[Sharing/Call for suggestions] Postcard shop map in Singapore

Please access the map here. Please use desktop/mobile browser to view the map, not the app!

Hello! Cate here @twinkletwonkle. As an active Postcrosser in Singapore, I have been looking for different places to buy unique postcards from Singapore to send out. As a definition, a postcard shop is anywhere that sells ready-made postcards - they may also sell other things, but it must include postcards. They may be of any theme, not just Singapore, but cannot be a print shop that prints postcards.

To make my map, I used my own experiences, Google searches, as well as this thread: Where to find postcards in Singapore. Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions on postcard shops in Singapore so far!

Even as I have visited many shops in Singapore, the list I have skews towards illustration cards and not viewcards (especially since I am not a tourist myself) and I may not have travelled to every shop there is out there. I am also still in the process of updating more locations as I visit them.

On the other hand, utilising the power of the community here, I am seeking suggestions for information of such shops in Singapore, not already listed on the map. New suggestions, as well as information on places in the ‘Not sure’ tab, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help, and I hope you find the map useful, in one way or another!

Note to moderators: Post is here as I would also like to collect suggestions from foreign Postcrossers, who may have been tourists in Singapore. I am especially looking for suggestions for generic Singapore viewcards.


I think the map looks great! I took a quick look, is the Loka Made shop inside?

I believe the information was shared in a post on the Where to find postcards in Singapore thread

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Yeah the Loka Made shop is inside!

Cheers! :+1:

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I get an error message ‘couldn’t open map’ when I use your map link. Do you know if there is something specific I need to do?

I also looked at the other linked thread about where to buy postcards in Singapore. It’s awesome, thanks!

Are there any other tips or tricks we should keep
in mind? Things like not buying stamps from particular places because they’re not Sing Post stamps (like some other countries do)? Also, I’m assuming many places will be closed on your National Day…is that right?

Hello, does this link work? Postcard shops in Singapore – Google My Maps

Most places won’t really be closed on National Day (the only time it will would probably be Chinese New Year), but there will be many road closures in the city (particularly the Marina Bay area/Civic District), depending on where they hold our National Day Parade each year.

In Singapore I haven’t seen any non-official postal services trying to sell stamps in souvenir shops - most souvenir shops just upsell Singpost’s stamps. But to be safe, you could always go to a post office if you’re fine with definitives, or visit a philatelic shop (gray points on the map) for commemorative stamps.


My personal suggestion is to visit the GPO if possible!

The philatelic store at the GPO carries beautiful postcards - some foiled ones too, and the stamps!

Here is a selection of cards available at the GPO philatelic store:


I’m afraid I still can’t open it.

This is what I get…

Thank you for the heads up about road closures! That’s good to know.

I was wondering if I buy stamps…somewhere, and write postcards on the weekend…and then pop the postcards in a postbox somewhere on the Sunday…will they get postmarked? Or will they be sent with no postmarks?

I’m sorry for the off topic questions!

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They get machine cancelled, unless you post them in the special boxes at the philatelic stores - these get a hand cancellation

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Hmm I think it should work if you use your phone browser or desktop… I just searched Google and it doesn’t seem to work on Google Maps the app.

If you just throw them in a postbox on Sunday they will get a machine cancellation! Sometimes these have special patterns/designs. However, besides the GPO, some post offices are known to hand-cancel if you throw them in their mailboxes (found outside the post office - you can access it outside of opening hours).

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Very helpful info @seracker. Thank you! I’m guessing the special boxes inside the philatelic stores will not be accessible outside opening hours. Right?

I won’t be staying anywhere near the GPO unfortunately, and it looks like only place open on a Sunday. Still I will try and get there.

I’m more likely to be staying in the Chinatown area, and travelling on foot.

The boxes are outside the stores themselves - so if you drop by the GPO or Fullerton even after operating hours, you can still drop them into the boxes

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The special boxes inside the philatelic stores are accessible outside opening hours!
None of the philatelic stores are open on a Sunday by the way. You can try the Fullerton philatelic store for the special postbox and the postmark, if you intend to visit the Merlion statue.

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Thank you both for all the wonderful info!!! That’s awesome. And I see Fullerton is not too far from Chinatown.

Just trying to work out how to open the link in safari and not Google maps. I’m not the most technically proficient person!!! :grimacing:

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Worldwide* postage for cards is 85¢
You could go with the 85¢ Flora or Causeway stamp, or a 80+5 combination, where there is more choices - Horoscope series for example

EDIT: Perhaps the upcoming Paris Olympics series and National Day stamps will have 85¢ stamps as well, not sure yet

*unless sending to Malaysia or Brunei, where it’s 75¢

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Opened in safari!!! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If I make it to Singapore, I will endeavour to buy postcards and stamps on the Thursday before National Day, and then post them somewhere…preferably Fullerton box, on the Saturday arvo or Sunday morning!

Thank you both so much for all the tips and your patience with me!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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PS having a fabulous map like this one @twinkletwonkle, to find stores, is just GOLD!!!

If I stumble on any new spots, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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Just to be clear - stamps are only available at the philatelic stores* these days. They are at the GPO, Fullerton or Tampines.
I believe all other POs only sell 1st local booklets (worth 52¢ each, a booklet of 10 is $5.20) and postage labels.
If you get these, ask for a 35¢ label (52+35 = 87) to make up appropriate postage

*and on the online site, but that’s another trouble to go through

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I just visited my local PO - they now sell definitive 80 cent and 5 cent stamps. Not sure if other post offices have it, but worth a try.

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