Fountain Pens

Is anyone in the forum into fountain pens? I’ve sent a few officials to people who share the hobby as well. :slight_smile:


@renegade_cavalcade I am into fountain pens :smile: However, I need to clean them out. I haven’t used them in a couple of months… :sweat_smile: I just kept putting it off because I didn’t want to clean…

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Thanks for this topic! I love fountain pens and have used them since childhood. My old favorite was a Parker 45 that I received as a gift in my early teens, and wrote with regularly for over 20 years, until I accidentally smashed it. :cry:

I have only a few pens, including some Preppies, a Platinum carbon desk pen, a Lamy Safari inscribed with my name, that was a gift from a dear Postcrossing friend, and a Moonman 80. I also have a Pilot Custom 74 that I think I bought about 20 years ago. I don’t really collect fountain pens, but since I use them on a daily basis I’ve never been without a few of them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I am very much into them!!!
A friend recently gifted me three fountain pens and I am still on cloud 9 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My whole life, I always used Lamy pens and that I have a different brand and own more than one fountain pen is a very new development that I am still getting used to.
I also love dip pens and feather quills. Alas, my dip pen broke several years ago :cry: I still have it for some reason (and even still use it sometimes, seldom, heaven knows why) You might get a card from me that is written with a duck feather :grin:


I like fountain pens! And I have several fountain pens, but I’m not in postcrossing right now, due to some personal reasons. :pensive:


I love fountain pens!
I am the proud owner of 21, but I use only 15 in a rotating scheme, that means I change the pen every day so each pen is used every 15 days.
Favorites are Parker IM, Moonman 600 and Waterman Allure.


Yes! I have around 20 or so but am trying to be a bit more sensible at how many I have inked up at a time - I did just receive a package of 20 ink samples so we’ll see how long that sensibility lasts. My collection is mainly at the lower end of the fountain pen price spectrum (although I will often look at the more expensive pens and dream! :heart_eyes: ): Lamy, Pilot, TWSBI and Kaweco. I like collecting the colours I like of pen models I enjoy using.

At the moment my TWSBI Smoke & Rose Gold F nib is my every day writer, currently filled with Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink.


Here is my small collection:


Yes, fountain pen user here, although not so much on postcards. Parker & Lamy mostly, plus Chinese brands, and then there’s the writing fluids, Diamine mainly but also have J. Herbin, Sailor…

Fountain Pen Day is first Friday in November…

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I’m not particularly into fountain pens, but want to share a fun fact:

Most of the children here in The Netherlands write with fountain pens in primary school (say: 3rd grade up to 6th grade, when they leave primary school).
Maybe that’s why I don’t like them hahaha, I only remember the mess they make from my own school period as well as from my students now :joy: I remember how I colored my putty with it and how we collected the little balls that stay behind in the ink cilinder (meaning we always cut them open…hence the mess)


I had two beautiful fountainpens That I used daily, I carried them in a special leather case. Unfortinatly one of my pupils stole them. That is what happens in schools. I had nothing to prove, so they are lost forever. Its years ago, but I still miss them. One was a collectors item from a German factory that does not excist anymore.
On postcards they are not very practical because the ink isn’t waterproof.

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Ooooh… I LOVE fountain pens. I have about 20 of them, most of all Lamy.
I have also water proof ink (not for Lamy, sadly) but it doesn’t help if some cards have a strange surface. And there are a lot of cards, unfortunately. And it’s also difficult to write on cards made from recycling paper :confused:

During school time I also collected the little balls :joy: But Lamy has no balls :frowning:
I remember I had around 100 of them. I especially bought a long-size fountain pen to store them all. And then, one day, I lent it to a friend and as she changed the ink all of the balls fell down. :rage:
I wanted her to collect them one by one but our teacher wasn’t very impressed by me freaking out :see_no_evil:

Oh wow I am surprised at how many of you use them too! :star_struck: I have mostly Japanese ones - Sailor, Pilot, Platinum but debating on getting more Western ones. I have one Lamy that I use in my rotation.

I fell in love with fountain pens the moment I used one for the first time when I was 11. :smile: Since then they have always been my main kind of pens to use at school, for my correspondence, etc.
I have a Waterman fine nib pen that I use with purple ink to write letters and in my diary. It is getting old though and I’m thinking about looking for a new one.
I use a Platinum Carbon pen to write in Japanese. The nib is extra fine, which is great to write kanji’s. One of the best gifts I received !
My brother offered me a Montblanc pen, but I don’t have cartridges anymore and they can’t be found here, so I can’t use it at the moment. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh I love fountain pens! I used to write my cards with this gorgeous ink from J.Herbin. It has beautiful gold shimmers and a lovely sheen. :heart_eyes: But because of the shimmer, I had to use a pen with a medium nib and my handwriting looked kinda ugly with broader nibs. :broken_heart:


Wow it’s actually the same here in China! At least when I was in primary school haha. There were so many fountain pens that I broke. :rofl:

When I was at primary school, they made us to write with fountain pens, too :wink:
I used Aurora’s “auretta” model with plug-in cartridges, and a special double ended felt tip pen to cancel and rewrite in case of errors.
I remember that, after a certain number of “flight” from the desk, the nib could be irremediably ruined.
Italy has issued a stamp last year dedicated to 100 years of “Aurora” brand:


Italy has issued a stamp last year dedicated to 100 years of “Aurora” brand


Happy Fountain Pen Day! It’s annually celebrated on the first Friday of November.

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I remember the balls too! Collected as well! No idea where they went.

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I am not a real fountain pen aficionado, but I do have a few. I use them on postcards sometimes, either with a waterproof ink like Noodlers Bulletproof Black or Lexington Gray, or Platinum Carbon Black, or by putting some sort of sealant on non-waterproof ink afterwards.