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I have voted shepherd to fit the poll, but the only nativity play I remember, I was a ‘tree’ - and quite happy with that :deciduous_tree: (no speaking) My kids have been angels (who were the narrators)

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German primary schools don’t do nativity plays, so my only one was at nursery. My doll got the main character and was allowed to play baby Jesus. I don’t think I was selected to play, but was allowed to sing in the choir :notes: which probably suited me more than being on stage

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My headmaster didn’t celebrate Christmas, so we never did nativity plays. I was a silver birch in one of his plays, and I can remember a complicated play about Cyclops (giant sheep, people clinging on underneath?).


Thought you might all appreciate Liberty’s window display and the very funky postbox inside


@Florallle @Bayrisches-Madl @AnjuschkaC
Thanks for sharing those memories. :slightly_smiling_face: One of my friends was a tree too, a popular role!

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Surprised we have no angels so far! Did no Postcrossers wear the tinsel halo at school? :slightly_smiling_face:

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The poll closed and it seems that most of us shone in the role of Shepherd in the Nativity play! :sheep:

Happy Christmas everyone! :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time :christmas_tree:

We had rain, rain and more rain, but still got out for a short walk after our Christmas lunch.


Where had those cards been all this time?!


Those cards were probably stuck somewhere on Lanzarote I would guess. Especially if most of the other cards didn’t make it at the time either.

Incidentally I think our incoming postal service here is “rationed” at the moment and delivered in bursts: I had a pile of 15 cards and letters on Tuesday the 5th, and then absolutely no mail for this address since which is quite unusual these days. Hope my nice postie is okay and just on holiday/ a different route.

You are amongst the lucky ones then, @AnjuschkaC! We haven’t received any mail yet in the new year, no postcards, no letters, not even advertisements or bills. I haven’t seen our postie all week. I keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

OK, point taken! That was the first and only ‘delivery’ since Christmas.
At least my little parcel to my parents in Germany arrived there yesterday. Posted 9th Dec and all correctly declared: home made cards and Lebkuchen. Had been opened and badly repacked by customs. At least nothing missing. Similar parcel to my sister made it unscathed.

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I love these stories! Never lose hope about “lost” mail arriving :sweat_smile:

We’ve had pretty steady post here, but things definitely taking longer than usual. I also haven’t seen our regular postie since before Christmas, maybe he’s taking some well deserved time off! Not that weird that his route gets covered here.

Post to friends and family over Christmas had varying levels of success - I did some very last minute posting of cards. One arrived in a couple of days in time for Christmas (with a little gift inside too) yet a friend only got my Christmas card the other day!

Well we had another pile of post (10 cards and 4 letters) on Saturday so we’ll see what happens today. Right now I’m slightly concerned about my daughter’s passport. The new UK one arrived quite quickly before Christmas but the original documents we had to submit are coming separately and are weeks overdue now - even allowing for the official ‘this may take two weeks’. Every time I have kittens when I’m required to send original documents (in this case her valid German passport) through the post.
I KNOW it will be fine and it is totally normal - I even paid a premium to have it returned special delivery or similar not just normal post but STILL. We don’t need the passport till the summer (MAYBE…) I would just be happier to have it back.

Unfortunately I still remember the pile of research visa applications sent by ‘Datapost’ (as was then) to a London Embassy and LOST. Last seen in the back of Taxi in March 1998. Fun. Not. In subsequent years I was dispatched to deliver or collect said documents in person (by train).

Thanks for listening, I feel better now :grin:

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Eek hopefully it comes soon!

If it’s any consolation I renewed mine last year and my old passport took a good few weeks to come back - I was starting to panic as I have an entry visa attached to it so needed it back so I could still use it this year!

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Still no mail :sob::sob::sob:

Can’t do a :slightly_frowning_face: reaction so I’ll reply.
You have my commiserations. None here today either but I know it’s not at all comparable to your situation.

Not all mail is positive though: one of my letters on Saturday informed me that my NHS dentist of 15+ years was closing his list and I’ll have to switch to private or be without a dentist. No chance of switching/finding a new one here now, and also I don’t want to leave him. That means less money for :postcrossing: stamps I suppose.

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First delivery of the year was on the 11th. On the 12th, received a bill wanting to be paid last week. My regular postie seems to be off.

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That’s really not good :frowning: hope your bill situation is not causing trouble. We got another big pile of stuff yesterday and the elusive passport was finally courier-delivered this morning, I don’t think we’ll get any more mail till next week.

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