Where to find postcards in Singapore

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I joined Postcrossing last month, and since then, I’ve been keeping a look-out for places that sell postcards, on this tiny island in South-east Asia.

I list a few below.

Do you know of others? I hope you and I can add to each other’s knowledge! :slight_smile:

the usual suspects: souvenir shops

  • somewhere in Kampong Glam (near Sultan Mosque)
  • somewhere in Chinatown
  • Raffles Hotel
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • the shop called Arch, in the shopping mall called Capitol, near City Hall MRT Station


  • NBC stores (Bugis Junction and Raffles City)
  • Selected Popular outlets (Causeway Point)
  • Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City (see post #36)

philatelic specialists

  • Singapore Post operates a few Philatelic Shops. (Fullerton Hotel, General Post Office, Tampines Central).
  • Mr. Tan, an elderly man, runs CS Philatelic Agency.
  • Mr. Chua runs Tian Stamps & Postcards (located in Peninsula Shopping Centre, #04-24, 3 Coleman Street, Singapore).

postcard shop

  • Loka Made SG (see post #34 for more info)

on the art-sy side

  • National Gallery of Singapore
  • a pop-up bazaar called Invade, in Esplanade Theatres
  • Objectifs Centre for Film and Photography
  • a shop called Alexandria Maison, in the shopping mall called Millenia Walk. (Sells postcards that features artwork by Van Gogh.)
  • this photographer, Christine Nagel, has been shooting various sights in Singapore, and sells her own photos as postcards.
  • the gallery called Art Agenda sells postcards featuring the works of contemporary photographers. At: 63 Spottiswoode Park Road, or their online shop

unexpected postcards

  • the (alcoholic beverages) bar called No. 5 Emerald Hill provides postcards, and mails them out to international addresses, free of charge. You can buy a drink if you feel paiseh. (Information accurate as of late 2019).
  • the shop called Cat Socrates has an eclectic selection of household goods, including postcards.
  • the bookshop-cum-cafe called The Moon stocks quirky postcards (but only a few of them).
  • The Tintin Shop, in Chinatown

Hello @rebelxxy and @sheandherpostcards , I hope you find this thread useful.

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You shall fine few at the Singapore post office as well.

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The gift shops at The Gardens by the Bay, at the Marina Bay Sands, and at Changi Airport (especially the little grocery up by the Burger King). Very touristy viewcards, but some very pretty ones.

Watch out for the packets of postcards at Raffles Hotel gift shop: they are small and disappointing.

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Before pandemic I found touristic Postcards in 7-Eleven Bras Basah


Souvenir shop at Botanic Gardens too!

I usually buy at Botanics, GBTB, or Chinatown, or some of the post office series though they are a bit more expensive. Also Cat Socrates if I’m in the area, rarely.

Some great tips there, @anon46256986 - Emerald Hill?!

Oh that reminds, Kinokuniya has some cards if you look carefully, and… Design Orchard I think is the name, tourist shop with expensive local design stuff but had some cards and once they gave me lottsss of free ad cards after I bought some cards.

Also, souvenir shop in the mall in Holland Village, though some very expensive (4 dollars for a card?) but I got an old set of beautiful flowers for like 10 dollars for 20 cards!

Souvenir shop at Jurong Bird Park too :laughing: (also on the expensive side).

Some 7/11 do have them but I never bought them there.

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Back in 2019 when I visited Singapore I found postcards at Universal Studios, the Zoo and Night Zoo and a few places on Sentosa Island.

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Hi @anon46256986, welcome to Postcrossing!
I moved your topic to the “where to get postcards” category, as it belongs there more than in the postcard chat.

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Singapore post’s postcards are really beautiful, and are generally larger than normal cards. However, they are a little expensive for me as I am still a student. So, if I buy from the post office I would normally use them for swaps rather than through the official postcrossing website.


I remember finding some old postcards at Bras Basah Complex - I can’t remember the name of the store but it’s the one on the first floor with all the Chairman Mao posters.

I found some nice postcards of Haw Par Villa the last time I was there.

Evernew Bookstore - they have postcards of Haw Par Villa, the old monorail and the Tang Dynasty theme park for 50 cents each

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When was your ‘last time’ if I may know? They used to display them upfront but seems no longer does, but last time I only passed by and didn’t have time to look and ask in detail

I am often looking for old ‘folk tradition’, ‘folk costume’, ‘people’ kind of postcards and they’re no longer easy to find. These below are the type that I meant. New cards are mostly illustrations, historic buildings or just all the new & flashy buildings. Of course I guess these days the old traditions are disappearing so people don’t really make these postcards from new photos anymore

From ‘Impact publishing’ - bought ages ago at Bras Basah

‘Cameraman’ postcard, larger size, bought in some souvenir shop in Orchard - which closed already :frowning_face:

Some shops in Jewel Changi do sell postcards, including ‘Gift by Changi Airport’ and ‘DELIGHTING IDEAS’

Just hoping when the new philatelic museum opens in 2022 they will have a shop with good selection :)))


I went again the day after I posted the message.

They’ve hidden the postcards at some corner near the left entrance, so the best way to find them now is to ask the staff.

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Might I suggest looking online - there are (business) sellers on Carousell who sell postcards.

I recently chanced upon Popular carrying some touristy postcards.

Personally, I have some made by a seller off Taobao with my own photos.

Cheers and stay safe

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I think Lim’s Legacy at Marina Square sells some too, but they’re as of now (April 2022) $1.50 each :slight_smile: Pretty artsy/calligraphy art-sy I would say! Science Centre has some too but its the souvenir moving postcards! I got 3 for $4/$4.50 (cant remember it was Dec 2020) I believe :smiley:

I am JonathanChua.
I usually order my Spore scenery n larger than normal postcards from Danny Tan of dotters168@gmail.com for PostCrossing use. His mobile is +65 9823 5115. Try him. He is the main supplier of postcards in Chinatown n others too.
Trust worthy as I have purchased a few thousand postcards from him already. My recent purchase was just yesterday for 1,000 cards delivered to me.
Hope this information helps.
Cheers n enjoy PostCrossing.


hello, just wondering if the bigger popular bookstores (e.g. HDB Hub) carry some postcards! been wanting to go there to shop but not too sure whether I’ll find any there! thank you :slight_smile:

I am posting this here as my question is about an online store from Singapore:

Does anyone know what happend to the postcardhouse.com? Is this store closed?
I wanted to buy some new Icons of the world postcard but could not open the website anymore. Does anyone have any information?

Just went to the Botanic Gardens today - they carried touristy postcards, and flora themed cards, at a dollar each.

EDIT: I got them at the Orchid Gardens store. I think there are a few Botanic Shops around the gardens.


4 Nov: I got some Loka Made postcards from Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) at $1 each.

They are a Malaysian company that sells Singapore themed postcards.
www.lokamade.com (no affliation)

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All NBC stores carry them by the way! at raffles city and bugis junction :slight_smile: