Luxembourg postcrossing stamp launch meeting, September 17th 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION:
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Luxembourg -city
:calendar: DATE: 17 september 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10-30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

On September 13th, Luxembourg Post will issue a postcrossing stamp.

For this reason I plan a meeting, which will be on the SATURDAY 17th of September.

The plan is to meet at Glacis, next to the tramstation ( Theater ) at 10.30

  • go by tram towards Philharmony
  • get down to Pfaafenthal by funiculair.
  • from here we walk approx 500m through the lower part of the city, and
  • take the panoramic lift to uptown.
    -another small walk towards the grand-ducal palace and postcard shopping
  • to end our visit of the city at Place d’armes, where we go to the restaurant.
    The restaurant is confirmed , we have a private room in the restaurant Qosqo Ville : Restaurants - Qosqo

After the writing and signing of the cards, I still hope that I get an agreement from Luxembourgish post for the first day cancellation.
Somehow this seems to be the most difficult part, but I still do not give up.
It is a little bit like with a birth, you need to wait and see what happens… and there will be a special stamp boot at the postoffice in Aldringen from 13:00 - 17:00 with a special stamp for our meeting :smile:

All public transports are free in Luxembourg, so the rides on tram and funiculaire are free.

You can park your car on a saturday for free on Glacis or take the tram from the station towards the meeting point.

I offer to buy the postcrossing stamps in advance for you, so you just need to tell me how many we need
(it will make things easier; I think)
Stamp price goes up on September 1st.
The postcrossing stamp will be for Europe at a price for 1,40 euro :frowning:
( L : 1euro Europe : 1,40 World : 1.75)
They want to ruin us :wink:

According to the postcrossing guidlines, I am not allowed to print the card with the logo how I planned to, so I guess it is the best thing to not put the logo on it.
And the card will be the following one :

Hope to see you soon in Luxembourg

  1. annibaer
  2. @itzibitzispider
  3. @isagv +1
  4. @catlover98
  5. @kroete68
  6. @mihneaR
  7. @mapcardcollector
  8. @Bluriel
  9. @Jeke
  10. @Mamiielariie
  11. @Mieke1985
  12. @juytters
  13. @Astrid85
  14. @Mamanclaire
  15. @Schlafmohn
  16. @batangai
  17. @Jess-Cee
  18. @MiddLin
  19. @Robinchen
  20. @jofemapa
  21. @Namibia13
  22. @Opec
  23. @SylviaAugustin
  24. @Mattjes
  25. @Niklot
  26. @incristi
  27. @Frutz
  28. @isade1975
  29. @cynnoe
  30. @sandralux
  31. @Moussette

Waiting list :

Maybe list


Count me and my hubby in please. :+1:t2:


Count me in … well you know that already :wink:


Please count me in :grin:

I would like to join.


Hey Ho! please, add me, Holger - @chrisskywalker and @Bluriel :wink: I can hardly wait to be there!

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Pls put me, @Jeke @Mieke1985 and @juytters also on the list. We look for it


It’s so great that there is a new Postcrossing stamp!
I would really like to come, but I am not sure yet if I will be in my university or not…
Until when is it possible to answer?

Yeah, count me in :smiley::smiley:


Hi. I would like to join.


I can put you on a maybe list, but need to know by August 15th if you come or not

I would love to join, too. Please put me on the list :grin:

@annibaer it is quite sure, that I will bring a @MiddLin from Vermont along

I would also like to join


I would love to join this meetup! Please add me to the list :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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I’d like to be there too. I will bring my husband and @Mattjes with me as companions. If that fits, please enter and 3.
Thank you, we look forward to Luxembourg.


I would be very happy if someone could swap a card with the new stamp from this meetup? Because September 17th is my birthday :smile:
Here’s a link to my swap cards, I have also a lot of other cards so just ask if you would like to get something else.

@annibaer: when do you need to know the amount of stamps?

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I would love to swap with somebody too :slight_smile: I am from Finland

Would love to join, but for now it’s a maybe for me​:sweat_smile::see_no_evil: