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Another postal story:

Well done to the Lithuanian postal service for finding as many recipients (or relatives of) as they could!


I received my first postcard in a month today! Postcard CH-592202


We’ve still got some BITES open for new participants, including a plants and flowers themed one I’m looking forward to hosting! [BITE] British Isles Traveling Envelope

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Having been inactive for seven weeks and going back to normal, I recieved a bundle of postcards from Germany and algorithm allocated some consecutive ID numbers:





Yes, i was only inactive over the Christmas period and got an pile from Germany in January :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: though not quite consecutive numbers that time

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There is hope that a bit more variety is on its way to you, @Maddymail and @AnjuschkaC . It could well be that your address was given out to lots of different countries at the same time and the very efficient German mail service was just a tad faster than the others. Keep your eyes open for cards from around the world in the next couple of weeks.


I haven’t even been set to inactive and today and yesterday I’ve received three consecutive German IDs:


Let’s see if the weekend and next week bring any more!

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Cards from Germany reach UK in a few days & it can feel like this. Over a longer period it seems to Balance out. There is also the German charity month thing where they send a lot in December which will create lots of slots for returns. I’ve had some lovely cards & conversations. The cards from further away arrive eventually but less often

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Yesterday, 17th, received a letter from Germany postmarked 15th Feb! Normal times for some things…

Today, received a typewritten letter, 1st class, posted yesterday so arrived in good time. Even in Storm Eunice.

I know a lapsed Postcrosser called Eunice and she is not all that happy her name is a storm…


Stamp of the first class letter featuring the Amphitheatre at Isca Fortress, Caerleon?

Well… now that you mention it…

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Is everyone OK after Storm Eunice?


Hi, yes all okay here (Cambridge) thanks. We even got some post on Friday.
Our house and garden are okay, our street lost a couple of biggish trees, as did the local park and back gardens, a few damaged sheds and fences of course, and thats all we noticed on our walk/from the window yesterday. There were some local power cuts and i think some roofs were lost in Cambridge though.
My parents in northern Germany (Bremen) lost part of their roof (tiles) too. Not too bad, the internal cladding and insulation are intact and should keep the worst of the weather out. I’m scheduled to go and visit them soon, I’ll come home to a house in scaffolding.

How about everyone else?

All ok where I am in Reading, thank you. A small branch snapped off a neighbour’s tree, and another neighbour had a tree shredder running out on the street to shred some branches that had come off trees on their property. The worst damage I saw on my wanderings yesterday was a partially felled tree in the cemetery. How are things where you are @FairyFoot ?

We lost our fence! Bit annoying as we’re end of terrace and there’s a alley next to our house. Our living room is at the back of the house - so means we’re not getting much privacy at the moment! Quite a few trees came down around the area but otherwise all okay.

Escaped the weather. Just a few twigs blown off the trees, and down by the quayside, the high tide did come over, but other than that… some micro-floods - sections of roads with huge puddles, from fields draining…

Today’s my 9th Postcrossingversary and since I’m bored waiting for my partner to come home before cracking on with making tea, I thought I’d compile some stats/highlights/facts of the past 9 years!

The longest distance I’ve ever sent was GB-1003575, which travelled 11,643 miles from :uk: to :new_zealand:

The shortest distance I’ve ever sent was BE-679079, which travelled a mere 113 miles from :belgium: to :de:

The longest distance I’ve ever received was NZ-199919, which travelled 11,634 miles from :new_zealand: to :uk:

The shortest distance I’ve ever received was FR-1162749, which travelled 167 miles from :fr: to :uk:

I’ve sent to 56 countries: :australia:, :austria:, :azerbaijan:, :belarus:, :belgium:, :brazil:, :bulgaria:, :canada:, :chile:, :cn:, :cyprus:, :czech_republic:, :denmark:, :estonia:, :finland:, :fr:, :de:, :greece:, :hong_kong:, :hungary:, :india:, :indonesia:, :ireland:, :it:, :jp:, :kazakhstan:, :kr:, :latvia:, :lithuania:, :macau:, :malaysia:, :malta:, :mexico:, :moldova:, :netherlands:, :new_zealand:, :norway:, :philippines:, :poland:, :portugal:, :romania:, :ru:, :serbia:, :singapore:, :slovakia:, :slovenia:, :south_africa:, :es:, :sweden:, :switzerland:, :taiwan:, :thailand:, :tr:, :us:, :ukraine: and :uk: (:scotland:)

I’ve received from 54 countries: :albania:, :australia:, :austria:, :belarus:, :belgium:, :brazil:, :brunei:, :bulgaria:, :cambodia:, :canada:, :cn:, :croatia:, :czech_republic:, :denmark:, :estonia:, :finland:, :fr:, :de:, :greece:, :hong_kong:, :hungary:, :india:, :indonesia:, :ireland:, :it:, :jp:, :kr:, :latvia:, :lithuania:, :luxembourg:, :macau:, :malaysia:, :malta:, :netherlands:, :new_zealand:, :norway:, :philippines:, :poland:, :portugal:, :romania:, :ru:, :serbia:, :singapore:, :slovakia:, :slovenia:, :south_africa:, :es:, :sweden:, :switzerland:, :taiwan:, :thailand:, :tr:, :us: and :ukraine:

I’ve sent from 14* countries: :andorra:, :austria:, :belgium:, :bolivia:, :brazil:, :es:, :fr:, :it:, :luxembourg:, :netherlands:, :peru:, :portugal:, :slovakia: and, of course, :uk:
*15 if we count :england: and :scotland: as separate countries!

I wonder if any of these distances get beaten, or new countries added, in the next 365 days!

Here’s to the next 9 years :clinking_glasses:


Ireland, 73 miles! One card I sent to Brian, is flagged as 82 miles!

Longest, 11867 miles to NZ.

Received, a few 82 miles from Ireland, and one from Chrissybaby 105 miles. Longest, from NZ 11852 miles.

Though my post to Ireland probably had to go via Chester across the border in England… and then… wherever to board a plane. Perhaps they could have flung it on Stena/Irish Ferries instead!

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My Irish postcards vary from 220 miles to 368. My one to Brian clocked up 244 miles! I guess this is my comeuppance for having been predominately based on England’s east coast for the vast majority of my Postcrossing career!

No doubt it’d be a much nicer (scenic) voyage for your postcards :crazy_face:

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Ironically 2nd Class stuff to and from Northern Ireland goes on the ferry to/from Liverpool/Cairnryan.

It be interesting to know how stuff is transported to the South (Republic).

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