How do you store or display your postcards?

In boxes, albums, up on the wall, or maybe in the corkboard in your office… Show us how you store or display the postcards you receive! :slight_smile:


This is how I store postcards I have received from people lucky enough to be given my address by PX

My blank card collection is in this whopping great album (or in various piles here and there around the place)


That’s beautiful, I love how organized everything looks! I’ve just started collecting, so I have a fairly small bundle of cards, which I keep in a cookie tin or displayed on my desk.


I display received cards on my cardrack and store them in albums. (I followed another postcrosser’s tip of arranging them so that I can see both sides of cards. I love reading the messages and looking at pretty stamps and decorations).


in boxes at the minute


Could you re-give this tip to us? :smiley:


Sure! Pictures explain the best how it is done, but I cut out card-sized piece of paper leaving corners and make two cuts on each corner. Those keep the cards in their places. Cards do not have to be standard size as I cut each paper according to the cards. I chose vanilla-coloured paper as I did not want to use plain white and it is neutral enough to suit all cards.


Wow, very cool!! :star_struck: Thanks for explain it! :purple_heart:

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Currently, I’m storing all of my postcards in a couple of photo boxes. I really want to frame my favorite ones, but I have to find frames I like first.


You are doing a great job! Awesome!


I was lucky to receive an old postcard rack as a gift.
As I had to left behind my old rack :cry: in Germany when I moved to Brasil.

So, actually like this one - sort of:


I haven’t quite figured out how I want to store them. When I first started Postcrossing years ago, I used a shoe box I fixed to look nice, but that has got lost over the years and multiple movings.

Right now I have nice sized pile on my table of those I want to keep, some cards I have given to kids to use for crafting, and some I have framed or put up on walls

(excuse my ugly walls, I am renting and haven’t yet got permission to fix walls and floors)

Some of these are from Postcrossing, some I have bought myself during my travels.

I have been thinking about buying an album for those that I want to keep but not exactly frame on walls, like cards with nice messages and stamps so I can actually see the both sides. Thank you for the tip @Kanerva! I might try that one :slight_smile:


I like those framed ones with a theme, e.g. Denmark theme. Looks cool!


Thanks! I have one for Austria too but forgot to take a pic of it and that Sweden one should get fixed but I always remember only when I am already busy with something :roll_eyes:

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A similar thing happened to us — we’ve had to leave ours in Germany, when we moved to Portugal… but then we met a nice postcrosser in our town who owns a postcard store, and he offered us an old one he had. :slight_smile:


My favorites are stored in folders and the rest are stored in a box :slight_smile:


I put the new cards on my office wall (unfortunately, none of my collegues joined postcrossing so far, but I’m working on it, I promise!) and after a year or so I put the old cards off and store them in a box.


I just received one postcard. I put it on my whiteboard and wait for more in future :sparkles:


I’ve just bought a photo album to store cards from around the world.
I saw this album and had to buy it. The fact is has ‘Adventure is out there’ and the map drew my attention straight away. Also my favourite movie is Up where I first heard this quote. Fits just perfectly for postcards from the world. :grin:


I am surprised at people who keep postcards in photo albums. I have postcards of different shapes and I don’t think they will fit into a photo album, so they are stacked