Where is a good place to get stationary sets

I love stationary!! I am addicted and was wondering where does everyone get there stationary? I usually buy from places like Loupaper and Amazon but I’m looking for someplace different


Have you discovered printable stationary yet? Sites like Etsy have vendors who sell the pdfs of all kinds of cool designs you can buy for a reasonable price to print at home or a copy shop.

There are some amazing designers out there for printable stationary.

You should have a look at this Dutch shop:


Hi @maleski, did you read the Show us your Stationery Topic? I’m sure you will find hints there.

And then I thought there was a list of stationery shops in the old forum - but I didn’t find it.
@Speicher3, do you remember if that list was in the forum or somewhere else? I’m sure we visited the one or other shop on the list…

While searching for that list I only vaguely remember I got across these:

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@reisegern this is really nasty, mean and utterly wrong here! this belongs-including a severe warning- to the german thread “secret postcard shopper addicts”- beware of having a look here- it may cost you a fortune…


Since you live in the US, have you tried Dollar Tree? They sell some bits and pieces of stationery e.g. greeting cards, washi tapes. I’ve never seen postcards or letter sets there, though!

Also, if you live somewhere near a Daiso, they also have cool japanese stuff, including cute envelopes, letter paper, origami paper etc. I so wish we had Daiso shops in Europe! I think they have an online shop in the US and deliver throughout the US (but not in the UK :scream:)

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If anyone is in US (I haven’t been to this store in years so I don’t know if it’s still true) but Tuesday Morning used to have a LOT of beautiful stationery. I used to have a lot of penpals in my younger years and I remember them always being impressed by my stationery.

I’ve also had good luck finding it at Goodwill and other resale / thrift shops, although this is hit and miss like everything at those stores.

I think craft stores like Joann, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby have it.

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@Janelle…I checked this place out (Tuesday Morning) online and then I called. While they do carry some stationery items, they are a bit “light” on those now. But being only 13 miles from me, it might be worth a trip up there next week. Thanks.

@maleski I have purchased hundred of note cards for my business from this site. They have quality products:


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I’ve descovered https://www.peterpauper.com/
few years back. They are USA based, but if you live in other parts of the world, you can get their products via Bookdepository, which sends worldwide.

Check it out!

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I write a lot of letters. My requirements are A5 (or weird US half-sheet or Monarch, because I find the size more intimate than A4 or US Letter), high-quality fountain pen friendly paper with good “hand-feel.” My current favorites are Original Crown Mill Cotton and Wagtail Designs.
JetPens that @campmia mentioned is great. I also get a fair amount from Oblation, because they’re local and I can stop by after work, but they ship too.

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Wagtail offers such beautiful papers!


Atlas Stationers (Chicago store with online ordering) has some very nice writing paper. Rhodia makes excellent writing pads and G. Lalo has some really nice writing paper and envelopes. Both are top-quality stuff at very reasonable prices. I’ve always gotten speedy service from the store, too.

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This is a great online postcards/stationary shop

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I dont know where you are located but Aliexpress.com and shein.com sell alot of stationsry super cheap!!!

Do some one need digital stationery coloring books or scrapbook paper? I have “a little bit”

I designed some letter writing sets that include matching letter paper, envelopes, postcards and stickers :slight_smile: And also have several designs of letter pads with 25 sheets each!

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Hi i have more than 200 digital stationary paper and more than 5000 Scrapbooking paper and more. You can PM me if you like get the link