[RR] North American October 2021 Round Robin - The Spooktacular Card Edition - Closed!

All of my cards were ready to go out in tomorrow’s mail…until I realized that there is no mail tomorrow. :laughing: So mine will be on their way on Tuesday.


A month long vacation in Hawaii would be amazing!! I wish!



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You were born in Hawaii?! Me too!!! Small world! :heart:


At tripler army hospital! The pink one!


Hey everyone! Craig gave me permission to post about this here:

Come join the NA Secret Christmas RR! It’s similar to the International one, but more affordable. To join, you send me a direct message, but because of that, it falls to the bottom of the topics list. So, come join us for some Christmas magic and fun!


I was thinking the same thing!

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#25 jocrafts here, received:

#2 @Sunshein a really cute vintage shoe ad. I do love it’s addition to my collection(s) :stuck_out_tongue: Love your mom’s German saying, too :joy:
#5 @carolreader a great quote about making change. Happy (belated) world postcard day to you, too! I agree on spending too much on this hobby :flushed: :grimacing: but enjoying it too much to quit! :grin:
#7 @treeclimber a lovely furnishing floral fabric. I love the weather now for walks.
#13 @ladybug513 a really cute vintage Halloween. I might have to do this orange candle thing this Halloween!
#16 @CrimsonKing ooh! A pretty gory Halloween card! I have lived in Indiana on and off since 2010, so I’m pretty used to it :grin: The hubbie and I debate whether we prefer St. Louis or Indianapolis, and I think we’ve agreed on preferring Indianapolis (though they’re relatively similar cities, and St. Louis is a bit warmer throughout the year.) Indy just seems to have more to offer and is a better bang for your buck.
#17 @YOIYUMTEWA a bold orange clock. I do love orange; it’s such a cheery color!
#18 @scoutingbear I LOVE the message monsters, too! Lololol–they’re such cute stamps. Thanks for the Americana quilt.
#19 @ellistrations a really cute Ratatouille card. Thank you!

Thank you all!


#28 @TwoDoggies received

#2 @Sunshein Vespa card I never knew anyone who had or drove a Vespa. It was motorcycles or nada.
#7 @treeclimber Thank you for this Chudy card for my collection. I don’t know if he is still making new ones. I like the darkness and the touches of red in every card.
#8 @Shesa-Renegade This is what I love about postcrossing…getting cards about places I never knew existed. Guess my educational background wasn’t too swift.
#11 @PostAddy I do so love these vintage looking sarcasm cards. Makes me smile every time.
#13 @ladybug513 I like the spring in this area because of all the flowering trees make it just so beautiful. Fall makes me sad because winter is coming. These old motels in our area are either torn down or being used to house the homeless.
#15 @NittanyLionRI I know what you mean about having a hard time deciding on cards. Sometimes, I just click them all. “When I retire”, my common phrase these days…I will be able to use them all right? Even as I write this, I should be working on transitioning my clients out but I have to thank the people who sent me a postcard first! Probably won’t get to write any until this coming weekend.
#16 @CrimsonKing I do like this little English Bulldog. He’s very cute.
#17 @Yoiyumtewa If this hotel still exists, I surely hope they have updated their decor. It was awful then and I can’t imagine it could be any better now! Thanks I love it.
#18 @ScoutingBear I really like the airbrushed look of this card from Grand Theft Auto. I love how you said this is the only card your teenager thinks is worthy of being sent out! Made me laugh. My “teenager” turns 35 today. OMG.
#19 @ellistrations Thank you for the Mount St. Helens card with helicopter. It says 600 feet of material was deposited after the blow? Wow.
#23 @NormaJean Give Peas a Chance. I’m also looking forward to going to my granddaughter’s day care. Apparently they are having a Halloween “parade” in costume and my daughter has already made her a Minnie Mouse dress. Such fun.
#24 @roxy Thank you for the WPD card! I only got one this year and have only sent one. Even though I saved up all my official slots to send cards, the closing of my business and an unexpected trip out of town for a funeral this week have really thrown me off. I think all my cards will be a little delayed this month.

Thank you Group!



@Cruzin #3–Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. I have a Kindle, too, but I still love real books and wish I could have my own book-filled room!
@emotis #10–Hello, World Postcard Day–Love it!
@PostAddy #11–Spooky Halloween postcard–When I was a child, I thought Halloween was really scary. Kids today seem braver.
@ladybug513 #13–That pumpkin looks more scared than scary. He’s cute.
@roxy #24–Happy World Postcard Day. Love it!
Thank you for the great postcards!


#23 @normajean received today:

#8 @Shesa-Renegade - Rene, the artwork on this card is adorable! I never imagined there were so many possibilities for moon-related postcards, and I am so happy they exist. Thank you for the moon facts as well. It’s all so thoughtful, and puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart!

#14 @dnrhott - Delia, thank you for the cute panda postcard. The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is my favorite zoo to visit. I understand there are pros and cons for everyone to consider. Fall is my favorite season of the year, so thank you also for the happy wishes. I hope yours is lovely as well!

#22 @uconn - James, thank you for the Harvest Moon over the cornfields of Bethlehem, CT. Your PO sounds awesome. My husband will indulge me in day-drives to POs within 60 or so miles from our hometown in search of stamps (he gets his for collecting through the mail) and we always throw in other destinations or mostly we’d come home disappointed. I’m beginning to suspect he just likes to ride.


#15 NittanyLionRI

Received 2 wonderful cards today. Thanks so much!!

#12 @teddypostcrossing sent a cute trail companions card with chipmunks and squirrels :chipmunk:. We have pumpkin patches and football here, but no beautiful aspens.

#25 @jocrafts sent a beautiful Hawaiian Lei card from Hawaii. I hope you enjoyed your vacation, I‘m so jealous. I visited Maui ten years ago and it was gorgeous :hibiscus:


#27 checkin in.

@Cruzin thank you for the Japanese apricot tree card. I glad he was able to grab the cards and make his flight lol.

@dnrhott I’ve never been to Wyoming but this cards makes me wanna visit. Thank you.

@uconn totally love the vintage Halloween card. Enjoy trick or treating with the little people.

@jocrafts I’m sure you enjoyed your vacation. From the way you described it, Hawaii sounds like the perfect place to celebrate my birthday next year. Thank you for the awesome card.



Two beautiful Hawaiian postcards came today–Thank you
The King Kamehameha Golf Club from @scoutingbear #18
Waikiki Night Lights from @jocrafts #25
I’m so anxious to travel again!


#16 received:

#14 @dnrhott a Finding Nemo card, very cute. :smiley: I haven’t watched that movie in ages. I hope you have a great autumn as well. :slight_smile: Thank you for the card!

#22 @uconn Talk about a throwback! LOL I was probably the same age as those girls on the postcard dancing to music they can hear from a bar. Disco music, cracks me up. Thank you for the card! :smiley:

#25 @jocrafts sent a Keiki Dancer! What a beautiful card, thank you! :smiley: I hope you came back with one heck of a tan, experiences and a lot of memories, oh and photos! :smiley:


#22 uconn

#14 @dnrhott I love the edges on these vintage cards. Nice embellishments


@teddypostcrossing thanking for the 2 great cards I received today:

#22 @uconn~I just looked up Weegee and wow, interesting guy! There are movies made about him and I might need to check them out. It just might be a Halloweenie thing to do since it appears his subject matter could be on the creepy side sometimes! Thank you for the card and for the stamps-Happy Halloween!

#25 @jocrafts~Thank you for the Aloha State postcard-the sunrise takes my breath away! I loved hearing about a “Rainbow Spritz” and it sounds so enchanting! Your vacation sounds like one to remember-and a great postcard collecting opportunity!

Take care!

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#11 received

#5 @uconn sent a funny vintage comic card. Thanks, James!

#6 @mikeyz1 Sent a Van Gogh, Madame Roulin and her baby. Thank you, Mike! It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:


#3 @Cruzin yippie!!! Another Archie card made my day thank you Lori. I love Veronica and Hotdog.

#8 @Shesa-Renegade a mermaid scenery lovely illustration card. Glad u got some rain. Thank you.

#16 @CrimsonKing Indeed I do love these Mush sled Dogs they are busy working in the snow. Thank you.

#18 @scoutingbear yes see the Washington Monument many times. So much mystery behind the building of it. Saw it on Brad Melzer Decoded. Thanks

#22 @uconn a view of a beach island. Enjoy your time. Thank you.

#23 @normajean a world postcard day full of cats I have gotten the other one too. The cats are sending and receiving postcards too. Thank you.

#27 @KeKet Cherry Blossoms and what seems like a Japanese building nice. I myself have been to DC to see them in bloom . Thank you and Welcome.

Thank you all. :upside_down_face::smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I was looking for any missed recorded postcards when I reread your post. It might be a recurring human theme, just in the USA we had lots of ghost towns created by failed mines (we have a lot of them in the SE part of AZ), railroad towns or towns that the railroad passed by and they were cut off, timber towns feeding the building of the railroads that went bust because no other industry could be found after the railroads were built (nearly happened to Leavenworth, WA but they decided to become a German tourist attraction - great butcher if anybody ever visits and I’m a vegetarian :rofl:). The question now would be, which of the current places will become forgotten and die off in the future that are booming now?