Do you have a favorite postcard country?

I have recently become slightly obsessed with Italy, and therefore browse the country gallery almost every day for new views. I used to do this intermittently with Greece as well, and have tried to do so for New York, but it’s harder with a city.

I do this mainly because I love the scenery and can use the images to daydream about living there, but I guess one could do it for any kind of postcard style. Do you you have a favorite country to view, is so why?


Japan is a favourite for me. So many beautiful postcards. Lots of postcards from Tokyo Disneyland Resort. I have been to Japan twice it’s a special part of the world.

America is another favourite. So many different types of postcards. I also have really enjoyed a few holidays there so brings back magical memories.


France … and India! But basically the more exotic and far away the better… :grin:


I love Japan and US.
Japan means, to me, the journey “of life”. I’m a judoka, and Japan is part of who I am … and I hope to go there after the pandemic time.
US means a lot to me too, I went there many times and I left a piece of my heart in San Diego.


I really like postcards I got from Japan. Japan’s postcards are very nice!


Finland! As a Finn abroad, I always look forward to sending cards there and receiving some too. Sadly most of the Finnish cards I get are written in English. I expect people just won’t bother to read a few lines of text.


During my early years of postcrossing, it was Finland, Netherlands, Japan, USA, and China.

Mid years, it became Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, and UK.

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I’m a huge fan of the UK, so my favourite cards are from there :slight_smile:


I like cards from Russia.


An international country…France hands-down winner. I have a few thousand cards from there.

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I love Norway very very much! But I haven’t any cards from this country :persevere:

I can’t decide :joy: :scream:

Finland is definitely one of the most waited for countries for me, as I was born and raised in Finland. It is just nice to get something from old home.

Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Denmark are high up on my favourite list too. I have worked / studied in these countries and overall spent lot of time there so getting a card is a fun nostalgia trip. I would count Belgium in this group too, but unfortunately bad things happened to me there so cards from Belgium are sometimes triggering bad memories instead (and it has nothing to do with postcrossing or members here, just my past haunting me).

Czech Republic has the best stamps.

Japan seems to have the most beautiful postcards.

Norway is my usual holiday destination so it is nice to get cards from there.

But it seems my preferences with postcrossing countries is like my music taste: it changes all the time by my mood and the time of the day…


For me it’s postcards from beautifl Japan, cause nearly two years ago (woahh so long now?)
I traveled to this country the first time. I hope to get back soon, but during the pandemic it’s written in the stars… So, I’m alway really happy with a postcard I get from this land and I can remember back. :slight_smile:

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My favorite is the Netherlands, because I study the language and my husband is from there (like any plain Dutch card will make me happy, remind of some typical things or places we visited)

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I like Japan for their range of card types.

I like European countries for their range of NSFW and offensive cards.

I love the US because cards arrive quickly.

I love China for their beautifully designed cards.

There’s hardly a country I don’t love to receive cards from for one reason or another.


Answering this would be similar to saying which of my grandchildren is my favorite, but I could make a list like others have:

—If I had to pick one country, it would have to be Germany. It is the country of my ancestors. I would love to visit there extensively, but since I can’t, postcards serve my dreams. My postcards to that country are received about as fast as within my own.
—Ukraine for their folk designs. Truly beautiful. Ukrainian Easter eggs are a favorite. Russia for the same reason.
—My grandchildren loved the reindeer postcard from Finland last Christmas!
—China and Japan for the serene beauty of their classic art.

I’ve been fortunate that I have enjoyed every postcard received.


Its hard to answer, but it’s related to your preferences and topics you like more. For me i like postcards about Natives, indigenous and Shamans, so postcards from all American countries (Indians), Australia (Aboriginals), Russia (Shamans), Indonesia, New Guinea Papoua, some African countries. But I also like postcards from my Country Morocco :morocco: because every region has its own culture, traditions, clothes… But receiving a postcard from any place is always exciting. Happy Postcrossing to all of you my friends


New Zealand and Norway for personal interest. :heart_eyes: I’m eager to get a card from Bosnia-Herzegovina to show it to my boyfriend, as his family is Bosnian.

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China is my favorite. I’m a big stamp fan and I never seem to receive the same stamp twice from there. The variety of cards is great, too.