-code, like you plan.


There is no rule to say that the ID and the stamp have to match. Take a look at Danish postcrossers who send their cards from Germany or Sweden. I have also received a card from Belgium sent from Luxembourg. I think it’s maybe more a polite practice than an absolute rule that the ID and the stamp match that people have adopted over the time. Some may frown on you, but others don’t mind. What I have understood, opinions vary on this topic. I am not sure where I stand in this, but you do as you deem best for yourself. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Personally I wouldn’t mind! :slightly_smiling_face:

When you go to Turkey you could always buy (touristy) cards THERE and prepare them at home (im Greece). To be mailed next time from Turkey!

In my very long experience some Postcrossers like for the card and stamp to match, but very few want the ID and country to match!

And if the Postcrosser wants a card that is not touristy it shouldn’t matter anyway.

Before the travel mode I sometimes travelled to another country and sent viewcards from there with stamps/postmarks from there! :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand the point, but I think that on a large scale this practice would make the algorithm work not so well. :wink:

I will explain better: let’s say you are from Greece and want to send postcards from Germany (that’s just an example of course). Let’s say you pick my address. The algorithm will have choose you to send a postcard to me because I have very few postcards from Greece and a lot of Germany. But instead, I will receive a postcard from Germany, which I have plenty of.

That’s just my way to view things, I may be wrong so please correct me in case!


I think it is not exactly like this… Im greek, living in Greece, getting greek ids… only “paying less” postage because it is a different country i mail it from. Algorithm sees no Turkey in my practice, and no Turkey is in involved in the algorithm at all… like you, grabbing an id from italy and putting vatican stamps to mail from inside vatican. It doesnt tamper with vatican stats. You return back to lets say Napoli and continue receiving as italian


I think one problem is, if you get a country where your country sends to, but Turkey doesn’t.
But then of course you can send that from your country.
I have seen some members prefer everything match, like the card image, id, stamps to be from same country. So those you could send from your country, if you care to follow such wishes.

Also, some might probably tell in their Hurray they would have preferred it to be sent from the country where the id is, but as long as it’s said nicely, that’s ok too.


Whether its a Greek card, message, ID& sender with Turkey stamps & postage mark,or a Turkey tourist card, with stamps and postage mark, both would be lovely to receive. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Much better that than to lose you, especially as both are less common countries.


I would prefer to get a card where the ID matches the mailing origin, but I can understand with rising postage costs, it may not be feasible.

If that’s the case, I’ll like a note on the card as an explainer. Stick on a post it, and use washi to tape it down on the card explaining the situation

(Of course, you are not obligated to do so but it’s just something I would like to receive on my end - I wouldn’t know about your expensive postage unless I was told about it, yeah?)

Do Postcrossing in ways that suit you.
We love to have you around and if that means you have to find workarounds, by all means, please do so!


It wouldn’t bother me at all to have Turkish stamps and postmark on a Greek card, and I would still think of it as coming from your home in Greece.

Cards pass through lots of other countries on their journeys anyway, and the way I see it, you’d just be taking it on the first leg of it’s trip by hand (which is actually kind of cool!) before adding the stamps and dropping it in the post :mailbox_with_mail: :blush:

You should check the postal monitor for Turkey though, at least any time you draw a rare country, since the algorithm won’t know to do it for you.


I prefer that view on the card, stamps and ID match (but I am rarely active on official page these days) … if that is not possible, I would prefer to receive blank card inside the envelope, with a ID on a separate piece of paper or cover itself.

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PS. I realise it can get tedious to keep writing the same note on your cards mailed from Turkey, so maybe include a line in your profile about the postage, so when people register they can see it.


As we can see almost everywhere on the forum: everybody has his/her own opinion, so my advice is to do as is best for you and be stoic about comments that might not be pleasant in registration messages! :slightly_smiling_face:

Higher and higher postage rates should not spoil the fun, if there is a way to escape!!!


Algorithm sees no Turkey in my practice, and no Turkey is in involved in the algorithm at all

That’s exactly the point :wink: In my opinion, Turkey should be seen by the algorithm for a matter of balance.


I’m one of those people. :grimacing: ID = postmark = stamp. BUT I also understand the OP’s reason for having to substitute their national postal service.

It all boils down to you can’t make everyone happy about everything. Be realistic about what makes PC work for you and have fun!


Yes to this. You know what you do and why.
And, (in Hurray) it’s always only comment of that moment (when/if they were a little disappointed). Later they might find the rarity of it, and appreciate it, or not to think so much where it was sent. I think in your case it’s not so “boring” as it would be if I sent all my cards from Germany, for example.

(You here, I mean the op, weirdly quoted, sorry!)


When I was in Vatican one day of my vacation, I had the problem to not get the vatican ID (don’t worry, now I know how to get it :)).
So I got german ID’s for some cards. I don’t know why any more, but I had to send them from the italian post station near by, so in the end, it was like this:
Inscribed in Vatican, german ID, sent from Italy. :sweat_smile:
I would be confused a little bit, when I would get such a card, but it’s funny. :smiley:


I’m from Türkiye and wouldnt mind that if someone sends me a postcard with different ID but sent from Türkiye because it would be so quick to receive hahah :smile::cherry_blossom:

I didnt understand what that means "Algorithm sees no Turkey in my practice, and no Turkey is in involved in the algorithm at all… "

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I think its fine!!

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Many cross-border commuters send cards from another country regularly. I’ve also done that several times (and received cards with stamps from another country). So far, I had no complaints.