Where do we find our postcards?

I did have someone ask for cattle postcards once, so my PHQ cow postcard from a random lot I’d bought on eBay went to a happy new owner.


I went right back to the beginning of this thread yesterday. There are some fantastic online resources mentioned. A really useful thread.


I’ve just had an email from the postcard store with their latest offer - 20 blank postcards for 99p. Might be of interest to self-made card fans….

(Offer ends 8 April 2024)


Just been sent this link from a website I’ve bought from before, it works out £26 with postage - random 50 postcards plus some stationery!

Limited time offer: surprise grab bag

For just 25 EUR, half the regular price, you’ll receive:

50 different postcards in various themes. These can be postcards with foxes or other animals, books, botanical postcards, photos and beautiful illustrations. The value of postcards part is about 37-38 EUR.
Assorted Stationery Surprises: A selection of charming items that may include sticker sheets, vinyl stickers, envelopes, letter pads, and washi tapes. The value of surprise stationery part is about 12-13 EUR.
Each grab bag is valued at 50 EUR.

The surprise set is here for a short time only! :man_running::dash: The offer will be valid for one week or will end earlier if sold out.


Royal Mail have some of their PHQ postcard sets at half price including Aardman, migratory birds, Robin Hood, Windrush, Rolling Stones and Transformers.


Following the post on the front page of the main site about Jackie Morris i decided to visit her site. In it was a link to Solva Mill which has a link to postcards for sale.

There’s also a boxset of her art available on amazon


I bought the “Tell Me a Dragon” set a few months ago, but didn’t fully read the description, which says the cards are A5 :woman_facepalming:
They are really lovely, but I’m think I’m going to be limited in how often I’ll be able to send them. I believe some countries have size restrictions for postcards? And individuals have size preference too.

Consider using them in the As many stamps as you can fit tag!


Great idea!

I’ve got the Wild Cards box set and heartily recommend it. The illustrations are wonderful. And they fit so many categories. Birds, owls, flowers, animals, foxes.

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@Florallle I agree with you. Plus they’re standard sized. I have used them a fair bit.

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I can recommend The Unwinding Cards set - they are great for the winter months in particular and they have quite a few animals in so can tick people’s wishlists. The only thing is that they are not as good quality as The Wild Cards in terms of card thickness - they feel quite flimsy in comparison.