World Postcard Day 2021! 🎉

Hi everyone! I’m opening a topic here on the forum so that we can share ideas and events about this year’s World Postcard Day, as we gear up for the big party that will be October 1st! :slight_smile:


We want to hear about all your nice ideas and together brainstorm ways in which we can make the day special!

If you’re planning to commemorate the day, or have maybe poked your library or local museum and helped them prepare something (a small exhibition or workshop, for instance), please do share it below — we’ll add it to the Events calendar, and it might also inspire others to do the same.

Let’s turn it into the best day of the year, a global party in celebration of our favourite medium!


Wonderfu!! Waiting till october!! Thanks!

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Heeyy helloo,
When and where should we send a card for World Postcard Day?
Help please…


Here is a post you can get all the information about World Postcard Day: World Postcard Day 2021! 🎉

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A quick update on this topic, just to let everyone know we’ve opened the contest submissions and published the prizes and deadlines! :tada:

Can’t wait to see what the official World Postcard Day postcard of this year will look like!

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