Where is a good place to get stationary sets

Hello I really would like to get some lovely little stickers like cats, postboxes etc but not sure where to get any from? Was looking to see if others had any before that they could recommend
I’m in the uk



Maybe you can check in here

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Come to Japan! There are stickers everywhere - stationary shops, bookstores, random homewares stores, dollar store (100 yen store here), etc. I have so many because it seems like every season/month there are new (washi) stickers and washi tapes to buy, even though I have more than enough.

Seriously though, I can’t help you exactly because it’s been a while since I’ve been in the UK, but in other western countries I’ve lived and travelled in, the only places I’ve seen stickers with any regularity are stationary shops, bookstores, and sometimes museums/galleries. Otherwise maybe online options like Amazon or Etsy could be good.


Maybe you could swap your cards for some stickers with people on the Forum. In India, it is almost impossible to find nice stickers, so I made my collection through swaps.


I recently bought some from etsy- there are shops from all over the world and the selection is correspondingly large. I always find something there :blush:

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Etsy or Amazon are great places to look but also you may want to give it a try on your local stationary shops… There are also several tags where you can get stickers from other members, but you have to send some back to the person who tags you too

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I’m not sure if these links will help, but here are some shops that I like to order stationery/crafting supplies from. Some of these aren’t necessarily stationery in the sense of just paper, but also sell other papery things like stickers, tapes, postcards, etc…

Scrapbooking and Crafting Online Store · Craftelier (I think the EU site has more products though)
https://soto-studios.com/ (I’ve never personally ordered here)
https://www.sakurainei.com/ (same this this shop)
vintagepaperbujo - Etsy.de
SomedaySomeplace - Etsy.de
moehrenkunstshop - Etsy.de
SleepyBeeStudio - Etsy.de
annxlab - Etsy.de
albumlovehandmade - Etsy.de
HowellIllustration - Etsy.de

Also some brands I like that you can maybe google to find sellers:
Echo Park
Carta Bella (I think also belongs to Echo Park?)
Cocoa Vanilla Studios

But I agree with evryone else that looking through Etsy is a good idea. And the other threads on Postcrossing. If you use social media like Instagram, I find following and/or looking through hashtags like ephemera, stationery, journaling, etc… helps give me inspiration and find shops.

edit: Also, ordering from sites like aliexpress is always a hit or a miss. I’ve ordered products from there that were really good, but have also received products that I find difficult to use due to poor quality.
(also editing to add some brands)

Hello thanks for all the links etc has anyone brought any snoopy/peanuts stickers? I’d really like to buy some of them if anyone has any recommendations and cats!!

Thank you

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