How Many Postcrossing Stamps ? :postcrossing:

In August 2021, I was in Karlozy Vary, Czech Republic, as a tourist, and I went to the Post office to buy some stamps for my postcards. I got some sticker stamps with the word Postcrossing written on it. I didn’t know Postcrossing at that time, but now that I am completely into it, it’s hard to believe that I didn’t know it for so long :blush:
Anyway, I just read that there would be a new Postcrossing from Luxemburg, so I was wondering; since the first Postcrossing stamp from the Netherlands, do you know how many Postcrossing stamps were edited?
Would it be possible to list them all, with a picture, on this topic?

Let me start with the Czech one. You are welcome to add those you received :blush:


Ok this is wonderful.How exciting it would be to have a stamp like that, I kept noticing some creative stamps along with postage, so I designed my own personal stamp, so I made a few hundred so I can now put them on my postcards…

Sooooo to those who get postcrossing stamps I would love to get one someday… you are all such enablers to my ever growing stash :wink:


Here a list of them all with some pictures:


@LC-Canada Now these are amazing,has Canada ever done one?

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No, there’s been a few attempts I understand of writing letters/postcards to the committee that decides, but no luck so far. We publish so few stamps these days, I’d be surprised if they’d give one to us. If we published more stamps, I think we’d have a better chance.


So cute :heart_eyes:

List of already issued Official Postcrossing stamps

Postcrossing (Legacy) Forum - List of already issued Official Postcrossing stamps

october 5,2013 LITHUANIA 1 stamp== ===========================NOT HAVING
Lithuania Post to Release a Stamp for Postcrossing | Lietuvos paštas
november 7,2015 KAZAKSTAN 1 stamp==========================HAVE ONE

december 23, 2015 BULGARIA 1 stamp===========================HAVING
Stamp: Postcrossing (Bulgaria 2015) - TouchStamps
march 22,2016 RUSSIA 1 stamp=================================HAVE ONE
Stamps of Russia: Postcrossing (2016) - Philatelic Database
June 10th Guernsey Post (Guernsey)image 6==NOT HAVING-3 stamps(UK+EUR+ROW)
July 10th Belpochta (Belarus) image 6==1 Stamp==NOT HAVING
July 14th Austrian Post (Austria) image 5==1 Stamp==NOT HAVING

My Postcrossing Stamps collection-

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This list is not entirely perfect, but you can see what the stamps with the postcrossing theme look like:

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hoping Italy will issue one in the future, they all are so beautiful to collect!

Hello Leopold! You can keep up to date about all the Postcrossing stamps on the Postcrossing blog! :blush:

Thanks a lot, it seems it is partially incomplete, but it’s very helpful!

Thank you very much :blush: , but I have to say that some stamps are not really Postcrossing stamps. For instance, the Lithuanian one isn’t a really Postcrossing stamp, just a stamp about postcards. But it helped me to do my own list, thanks a lot!

Thanks! Very complete!

Dear @LC-Canada, @kraghavendrabhat, @kover, @melody1

Thanks to your links, here is the list of the official Postcrossing stamps. Tell me if there’s anything wrong :blush:


Netherlands :netherlands:


Finland :finland:


Belarus :belarus:

Guernsey :guernsey:


Bulgaria :bulgaria:

Czech Republic :czech_republic:

Kazakhstan :kazakhstan:

Russia :ru:

Slovenia :slovenia:

Ukraine :ukraine:


Austria :austria:

Guernsey :guernsey:

Netherlands :netherlands:

Poland :poland:

Russia :ru:


Belarus :belarus:

Indonesia :indonesia:

Ireland :ireland:

Romania :romania:

Switzerland :switzerland:


Hungary :hungary:

Moldova :moldova:


Åland Islands :aland_islands:


Brazil :brazil:

Kazakhstan :kazakhstan:


Austria :austria:

Belarus :belarus:

Guernsey :guernsey:


Estonia :estonia:

Germany :de:

Luxembourg :luxembourg:


A bit surprising that countries with a lot of Postcrossers like Germany, the United States, China or Taiwan don’t have their own Postcrossing stamps…

Which one is four favorite?
In my humble opinion, the Moldovan one is the more poetic!
:moldova: :heart: :postcrossing:

Germany is coming in the fall I think and there are some unofficial ones not produced with Postcrossing’s permission but we don’t count those.

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The german Postcrossing stamp launch in October 2022.

Great, I didn’t know! Thanks a lot for telling us :blush:
I am so happy for all the German postcrossers who are so involved in this community :postcrossing: !
But does anyone know when the design of the stamp will be released?

By the way, the 2015 stamp from Bulgaria (which I find really nice) and Kazakhstan,and the 2018 stamp from Åland Islands aren’t officially recognized by Postcrossing.