🎄 CLOSED for JOINING - NA Secret Christmas RR 2021

How it works


  • This is a secret cards RR, so you will not know, from who you will receive cards.
  • Open to all of North America, including territories. You can request any amount of cards, but the number sent and received may change due to the amount of participants we have.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! This RR is for greetings and postcards! You cannot write, that you wish only postcards… you can write, that you prefer postcards. these rules are based on the main Secret Xmas RR.
  • This RR is not for handmade or touchnote cards, because most people do not like these.
  • When you wish to join:
  1. *You send me a private message with your address and preferences (in 4-5 words) Please do not post here. Since we won’t be nearly as large as the main RR, I’d like for it to be a complete surprise!
  2. You are online around November 9th, 2021.
  3. You can and will send out your cards within 2 weeks of November 9th.
  4. You must write here, when you send cards, but not to who
  5. You must register here all your received cards & from who you received. PLEASE, before joining be SURE you can update your received cards.
  6. You must write on card clearly RR name and your username!
  7. Have fun with NA Secret Christmas RR :christmas_tree:



  1. :mailbox_with_mail: dnrhott :champagne: carolreader, DcMdVa, teddypostcrossing, normajean,

  1. :mailbox_with_mail: scoutingbear :milk_glass: CrimsonKing, mere5oh, sraelling, normajean, Torchwood3, carolreader, teddypostcrossing, NittanyLionRI, DcMdVa, cruzin, TwoDoggies, BarbL

  1. :mailbox_with_mail: teddypostcrossing :snowman_with_snow: CrimsonKing, dnrhott, mere5oh, Torchwood3, Susaninutah, normajean, NittanyLionRI, PostAddy, Cruzin, BarbL, jocrafts, BeachyBlonde, TwoDoggies, MMMace,

  1. :mailbox_with_mail: normajean :angel: CrimsonKing, BeachyBlonde, teddypostcrossing, cruzin, BarbL, PostAddy, scoutingbear, TwoDoggies, susaninutah, DcMdVa,

  1. :mailbox_with_mail: susaninutah :carrot: mere5oh, scoutingbear, Torchwood3, DcMdVa, Yarn-Lady, PostAddy, NittanyLionRI, BeachyBlonde, TwoDoggies,

  1. :mailbox_with_mail: BarbL :fire: carolreader, mere5oh, CrimsonKing, dnrhott, DcMdVa, susaninutah, normajean, jocrafts, Torchwood3, cruzin, PostAddy, teddypostcrossing, TwoDoggies, BeachyBlonde

  1. :mailbox_with_mail: Torchwood3 :notes: NittanyLionRI, normajean, carolreader, dnrhott, PostAddy, susaninutah, BarbL, MMMace, BeachyBlonde, ellistrations, jocrafts, AlbertaGirl71, sraelling, mere5oh,

:gift: :gift: :gift: ALL CARDS RECEIVED! :gift: :gift: :gift:

:gift: 1. :mailbox_with_mail: mere5oh :santa: CrimsonKing, teddypostcrossing, scoutingbear, DcMdVa, susaninutah, carolreader, normajean, NittanyLionRI, BarbL, jocrafts, PostAddy, BeachyBlonde, Torchwood3, Yarn-Lady, TwoDoggies • :gift:

:gift: 2. :mailbox_with_mail: CrimsonKing :bell: mere5oh, carolreader, scoutingbear, normajean, DcMdVa, teddypostcrossing, PostAddy, BeachyBlonde, TwoDoggies, BarbL :gift:

:gift: 3. :mailbox_with_mail: PostAddy :snowflake: CrimsonKing, mere5oh, normajean, carolreader, teddypostcrossing, Torchwood3, DcMdVa, BarbL, susaninutah, NittanyLionRI, cruzin, scoutingbear, BeachyBlonde, Yarn-Lady, TwoDoggies • :gift:

:gift: 4. :mailbox_with_mail: BeachyBlonde :christmas_tree: scoutingbear, NittanyLionRI, Torchwood3, carolreader, mere5oh, normajean, jocrafts, BarbL, susaninutah, DcMdVa, teddypostcrossing, cruzin, PostAddy, Yarn-Lady, TwoDoggies • :gift:

:gift: 6. :mailbox_with_mail: AlbertaGirl71 :pie: scoutingbear, carolreader, BarbL, DcMdVa, teddypostcrossing :gift:

:gift: 8. :mailbox_with_mail: ellistrations :cookie: DcMdVa, NittanyLionRI, normajean, Torchwood3, TwoDoggies • :gift:

:gift: 9. :mailbox_with_mail: DcMdVa :wine_glass: mere5oh, CrimsonKing, carolreader, jocrafts, teddypostcrossing, susaninutah, NittanyLionRI, PostAddy, Torchwood3, BarbL, cruzin, MMMace, TwoDoggies, Yarn-Lady, BeachyBlonde • :gift:

:gift: 11. :mailbox_with_mail: carolreader :star: CrimsonKing, mere5oh, DcMdVa, normajean, Torchwood3, PostAddy, BarbL, cruzin, susaninutah, scoutingbear, NittanyLionRI, Yarn-Lady, AlbertaGirl71, TwoDoggies, BeachyBlonde • :gift:

:gift: 12. :mailbox_with_mail: jocrafts :gift: ellistrations, Torchwood3, mere5oh, normajean, BarbL, PostAddy, sraelling, scoutingbear, TwoDoggies, BeachyBlonde • :gift:

:gift: 15. :mailbox_with_mail: Yarn-Lady :chestnut: mere5oh, scoutingbear, Torchwood3, carolreader, teddypostcrossing, BarbL, DcMdVa, PostAddy, BeachyBlonde, TwoDoggies • :gift:

:gift: 17. :mailbox_with_mail: TwoDoggies :snowman: mere5oh, teddypostcrossing, CrimsonKing, PostAddy, scoutingbear, cruzin, Torchwood3, NittanyLionRI, DcMdVa, ellistrations, carolreader, normajean, Yarn-Lady, jocrafts, BeachyBlonde • :gift:

:gift: 18. :mailbox_with_mail: sraelling :ice_skate: mere5oh, PostAddy, teddypostcrossing, cruzin, BeachyBlonde • :gift:

:gift: 19. :mailbox_with_mail: cruzin :shopping: PostAddy, normajean, teddypostcrossing, carolreader, BarbL, jocrafts, scoutingbear, MMMace, AlbertaGirl71, BeachyBlonde • :gift:

:gift: 21. :mailbox_with_mail: NittanyLionRI :moneybag: teddypostcrossing, ellistrations, dnrhott, carolreader, DcMdVa, normajean, sraelling, scoutingbear, AlbertaGirl71, Torchwood3, MMMace, TwoDoggies • :gift:

:gift: 22. :mailbox_with_mail: MMMace :sparkles: sraelling, Yarn-Lady, dnrhott, ellistrations, AlbertaGirl71 • :gift:


Still looking for players! Send me a private message with how many cards you’d like to send (may change due to number of players) & your address!

I have changed the date to sign up to today, to allow for longer mail times.

:santa: We have 22 participants.
:christmas_tree:Max to send is 21 cards.
:gift: Addresses with preferences will be sent within a week.


I apologize if I am being “dense” but I have a desperate question. I printed out the Secret Christmas RR instructions and taped them in my December calendar. It states I must be online on or around December 7.
These instructions mention November 9, and I requested 20 or 21 addresses, and I see where cards need to be sent out within 2 weeks of Nov 9th. Am I signed up for 2 Secret Christmas RRs? It is fine if I am, I love it! I just don’t want to misunderstand and mess up anyone’s RR.
Thank you in advance for your patience with me! I print instructions so I can refer to them and not be a bother because organizing all this is already so. much work for you. I have a set of instructions referring to November, and another set of instructions referring to December. Thank you!

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No worries. I changed the dates and closed the RR early due to the fact that mail is now slower. I replied to another message just a few minutes ago, but, I haven’t sent addresses just yet because I have to assign everyone to everyone and was awaiting a response from another player for how many cards they wanted to send. I now have that info, so I will be sending addresses soon!


I have FINALLY finished assigning and will send out addresses later today. I had to cut the maximum number sent to 15 in order to make it all work. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone.


ADDRESSES have been sent!

Merry Mailings to you all! :santa:

Please don’t forget to report that you have sent your cards, but don’t tell me to who. If you want to send in phases, tell me which numbers in order of your addresses received.

And, please don’t forget to report when you have received and this time, from WHO so you may thank them!

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All of my cards are written and going out tomorrow, 11/22. Ho Ho Ho!!
:christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :gift:

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All of my cards are written and will go out tomorrow!

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All of my cards are sent! :mailbox_with_mail: :christmas_tree: :gift: :santa:


All of my cards will be mailed in the morning!

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8/15 cards sent today. Is this the correct place to report ?


All of my cards were sent today :christmas_tree:

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Received my first card today from @CrimsonKing Thank you, Lesly!


Received my first Christmas card from this group today from @teddypostcrossing. My favorites are the music and the food :cookie::milk_glass:


All my cards went out today.

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I received my first card today! Thank you, @CrimsonKing (Lesly), for the beautiful street scene in Georgetown, Colorado.


5 of my cards went out today. Still working my way through the list.

I received my first 2 cards today!

@CrimsonKing sends tree print…we got all the kitchen boxes unpacked and put away today (our actual move day was this past weds so I’d say we are doing pretty good)

@mere5oh sends an adorable illustrated winter bear