ID from one country, sent from another country

With a swap recently I felt some disappointment when I was expecting a card (and therefore stamps) from a certain more uncommon country and then it was sent from Germany. This is because I receive so many cards and stamps from Germany already. And this person is a stamp collector who values beautiful stamps (and I’ve sent them to them). But then I got a single boring stamp I had seen many times before from a country I didn’t expect (that I receive from almost every day).

But from Turkey with a Greek ID? Oh, I would not have a problem with that at all.


Whenever I’m in Denmark I try to find a local WIFI to draw adresses in travel mode with Danish IDs. But the cards are sent from Germany because of the incredibly high postage rates in Denmark. I have done so several times now and hardly any of the recipients even mentioned the fact that a postcard from Denmark was actually mailed from Germany. So I guess they either didn’t care or even didn’t notice it.

I think you don’t need to worry. :+1:

oh i would love a greece card sent from turkey. would be my most original card in that way. also, if you think about it, it’s kinda cool that people are just casually traveling to another country to mail out cards. not everybody has that luxury.

and sure, there will probably be some rude people that complain about it. but they probably don’t have to pay a crazy amount for just one stamp. so if this is what you have to do to be able to keep sending cards than definitely go for it.

also. what’s with all the germany hate. it would still be just a stamp. which germany has plenty beautiful of (
and they have very low postage rate, why not make us of it if you can).


I mean that the algorithm in my case wouldnt know im sending from turkey if i already had the id chosen from greece with GR code. It is only the physical location of the card that changes. Postcrossing site doesnt know where i mail it from…


I’m quite new here but in my mind, time you send the cards to the adresses you pick, there is no problem. :blush:

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I’ve only had this happen once with a card with a Mexico ID but it was sent from the USA with USA stamps. It confused me more then anything at the time but probably has to do with the sender not trusting Mexico postal Service.


I feel like you will get all sorts of opinions on this, but they are only opinions - and, as the saying goes, every one has one! MY opinion is that I would rather you stay in Postcrossing and mail the cards cheaper, if you can. If it were me, I would use Greek ID’s and Greek postcards, and mail them from Turkey. I send alot of postcards that aren’t local pictures, so the stamp and cancelation doesn’t match the picture, anyway. I guess, if it bothers you, you might put a note in your profile. So many times you see comments that the message is the most important thing - and, that’s MY opinion!


I love Greek and Turkish cards, so I’d be happy either way!

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In my opinion, go for it! Make sure that the sender isn’t in the same country though or the card is Greek - since they may be expecting a foreign card, but then receive a card from their home country =(

I’ve never heard of our neighbours (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei) come into Malaysia to do this though. Malaysia has a comparably cheaper rate of 90 sen (~20 cents EUR) even cheaper than the postcard itself.

People should understand that with rising postage costs, we all need to do something to save so we can spread more joy! No one should be ashamed of doing that, especially with a highway robbery rate of 2 EUR!

Make sure you use beautiful stamps though, it’d definitely make up for it!


I’d be happy with this, it would still feel as if I were receiving something from Greece and I completely understand the postage!

(Ironically, what you said @anotherphilatelist sounds like heaven, our postage is at least $3AUD and often more if you talk to the wrong people at the post office :S $2, I would send so many more!)


There are members in Poland who lives near the border to Germany and send cards from Germany because the postage is insanely expensive from Poland to the rest of the world, like more than 6 US dollars for them to send single postcard. ( If you calculate with their zloty, it does not seem to cost that much generally, but their income in Poland is much less than the Western World and the current postage for them to send single card would be just as much as 6 US dollars for them, too expensive … )

They usually mention of the reason of sending from a different country in their profile.

There would be no problem on Postcrossing at all with such same reason.


I don’t see such. If you expect a swap from a rarer country, from a person who collects stamps, and you get something you have plenty, from a not rare country, I think it’s normal and ok to be disappointed. That still isn’t hate. :hugs:

And yes, if I get a card from Poland, with German stamp, I would have preferred a beautiful Polish stamp that they have, and I am slightly and shortly disappointed from that part.


I’m collecting connection, not IDs.
I’d be gutted if someone went in travel mode to just get an ID, but then the postcard, stamp and writing is from the perspective of another place, as at that point it’s not even trying to be from that country. If you’re in travel mode, tell me about your travels!!
In an ideal world, the message, card, stamp and ID would all march, but I do understand the financial incentive of posting from other countries.


I will do the same with my next travel mode.
I will request ID with rare country but will send from other country because after asking local postcrosser sometimes it not arrive and they themself sending it from other country of my registered mail. And i join the tour, so i dont have time to find the post office

In my opinioni you should do what Is the best for you and your budget. Actually also in Italy some destinations are starting to be very expensive (Oceania costs more than €3!) And if i could save Money like you i would do It.

PS: have you tried to find on eBay Sellers of greek stampa that make discounts? In Italy Is quite common + a good way to save Money and use cool stamps

I also think like you… stamp+id thats why im hesitant doing it… I can always go in travel mode but that gives me limited time and resources to select/write/decorate my cards since I have to do it during my travel…
We’ll see how it goes!

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Or you could consider sending non country specific cards. Showing pictures like coffee, illustrations etc

Then you can predecorate the cards before going to Turkey and use travel mode.


I think if you’re close enough to cross a border and send cards on the regular that’s kind of fascinating in it’s own right.

Personally, when I’m traveling and sending cards to myself, I think the postmarks are cool as they mark where I’ve been. That being said, it’s not really a precise science (especially if you’re sending national park cards). Perhaps the disconnect between a mismatching country ID and stamp might be jarring at a quick glance, but in the grand scheme of things I think that’s low on my list of priorities to be disappointed about.


I usually don’t care bout the ID, while I prefer when the stamp and the subject of the card match (so, card of a Turkish place sent from Turkey with Turkish stamps, no matter if the ID is Greek)

But if there is a good reason for sending a card from another country (such as an outrageous increase in shipping rates) I’d say, do it!
As LLAcademy said, much better to have Greek cards sent from Turkey than lose you as a postcrosser :slight_smile:

Just my two cents : maybe you could add a very short notice on the text on the card to explain why you are sending from another country (like “I’m sending from Turkey because of the very high rates in my country”) , so that the receivers will understand the reason of the mismatch

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I have gotten cards from different countries that did not match the ID. And normally the explanation was cost of postage. Germany is less expensive than most of its neighbours.
I do not care at all, but I am not a big fan of touristy cards, do collect neither stamps nor countries, I just enjoy nice cards and interesting messages…

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