Show us your stationery

To @anon30754624 Thank you for sharing your Bastel-Cloud :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The writing paper sheets (beautiful sunflowers and gorgeous roses) are bought or not ? When bought: WHERE ???

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Nothing to buy only to print. Or ypu pay for stamp and paper and i can print it for you.

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To @anon30754624 : Thank you for your PM :star_struck: AND thank you for having learnt something new :+1: Yet I didn’t know it would be possible to print/download writing paper sheets :face_with_hand_over_mouth::hugs: All the things which are makable nowadays… Mad! (der Wahnsinn!) :smiley:
To @jeffbh Also thank you :heart_eyes: In Germany it is common to place discarded books, streetmaps (and other little stuff) outside with a notice “Free! Please take away!”. I LOVE these boxes :smiley: Should you find some books etc you may cut it into A4, go to CopyShop and put the sheets together, like Bachelor “books”. I just have no dictionary because writing on smartphone… It is a quite cheap way to create a diary. You may initiate a diary “Garden: Juli/August/September”. From coloured or white sheets cut shaped little sheets and glue. Add Fotos of your dog in garden, Grillparty. Write something on the sheets. You know? So you would have recycled different papers AND had great fun with the “new” book. Fantasy is endless :smiley:


To @jeffbh I get MY idea by watching/admiring the professional done books you gave the links for and shared the pics :heart_eyes:

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I most time recycle top but some times you need some new paper or you need a color you not find a long time. Than u can use digital scrapbook paper and print it

I usually write a letter with the postcards I send. As such, I use traditional stationary, which I find beautiful in its own way.


Wow - not only retro, but a steampunk vibe as well!

A local charity shop carries beautiful beach-themed notecards by this artist…


Hi! Here is my postcrossing kit - colored gel pens, glue and concealer. Everything is at hand for cute postcards)


@reisegern thank you for the advice, post is cancelled. Sorry :smirk:

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I have got some new stationery for spring as an early Easter present to myself. :blush: Some of those sheets I would like to share with you. I love the soft watercolors and to every sheet there is a matching envelope.


A little envelope mail art :postbox::rabbit:


Greatest stamp and ink combination ever.


Where did this come from? I LOVE IT!

I went to the local bookstore and found Lady Whistledown,s stationary! Can’t wait to write someone! Just wanted to share my excitement


Well, if you feel the urge to write to someone, I’d be happy to volunteer as recipient! :innocent: My daughter and I are great fans of Lady Whistledown - and I would most certainly send you a letter back, although I don’t own such wonderful stationery…

:green_heart: :fox_face:


I would love too. Address?