WPD Competition Results

Is there a link to see some of the winners from the 2022 WPD entries? I down loaded the winner and saw the Malaysia one. I am blown away by the talent here.

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Here are the 3 winners:


Thank You. It really would have been hard to chose.

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Here’s some other designs submitted that people have now shared & here’s one of the winning design teams offering a new design to people as well.


Hi., I love the 3rd place design by Christina!! Has anyone heard of her offering to swap any cards for her design?

They can’t offer it due to the copyright conditions of the contest. They have to sign the copyright over to Postcrossing.

But she & her design partner are offering a different design to folks - see the 2nd link in my post above.

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Okay, so that particular design isn’t offered anywhere I guess, I wish Postcrossing would offer it.

Since she is the artist, she can’t make her own cards either?

As I said, it was a condition of the contest, that the copyright was signed over to Postcrossing. They own the rights to the image now, not the artist.

Right, I got it

Where would I post a question regarding printing the Official Card? When I upload to different print services part of the design remains out of printable margins. Is the winning card design a specific size card? I have tried several sizes without success. Apologies if this is inappropriate area to post. Thank you;

I ordered my from Moo and did not have a problem with it.