Anyone have a portable Postcrossing station/kit?

Does anyone have a semi-portable and organized way that they keep all their postcards, pens, stamps, etc. together? I like to write my cards at the dining table, but the only place I can store things away from my kids is in my bedroom. I don’t have a great system to carry everything back and forth and inevitably forget something I need. How can I keep everything together, organized and portable?

I like to request one address, pick a card, write the card and stamp it before requesting another address, so I really do need to tote everything with me or else walk across the house a thousand times. I fear that I would get hopelessly confused if I tried to pick all the postcards at once before taking them to the table to write them out.


Get yourself a zippered or other kind of folder with a closure on it like these - lots of room for all your supplies & then you can close it & not lose anything:

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I can’t keep my cards out because my cats just move them everywhere. I’ve started thinking about my trips to and from my postcard box as exercise. I do keep a good selection of stamps in a zippered pouch. So, I’ll select, say, two addresses, walk to the box, pick out two cards, come back and address and stamp them.


Look for a Art Box or painting Box. A crafting Box often to small for postcards inside. Thair you can put in every Thing and its well sorted. I often write outside and thair its perfekt. My Art Box was a cheap one so nö playe for pencils so i use a rolling pencil case inside the Box.

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when i travel, i take a small canvas pouch that contains:

  • a small assortment of extra postcards (just in case i pull addresses of those who prefer non-touristy cards or if i want to send myself a particular card) in a postcard sized tin
  • a few different types/colours of pens that good for any type of writing surface
  • a small selection of washi tape samples for decoration
  • a small assortment of stickers for decoration
  • a selection of stamps (if i am traveling domestically or if i already have postage from the destination country on hand)

the postcard tin was from a box set that i had bought previously, but isnt necessary - it just helps avoid damage, keeps everything together and keeps me organized! all of this fits neatly in my canvas pouch which i think was a pencilcase or makeup bag originally, so still pretty compact, small and portable.


I have a small tuperware container with some essentials (mostly stamps, but also envelopes, a few postcards, pens ect). Its a mess, everything smuched into it and not really organized but it works for me. Keeps thing safe and dry. Small enough I can put it in a sidebag or such.

I like to do most of my stuff at home but use the this to keep the cards/letters safe on the way to the post office. And have some extra stamps if needed.


I was going to suggest a container like BrendaVR did. There’s also the option of a small fish tackle box/toolbox thing. I’m always using those for my watercolor or as a first-aid kit. Maybe a makeup bag as well?


Hi, Meghan.

I use a smaill box for moving because it has handles. I can even write on it.

Like this:


A small collection of topics I remember that can help you:

How do you organise your postcrossing things?
What categories do you use to organize your cards?
How do you store or display your postcards?
What’s inside your pencil case?
What’s your writing desk like?

If you have a Dollar Tree near you they have these


What has worked for me is using a photo box. It’s big enough to stash a variety of postcards, envelopes, stamps, stickers, pens, and washi tape which are separated out by smaller boxes. I’ve even taken it with me while traveling before.


For on the road I am using the paper travelleler from Papersisters for my postcards, stickers, stamps etc. and I have a little pencelcase for my pens and washi tampes.

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I use a plastic pencil box I got for around 99 cents, it fits a few postcards, pens, stamps, stickers, etc! Recently, I used it to bring some things home with me from college to write cards over break.


I haven’t started using it yet, but some time ago I started to make myself a portable writing desk (in cardboard, because I don’t have enough woodworking tools for such a project) with spaces for ink, pens, stationery etc.

There are some very nice ones (in wood) for sale around the internet, but of course they are quite expensive.

It may not be a practical solution (compared to stuff you can just buy for cheap at a store near you), but it is a fun one (and I believe it’s going to be practical to use).

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I use a China Post no.3 box as a postcrossing item storage center.

It is filled up with postage envelopes, postcards, stationeries as gifts, and most importantly inquiry forms.
For going to school. I use the China Post handbag to carry some necessities including a braille writer, file for postcard storage when I pick them up at my mailbox, stamp collection as well as lots of inquiry form, mailing list and receipt storage box.

When going to the post office. I will carry this small bag with postcards going to be sent, International register mail label, air/SAL/surface mail stickers and necessary stamps in case of sticking not enough postage on the envelope or card.


I am very new to post crossing so I haven’t been able to send many postcards, but I send letters and postcards quite a bit so I have a small notebook that closes with an elastic band, and I store stationary paper, envelopes, postcards, and a little envelope of stamps between the pages. This keeps everything safe and from being bent, and there’s a little loop for a pen. The notebook goes into the laptop pocket of my book bag and I always have little writing station handy! I also use the notebook to jot down ideas about future cards, or letters, or sketches for art cards.

Because my partner and I are long distance, I write her a weekly letter and it’s been nice to have everything at hand. I also enjoy taking a moment to dash off a postcard to a friend and dropping it off nearby (and sometimes even to myself!)


This isn’t exactly the most efficient way, but I have several of these zipper pouches that have holes punched to fit into an A5 sized binder. This one holds all of my stamps and my address labels, for example, and I have another that holds all of my postcards that don’t fit into one of the postcard boxes I have. You could probably use another for pens, etc, and then put them all in a small A5 sized binder that would be about the size of a planner.


I recently found an old wooden painter’s case in the basement; I think this was one of my Dad’s.

Now I’m converting it into a portable Postcrossing station - the wood is sturdy enough to also make a good impromptu desk.


I actually have a small one) Sometimes in the morning I have time only to choose postcards and stamps. And then I have to go to work. I use my very-very old pencil-case (I guess, it is more than 20 years old)) to bring them with me and write messaged during my lunchbreak))


Right now I have to keep all my blank postcards for sending in an upstairs part of my garage outside the house ( I have over 3,000 cards ) so i put all my postcrossing supplies minus the cards on a rolling cart and keep that in my bedroom so all I have to do is grab the cards I need them I atleast have everything else I need on my cart like pens, stickers, stamps inkpads, envelopes and any other random things I use. It works for now but I do miss having my desk set up where everything was together.