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Are you addicted to stationery? Show us your favourite stationery and recommendations in this post!


With a lot of stationery, I like the simple, functional yet aesthetic design. Many things are really simple but work perfectly. A good example is drawing pins. They have hardly changed for decades and fulfil their purpose. There are different statements about when the drawing pin was invented. Early forms are said to have existed already in the 18th century.
This old drawing pin box even has a small slit at the bottom that allows you to easily pull out attached drawing pins. I like the fact that the old drawing pins even still have the company logo on them. You don’t find that on newer ones - at least not in Germany.


Super curious Claas - are they for posting drawings? Is that why they’re called drawing pins?

We just call them thumb tacks in North America, lol and I wouldn’t think of them as stationary, but something I’d be more likely to find in a hardware store - fascinating differences eh?


Gwen Frostic (1906-2001) was an American block print artist, entrepreneur and author. If you venture up into northwest Michigan (the mitten portion) to Benzonia, you can visit the center that still sells her cards. She is considered a regional treasure. You can order online.


I didn’t know the English term and had to look into the dictionary. The dictionary said the (British) English word was drawing pin. In Germany, by the way, the little thing is called a Reißzwecke.
So in Canada you don’t consider these needles as stationery? That’s really interesting. In Germany, many offices and households have pin boards, often made of cork. Drawing pins are used to keep notes, shopping lists, photos and postcards on them. That’s why the pins are classically found in stationery shops. The Pelikan company, from which the drawing pins shown above are made, is a traditional German stationery manufacturer, founded in 1838. Most schoolchildren already know Pelikan from their first fountain pen at school.


That’s great @DianeM! I adore the classic block print. You can really see the differences to newer printing techniques and also how much work and effort goes into these gorgeous prints. The prints shown here also have such a beautiful, simple and balanced design. Wonderful! Thank you so much for showing them! :+1:


Well it’s evolved Claas - the style you’re showing came from industrial/hardware sources originally & were used at one time in offices and still are in some, but now most of those would replace them with what are often called push pins like these - same thing, just fancied up for the 21st century and a little bit easier to use, lol


The great thing about the design of these newer pushpins/tacks is that they don’t land points up when they fall on the floor. I remember going to school barefoot here in Hawaii and at least once stepping on one of those old-fashioned thumbtacks, so @Speicher3, that old design might’ve been a bit too simple. On the other hand, those old tacks were great for sticking in your shoes and pretending you were Gene Kelly. :smiley:


There’s a really cool artists’ collective in Milan, Italy called “Libri Finti Clandestini.” They use discarded paper from old businesses, printing presses, etc. to handmake some pretty nice blank journals and notebooks, among other things. I believe each journal is unique. What’s interesting is that if you click on any of the journals, such as, here for example, one called “giappone,” they describe where all the papers that compose the journal came from.


Hallo everyone,because I reach members worldwide here I came across on the site,and could not download the motif shown here,because there are other links is noteworthy wanted to show here ,the site is no longer maintained,if someone still has the motif,would be cool!


The website is very cool. I liked the camel post stamps and also the instructions as to how you can knit your pigeon post bird its own scarf.

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Yes, unfortunately the Link does not work for me. :sleepy:

Nor me. I get a “File not found” response when I click on the pdf.

I’ve had a hard time finding stationary in my area or online that really fit me. There is so much beautiful art out there, just nothing that really screamed me, you know? So I started making my own for my use with penpals. It’s a random selection of stuff I just like, which basically means pop culture fanart and animals. :smiley:


My absolute favorite stationary.


I live here 20 min away from her studio I LOVE her work. She has passed but they are working hard and keeping her memory and works alive!!

Hier some more




Here you find thousands of FREE stationary Scrapbooking paper and much more paper crafting design

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