What type of PostCards interest you more?

Oh, another question. I take a lot of photos, garden, home, decor…thinking of turning them into postcards. What do most of you like to see?

Romantic, Funny, Inspiring, Quotes…Coffee themes…

Thanks, now back to your regular day of events.

Best, Mdm Samm :hatching_chick: :coffee:


Welcome to Postcrossing! :blush:

I think many of the photos you describe would make great postcards! I know there are mixed feelings amongst postcrossers about self-printed cards, but in my opinion as long as they’re on nice quality paper and the images are sharp and well composed, there’s no problem with it. Also, I think quotes and jokes could be a lot of fun!

Have fun with it, be kind, and do what makes you happy - you can’t go wrong with those in mind :slight_smile:


Of those topics, garden, quotes, or funny would probably interest me the most, but everyone has their own preferences.

You might also consider adding simple text to the front of a card, for example a garden photo can be made extra interesting by identifying the plants in it :seedling:


As I am a newbie of a couple of days, I was trying to figure out where to find some postcards…I have always made them to send to friends, so I thought this might be an avenue I would take.

So appreciate your note. Am I to understand some would prefer purchased ones? Having them made is a purchase lol.

And will do. love the quotes one…

Kindness is such a simple thing to do…

mdm samm

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Now that is a marvelous idea…I did send some garden cards out already, but only described on text what the shrubs were…love the idea of adding to front of card…

Fabulous…thank you
mdm samm


Yeah, that’s my thoughts exactly. I’m not sure what the issue is that people have with professionally self-printed postcards, maybe it’s a perceived quality issue? But it sounds like you already have some experience printing them so I can’t see there being a problem :slight_smile:

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Ahhhhh I see…now I do order premium cards, so the stock is very stable, especially for travelling…

I work in a lot of graphic software, so I can do up anything…so got it, quotes, funnies, and good visual…



I would prefer garden most. Not too fond of “wordy” cards like quotes, sayings etc

I only have two possible explanations for it: Serious postcard collectors (beyond Postcrossing) where publishers do matter and quality, that varies greatly. I have received lots of self-made cards (professionally printed), some are really great and some have a thinner paper or the user has used a too bad quality picture, wrong measurements etc which results in a blurry or even pixelated front side.

Whoever has experience with it, will produce card that cannot be distinguished from store bought cards. I certainly don’t mind these kind of cards and there are lots of worse store bought cards :crazy_face:


thanks for your response…I usually have them printed 4 x 6 inches… does that work for you.?

and yes I get it regarding quality…serious postcard collectors got my interest…What does that really mean :grin: I actually believe we could use a bit less “serious” everything…

best mdm samm

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Yes sure, that was not what I meant with measurements. I meant the picture that one wants to print… sometimes the ratio doesn’t match the postcard measurements :see_no_evil:

I meant people collected very speficic cards (like 1920-1940 from region y and publishers z). I have not stumbled upon something similar here in Postcrossing, don’t worry :smiley:


Now that is a relief….re specifics….smiling here….my era is not 20-40’s….more 50’s

I love :heart: card people make out of photos they take :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s the best, personal thing to me. No need to be professional or educated to do this, it’s just like looking what they see what interests me.
I would like pictures of on their way to work, the nearboinghood where they live, their pet, maybe their writing desk, book pile, morning coffee place, what they see from their window, their closest food store, their library, where they go to listen music to, any local things that are not touristic necessarily.


I have made several of my photos into postcards. Some are viewcard-ish, some are quirky, and some are “other” - for example, our botanical garden shop does not sell postcards, so I’ve converted some of my pictures from there into cards for folks whose profiles indicate that’s a theme of interest. Moreover, I find using the message space to describe the image a great way start a conversation (I have no plans to put any text on the front of cards).

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I totally agree with you…
I absolutely love it when people take photos of their world, be in in a grocer, market, or home….I want to see all those wee details most would not see…


I am in with you….perfection is not that anyway……what is perfect anything…certainly nothing I ever witnessed….touché…

Ty for your note,
Mdm samm

Yes, using your own images to make cards certainly can work, is fun to do & as others have said, some people aren’t fans so note what is said on profiles.

Also a zillion places to buy cards online here:


:smirk:What a find…either way I am purchasing cards, ones I design or others do….however what a delightful find, didn’t even know these were available…

Often is the quality of the paper-ink not good enough. The sorting machines make a nasty ‘whipe’ in the centre of the image, ink gone. Also, when used cheap ink it won’t last to become a vintage card over let’s say 30-40 years. That’s why some have an issue.


My life long passions from my travels for work and pleasure now being uploaded into blogs

Islands, Islands and Islands


…a work in progress only up to ‘M’s’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




And with travels back again…:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

Sharon aka Wallaby_Whisperer

I’m wondering if the OP ever did print those postcards. I’d love to see them. I am a photographer but much too lazy to do that as I’d be pretty picky about it and need to do it right. Of course, there are viewcards easily available for purchase here.

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