Where do people buy the World Postcard Day postcards?

I keep seeing post about it but I have no idea where to buy them?


You can buy some here.

You can look here to find more stores.


Thank you! :blush:

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There are many designs available on Etsy, too! I have designs from the shops ArtfulGeetCreations and MNJohn for this WPD this year :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want the winner of the design contest card, you can get them printed yourself with online printers like MOO, Zazzle, Vistaprint or take the design files to a local printer.

The design files are here to be downloaded: Celebrate the World Postcard Day


I ordered cards made by the paper sisters.


Thank you everyone❤️

This US postcrosser did a bulk order & has official cards you can order from her for 8 cents a card plus shipping:

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I thought that they looked neat and would like to send one on world postcard day but don’t know where I can buy or get them.

Try this person who was offering bulk orders to people for 8 cents a card plus shipping.

You could also get them printed yourself in a local print shop or through an online vendor like MOO, Zazzle etc
The graphic files are here to be downloaded:


I bought on vista print.

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I had them printed on moo. A little more expensive than vistaprint but you can get smaller quantities. A local printshop could do it as well.

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Here in Canada, is there a particular self-printing vendor you’ve used that you would recommend?

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I haven’t found a self printer that works for me in Canada Julia.

Vistaprint, which is Cdn, will only print like 25 or 50 copies per postcard if I remember so that’s no good for me - way too many. I’ve used Zazzle & been quite happy with it, particularly their 50% off sales - you can get postcards for 80 cents on a regular basis plus I can make my own with images. It’s US based & you do pay for delivery, but the charges aren’t too high & they’re pretty quick depending on the option you choose.

And despite some of the discussions on here from some people about not wanting ZAZZLE cards which I think is foolish, I’ve never, ever had a complaint, just compliments.

I’ve never tried MOO, but they’re US based too.

There could be another option out there, but I haven’t come across it yet.

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Thank you, @LC-Canada — I appreciate your detailed response.

I was wondering about it because people often ask for postcards that ought to exist, but don’t (e.g. there’s a historical lighthouse in my city, but I haven’t found any postcards of it). We simply don’t have that much commercial variety here,and it would be so great just to use one’s own photos in some cases.

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I received a postcard from Italy. The post card was of a photograph the sender took herself. It was beautiful street all closed up for the evening! So pretty. I want to visit.


I sourced for local printers and did a combined order with a local friend who’s also on postcrossing. For 20 postcards (double-sided colour printing) on 300GSM Matte White Texture Surface, it was SGD 35. Would love to have done a bigger bulk order though.

I ordered a small batch print of the winning design on premium stock and split the cost with (mostly) local Postcrossers.

I feel like local group buys are a great way to do this, and I’ve generally had 2-3 requests to do mail orders. I saw the big group buy and the cost is so much lower, but it seems like a lot of work on the organizer’s end to keep track, pack, and ship each order.

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