Free World Postcard Day Design for countries

Hello, I am Eng Kah Yang from Malaysia.
@Christina_LJH (my girlfriend) is the third place winner of the 2022 World Postcard Day (WPD).
For the winning design, we cannot print or share it as the copyright was transferred to the event organizer.

To celebrate the WPD, we decided to draw another design and distribute it for free. The new design will feature a dove with peace in different languages on it. The ribbon color will match every country’s flag, adding some variation to it and indicating it’s from your country.

For our home country Malaysia, it is the below:

Currently we have available designs for following countries:

  1. Germany
  2. USA
  3. Russia
  4. Belgium
  5. Finland
  6. Japan
  7. China
  8. Austria
  9. The Netherlands

The designs are available under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.
Please tell us in the forum if you want to add your country to the design.
If you want the original design, please email us at

Thank you and Happy Postcrossing !

Christina & Eng


Beautifully designed. They are amaizing.:heart:

cc @IndonesiaRaya

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Wonderful card!

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would you please make a design for Indonesia ? :heart::monaco:
thanks in advance


Sure no problem, Indonesia is our neighbor.
We’ll update again once we completed more countries.
Thank you for loving it !


Hi Christina & Eng, I’d love a version that wasn’t a specific country because I think nationalism is one of the reasons we don’t have peace in the world.

And I loved your contest design Christina, it was terrific. Thanks, Lynn


Any chance you could make a Canadian flag version?


Hello Lynn, thanks for your feedback to this !
Sure we can provide you a design without the flag ribbon(country). Originally, it was one of our designs submitted to the contest, as the rule stated we can’t have anything specific to a country.

Please email us and mention about it to us. Thanks so much !


Hi @Kah_Yang, great design!
Will it be possible to have an Indian version? I’d love to print and send to fellow postcrossers!


Hello @Kah_Yang !

Would you please make a design for Serbia?

Thanks in advance!

Beautiful cards! Sending pm

Hi! Italy would be great :it:

Amazing, congratulations!
Just by criosity, do you have one with the Taiwanese flag :taiwan: ?

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wow this is amazing. Thanks a lot for the great work! Love it!

what about EU or UN flag?

Yes please do design for INDIA as well…

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Hello! Could you please add Canada to your design? Thank you!

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LOVE it! Would you please make a design for Taiwan? Thank you!

Wonderful design! Would you please make a design for Romania? Thank you very much!

What a gorgeous design!

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