What is your favorite country to...?

Hello everyone!

I am new on Postcrossing and I would like to know what is (are) your favorite country (ies) to send and receive a postcard from??
And from which country would you hope to receive a card?

Thank you


I’m most excited by cards from Japan and Ukraine, which always have the most beautiful and diverse stamps. India has the most beautiful birds in the world so I’m most excited to receive those bird cards. Australia has the most impressive and frequent maxicards, and is there anything better than that? There’s different things I love about a lot of countries and every country is my favorite in something :slightly_smiling_face:


When I started Postcrossing Finland was one of the most frequent senders, so now each time I get a card from Finland I still remember that “beginner’s thrill” , so it’s a favourite of mine.
A part of that I tried to think if I have a favourite but all came to mind together, after all these years I still marvel at each card thinking wow, it came all the way to me!


Receiving wise: I like countries with beautiful stamps.
Sending wise: I like countries that have an efficient postal system.

Rare countries and beautiful handwriting are bonuses, nice to have but not necessary. As long as it’s legible I’m happy.

I try my best to make my cards legible and my stamps enjoyable.


I love receiving cards from any country, especially love when my cards reach Their destination in short time, i love experimenting, so love send to any country)


Every new country :smile:

But I like France, because I ve been there at a few places and have so sometime to write about.


I love getting postcards from my own country because they are some of the most beautiful and creative cards. Not to mention the delivery is much quicker and cheaper.


I’m also very new on postcrossing, send my first 6 cards and I’m waiting for my first postcard to receive.
I really look forward to learn more about people from all over the world and I hope I can learn them something as well. I don’t have a favorite country I’m hoping for, but I would found it really cool to get a card from Antarctica or something.


I like cards from Japan because they are very creative and have interesting stamps.
… But that is true for most countries :smile:


I’ve gotten some of the most beautiful postcards and letters from Russia. I love the stamps, and I love the thought and care the Russians put into their writing. I received an exquisite letter with two brochures, postcards, and a magnet from a young woman in Russia back in July. It warmed my heart. I like to send cards to Germany because they arrive there fast and another slot opens up for me. I also would like the opportunity to send postcards to a rare country in Africa or South America.


My favorites are the ones from Japan, usually the person reads my profile :slight_smile:


I love sending cards to Europe (especially to Germany) and the US, because they almost always arrive fast and I like reading the profiles :slight_smile:
And I especially love receiving from the UK, German-speaking countries and the US because people there usually put effort in their writing and choosing nice cards :slight_smile: And I love British, German and American view cards :slight_smile:


Even though Germany is the most frequent senders, I still love getting cards from there. I love Germany, the music, the dance, the language, food, and more! And I’m also learning German. So it’s really nice to get a postcard from Germany :de: :green_heart:


Do you have a favorite postcard country?


I like to send to Austria best as it is the cheapest postage rate! :smiley:

Other than that I think it’s best to send to Germany, the cards are most likely to arrive. From Austria, anyway.

I’d like to receive cards from any country I don’t have a card from yet. That said, I’d rather have a beautiful card to my liking from any country, than a (for me) disappointing card from the most exotic place!


In terms of favourite countries to send to, I don’t really have any. It’s nice when the delivery is speedy (or speedy for ‘sending from Australia standards’ - which isn’t usually very fast!) though. I tend to find it’s pretty quick (3 weeks on average per my stats) sending from Australia to the UK.

For favourite countries, I love them all. Though I do have a soft spot for Japanese and Singaporean stamps.

I’ve never had any interaction with any African country through Postcrossing so far, so it would be really cool to send/receive a card from there.

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My favourite cards to receive are from
Japan. I love their stamps and beautiful cards!

I don’t really have favourite country to sent to. Anywhere where the postal system is working :see_no_evil:


As I’m learning japanese I’m always thrilled about cards from Japan. Recently I got a card from south Korea that I absolutely loved and as they have super stunning stamps and a very interesting culture I’m looking forward to receiving more stamps from there ^^


I always love to receive postcards from Russia, but unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment. I also like Northern European countries.

I don’t have a favorite country to send to. Or actually the best are the countries with reliable postal services.


Send: Germany. Qwik n Speedy! Ish