Decorating the back of your →NON-HANDMADE POSTCARDS←

One of the cute combination of stickers from recent cards (maybe finding a stamp with butterfly, getting away from cat, would be even nicer next time :thinking:)


Like to do this)


:envelope_with_arrow: :postbox: My outgoings this week


Hi! When I was quarantining in Cambridge, I decided to decorate a super long postcard, and it took me the whole day! I divided it into different sections (I won’t show you the message coz that’s always very personal, but you can see the recipe part!), and made a little drawing for each section.

Here’s a close-up of my Ash and Pikachu drawing.

The postcard itself is also very noteworthy:

In fact, it shows where I used to live as a student of Magdalene College, Cambridge! I added more context in the comments of the postcard page, if you’re interested.


Hi all.
As soon as I sit down to sign postcards, the question arises before me … How exactly to sign the back of the card? If it’s simple, without decorations, then it’s very boring, but I want your card to be considered, to be happy … at first I signed simply, then I added adhesive tape, and now I want more. It seems I can’t be stopped, but what I like is not the fact that another will like it. now I’m worried if my decoration is acceptable or not.

latest decorated postcards loaded latest…
When I look at the work of other postcrossers, at their masterpieces, I want to repeat something similar, but in fact it turns out the way it is (last 3 photos)
=( i’m worried =(


Summer and Harry Potter theme, will be send out today :heart_eyes:


Hi all.
I am not a talented decorator, I have not been involved in scrapbooking, and I am very far from the work of other postcrossers (I need to work on layering, minimalism, compatibility, etc.).
But I try and put my soul into every postcard or envelope.
Here are the backs of the postcards I’ll be sending out today. I would like to know the opinion, would you like such a postcard, if you received it. Although … they do not argue about tastes.

By, Katerina :slight_smile:


Personally I would be very happy to receive one of your cards. Lovely and creative.

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I would love to find such a nicely decorated postcard in my mailbox! :+1:t3:

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@mdmsamm did you try using a seal (and mini-envelope) on your outgoing cards in this way?

I’m curious because I too am in Canada, but the staff at my local P.O. are super-strict and I can just imagine their reaction to an postcard with this affixed to it. “That cannot go like that!!” But if it does go through the system OK (provided it is put into a mailbox rather than handed across a counter), I would love to do it!

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Hello …no I just used some washi tape to hold it down. They like me at my post office lol they even do the postmarks for me when I ask . But then again I write them a postcard often and drop off home made cookies


read this away from the context and got it completely different at first :smiley:
My way of lips wax seal?
I sometimes use lips wax to seal text written with a fountain pen to make sure it cant be washed away by raindrops or what else comes along while traveling :slight_smile:


I would be thrilled to receive one of your cards. They are visual stories, personal and beautiful! Thank you for sharing. :hugs:

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Had a lot of fun decorating these cards.
Hope recipients will like them :blush:
Used craft and scrapbook paper, stickers, white gel pen.


it’s just a masterpiece. I would be glad to receive a postcard with your design

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Try myself in painting)


I’ll be honest with you – these are some of the best cards I’ve ever seen! I love how original your decorations are, and you’ve definitely got a great sense of style! Your handwriting is simply mesmerising. It makes the reverse side of your cards look like something from the 19th century – some real old-school cursive handwriting!

In a more recent post you mention how you wish to learn “minimalism”. I don’t think minimalism is necessarily good! As much as empty, white spaces are beautiful and poetic, I’d much rather receive a postcard that’s completely covered with decorations and tiny words – just like your cards!


Thank you for such kind words addressed to me.
I like my handwriting, but when I write in italics, as I love with all my curlicues, the result is a beautiful picture, but not everything is legible for the reader. Therefore, the handwriting has to be modified, which makes it look a little clumsy.
As for the design, I decided not to worry about this, because the main thing is with what thoughts, feelings I created this decor, whether I put my soul into it. :slight_smile:
When I sit down to design a postcard, I lose the passage of time, everything freezes for me, and the process itself is akin to meditation. (I wonder how people manage to quickly design and sign several postcards, it takes me several hours … maybe I’m too slow! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:) You never predict the end result, because beauty is born in the process. :slight_smile:
I myself love it when a postcard is decorated and there is little empty space, I really love handmade postcards, because they are unique and unrepeatable. For me, the reverse side of the postcard is important, because it reveals the sender, shows his inner world, a look at life and beauty, shows his soul.
I am happy when there is a lot of text and upset when it just says “Hello from …” and “Happy postcrossing” … It seems to me that this is just automated and the person did not put his soul into it and did not reveal himself …
In any In any case, for me, postcrossing is a ray of light in a dark kingdom, and I am very glad when I find a message from a distant country in my mailbox. Since I registered quite recently, mail rarely comes to me (but I want it to come more often and a lot of postcards at once! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: my maximalism in all its glory), but when it comes, the day immediately becomes more beautiful. :slight_smile:
By the way, if you want, we can exchange a postcard/letter/envelope. :slight_smile:
I will only be glad. :innocent::sweat_smile:


So after a while just watching,
I’ll share one of mine :slight_smile:


I’m new and have only received a few cards and I was so excited to have a little drawing of the “partially cloudy” weather symbol on one I received. I am amazed and all the cards in this post. Sadly, I have zero artistic ability and would never be able to do anything like that. But BRAVO to all of you. I’d be thrilled to get a card like those.