World Postcard Day 2021! 🎉

Hi everyone! I’m opening a topic here on the forum so that we can share ideas and events about this year’s World Postcard Day, as we gear up for the big party that will be October 1st! :slight_smile:


We want to hear about all your nice ideas and together brainstorm ways in which we can make the day special!

If you’re planning to commemorate the day, or have maybe poked your library or local museum and helped them prepare something (a small exhibition or workshop, for instance), please do share it below — we’ll add it to the Events calendar, and it might also inspire others to do the same.

Let’s turn it into the best day of the year, a global party in celebration of our favourite medium!


Wonderfu!! Waiting till october!! Thanks!


Heeyy helloo,
When and where should we send a card for World Postcard Day?
Help please…



Here is a post you can get all the information about World Postcard Day: World Postcard Day 2021! 🎉


A quick update on this topic, just to let everyone know we’ve opened the contest submissions and published the prizes and deadlines! :tada:

Can’t wait to see what the official World Postcard Day postcard of this year will look like!


Has anyone seen any World Postcard day cards for 2021 yet? If so what sites? Thank you


The official World Postcard Day postcard for 2021 will be announced this Sunday! :tada: We received lots of great submissions in this year’s design contest, so we’re very excited to show it to everyone this weekend.

You can download the design for free from Sunday onwards, and print it in a local printer shop or online service (like Moo or Vistaprint).


I teach in a senior high school and last year about 200 students wrote an official Postcrossing World Postcard Day-card to the children in the Greek refugee camps with some warm words of encouragement. We will do the same again this year; write them on Thursday and send them off in one big envelope the day after on Friday October 1st.
I can’t wait to see its design!
We had about 500 cards printed so students could also take cards to send to whomever they wanted.


That sounds like a brilliant initiative! :heart_eyes: May I ask you to try to take a few pictures of this event, if you can? We’d love to see how it goes!


I know I said we would announce the result of the contest on Sunday… but we’re ready now, so why not seize the day?

Here’s this year’s official postcard! :heart_eyes:

We love the design and how Shao-hua conveys the theme “Across the world on a postcard” so beautifully, and can’t wait to have it printed! You can also see the entries that won second and third place on the contest page.

Hope you all like it!


This is from last year. It is taken from our school’s instagram. I hope it works to share here.


I have seen the Papersisters in Germany have World Postcard Day designed postcards.


It’s lovely, bravo!

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Yes, they released it on Friday. Can’t wait to see what other shops will design for WPCD :relaxed:

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I really love the winner card for this year´s World Postcard Day, it is really cute - so please don’t get me wrong, but am I the only one who wonders that the Eiffel Tower (Paris - France :fr: - EUROPE) and the Statue of Liberty :statue_of_liberty: (New York - USA :us: - AMERICA) are on the same continent :question:


I think that’s just because the space is too limited to make each continent.


I looked at that too. Then, I thought, “How lovely”. It seemed to show to me how integrated our world is. It doesn’t matter which continent you’re on. We’re all part of the same thing.


If it really bothers you, why not think of it as the same statue (but smaller in size) you can find in Paris? :wink:

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Or both miniature versions in Las Vegas :wink:


Pity the comment on the blog homepage is closed! But here it is still open. :slight_smile:

I don’t want the card either. With only one design to homeprint I fear my letterbox will be floaded with it in October and the following month. Boring!!

I hate selfprints. And the so called meeting cards with logo as well. Those are not postcards to me.

The solution is to go in Travel Mode or inactive. As I do have not negative sent instructions in my userprofile.

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