Your World Postcard Day 2022 competition designs

The winning entries for the World Postcard Day 2022 competition have been announced and they are all beautiful! The homepage stated that they had received 174 entries to choose from, and now that the competition is over, I would love to see the rest.

So this thread is for uploading your designs and (if you remember) the description. No need for your World Peace to remain in the dark!


Here are mine. I uploaded a few different combinations, but these three represent each aspect in some way:

The text was:
“On a medium blue/dark blue/black background, a group of astronauts of varying age, ability and ethnicity surround a globe with a superimposed grey/rainbow peace sign/a globe shaped like the peace sign. The globe does not feature actual continents, so as not to give preference to any geographical region. The spacesuits are plain/coloured to match the peace flag. The astronauts hold postcards and make the “peace” hand gesture. In the upper right corner, stars spell out “peace” in the Braille alphabet.”


Nice work there :slight_smile:
This is mine:

I didn’t draw for a while…


I love your design! For me the 3rd one is the best, with the rainbow coloured peace-sign! :sparkling_heart:


Nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::+1:

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This is beautiful :star_struck:

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First - a very warm congrats to Pauline who certainly would have been my first choice too . She was able to reflect peace in our world perfectly. I look forward to printing it myself…

I took a different approach…

There is no denying, Postcrossing allows us to connect in Peace.
We long for simpler times, we carve out a few moments, search for that
perfect postcard that reflects the recipients desires and we share a piece of
ourselves with no limitations or constraints.

This design depicted the timing I usually address and write my cards, in the still
of night when peace and quiet embraces my kitchen nook. The only sound you hear
Is the ticking of the clock and I smile…This is my time, our time…



Are you actually going to make selfprint cards with your design for World Postcard Day ? If yes, can we trade?

I may want like 15 cards with your design as I plan to organize a meet up in my city in Japan on October 1st and would like to share your designed cards with people who would attend the meetup.

In return, I can send you paper items and stationery from Japan. Please message if you are interested :slight_smile:


here is my version for the contest


yes, actually I am looking for options to print it :slight_smile:
I still need to design back of it as lots of companies don’t have fix one, from what I saw.
I will let you know =)
I am so happy you like it :love_letter:

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I like it =) so minimalistic but has a message!

specially tried to make a postcard changeling

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I love space themes and this postcard design is top-notch!
great job, love the creativity.
Cheers Charlie


Fantastic design this is very creative, the colors blend well.
keep on drawing.
Cheers Charlie

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Wow, this is perfect, I relate to this postcard a lot
great design.
Cheers Charlie


I love simple and to-the-point postcards
keep on creating and have a great day.
Cheers Charlie


thank you

I like to swap with somebody for WPD cards.
Send me a dm for swap
I have these card


I love this and you did not win…well done pretty lady

This is awesome! If you print it, I’d be happy to swap with you! :dove: :email: