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Thanks for the link - this one is definitely not a customs charge one though, so im guessing it must be originating from the UK. I’ll update when it gets here, I have no online orders outstanding either.

Mystery solved: it was two postcards from Scotland sent by my (foreign) parents, using the dreaded Universal Mail stamps! Not recognised for postage inside UK… I wonder when the cards they sent outside the UK will arrive.

Edited to add: and RM use really nasty stickers that are near-impossible to remove :angry: , even from the picture side of the card.

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Glad mystery solved. I remember once sending something to my mother, but hadn’t used enough postage and she had to pay! Possibly about 25 years ago…

How quick did the postcards, well the fee payable card, to arrive?

Do you remember the TNT UK labels affixed a few years back? Had lovely postage stamps on a few letters and postcards from Netherlands ruined by the TNT label.

As a rough guess I think they took about two weeks to get to Cambridge, then two days for me to be notified and pay, and another two for them to drop through our letterbox. My parents had no idea that the stamps sold to them (the gullible tourists) were unsuitable in this case, or were not ‘normal’ stamps.
Not encountered the TNT labels, and so far been lucky with the cards from one of the Baltic States (can’t remember which one!?) where their post seems to add huge barcode labels to cards when they enter the system.

I just saw on the German Forum that postcard ID DE-11111111 has been drawn and it’s travelling to Britain! What a super special ID to receive!


Everyone here hoping it’s them :grin:

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I know it won’t be me as I’m in Postcrossing debt…

Ah yes so am I at the moment for some reason…

It is hard not to have more received than sent as a British postcrosser. As soon as you balance it out, your address is given out again multiple times. So we are all in the same boat!
Good news is that the mail service from Germany to the UK is so fast! We won’t have to wait long to get to know who the lucky recipient is.


Hi everyone! I hope it’s not too off-topic to say here that in the British Isles RR we’ve opened some Christmas groups. :christmas_tree: So, if you haven’t checked in to the RR thread for a while, but you fancy sending and receiving some festive postcards next month, don’t forget to sign up.


I’m trying to balance my numbers now!

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More than a week later, and this postcard still hasn’t been registered.

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It’s a special card, maybe it needs a while to prepare it for sending. Not everyone posts things the day they draw the number. I received DE-11103091 only yesterday

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I have just managed it!!


If anyone’s looking to spread a little happiness this festive season, the #KindnessByPost project (organised by Mental Health Collective) is open for December. You can find out more and sign up here: https://www.kindnessbypost.org/

I’ve just signed up to take part for the first time :smiley:


Last chance to sign up for a Winter & Christmas :christmas_tree: group in the British Isles RR! We have one group that still has some spaces, so if you want to send and receive some festive postcards, join us! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s my 1 year Postcrossing anniversary today :blush: so happy I found it and joined up, it’s a wonderful hobby, has brought me a lot of joy and helped me through lockdown. Thank you so much to everyone who has made it such a welcoming place :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Today I sent a 0 day postcard! Card GB-1472224 was registered by postcrossing due to an address change before I even had time to post it, or upload the photo…

Update: we’ve made contact and I’m getting the new address to post my card :grin:


I had one of those once: GB-1253526. Fortunately like you I’d yet to wander to the postbox with it, so was able to make contact with the recipient and pop her new address on a sticky label over the old.

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OK, everyone, here’s a silly poll since it’s December! :christmas_tree:

Which character were you in your school Nativity play?

  • Mary
  • Angel
  • Joseph
  • Innkeeper
  • Shepherd
  • King

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If you played a different character, maybe in a different sort of end-of-term play, please share it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was usually a narrator, but I was a King one year. :crown: