Hurray! 🎉 Official Cards from Forum Member to Forum Member

I’ve got today mail from @Postkatze

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thank you jason @Sollozzo :heart_eyes: for your beautiful postcard :smile:

thank you martina @tarmina :heart_eyes: for your beautiful postcard :smile:

Today I received a great handmade card, with a lot of orange stamps from @reoreo :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:
Thank you so much, that is a great surprise :+1:t2:

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my postcard has been registered by @AvelineQ :heart_eyes:

Our dear @Reisegern has received my card :smiley:
(Sending much love for the time and effort you put in moderating this forum :smiling_face:)

The HSBC Rain Vortex is a new addition, having opened in 2020, I believe.
I agree with regards to the number of fountain pens, they seem to multiply by themselves don’t they :face_with_peeking_eye:


And once you start exchanging cards/letters with other fountain pen lovers, the numbers of inks owned doesn’t decrease, either…
Any more about this should go into the Fountain Pens topic.

Anyway: I was happy to receive an “official” card from an international forum member. That doesn’t happen very often. (This December I received and sent a few officials with German forum members, that happens more often.)

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my postcard has been registered by @tika :heart_eyes:

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@LadyP1964 registered a postcard of mine, which shows Schloss Moyland near Kleve:

Today I’ve received a very beautiful postcard of Utrecht Postcard NL-5640451, sent by @corrola in the Netherlands.

thank you stephan @koppens for your beautiful postcard :heart_eyes:

my postcard has been registered by @Lido4ka :heart_eyes:

Today a card I thought had been lost was registered by @oredave

He told me in his message that it’s the first one he received in 2024 - how nice!


Very happy to receive this card from @Angelthecat! Thank you!


thank you daniel @PHILATELY07 for your beautiful postcard and stamps :heart_eyes:

thank you soch @MuddyPawsPost for your beautifulmeetup postcard :heart_eyes:

thank you @Annikar for your beautiful postcard :heart_eyes:


I got this one from @klabauterin today:

Thank you very much!


I’ve sent to @andrea870522


My card to @Zandy has arrived today


Thank you @RalfH for the dragon!


Thank you @Molly68 for the lovely maxicard, awesome stamps and washi

Thank you @chick-mum for the great Pride postcard

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thank you cathy @Catt007 for your beautiful postcard :heart_eyes:

I am so glad you are happy with it! It was a pleasure to draw your name and prepare this card for you, especially after your generosity in the tags last year. :heart: Sorry for my late acknowledgement here, I’ve had a lot going on with my family.