What did you acquire for postcrossing?

I am not fan of something political but this card is wonderful :heart_eyes:


Yeah I’m honestly not a very political person either. But the shape, size (they are probably about 7x11), and just the history of them (political party aside) just makes me love it.


I wouldn’t mind a vintage card. And in regards to condition I guess that wouldn’t bother me either, adds character plus I figure sending it written and stamped its going to get some travel scars and added imperfections anyways. :blush:


Those are kind of amazing! And it’s funny that they decided to mirror the photo for whatever reason. Usually it wouldn’t be noticeable, but when they’re shaking hands … :woman_facepalming:



I visited a sort of souvenir shop today as I was in the area and it had super cute but super expensive local merchandise. They had postcards which looked gorgeous but I had to ask what the price was… 4.50 Sing-dollars each! I only looked at the exact conversion now but my approximate one was good enough to tell me to put them down (you can get a meal here for that price!). 2.81 euros or 3.36 US dollars or 2.53 GBP. Madness!

But… there was something nearby that looked like a postcard set, all I could see was the card on top - a beautiful pattern - they were wrapped in transparent plastic and the price was 15 SGD. No indication of how many cards I was getting but it looked like a thick bunch so I reckoned at least 10, which seemed convenient. I bought them. Then I counted them outside the shop… there were TWENTY! 0.75 SGD per card! Oh who doesn’t love a bargain?! :innocent: They are patterns and flowers in a local style so I will be happily sending them (too lazy to take a picture ahah, maybe later).

(I also bought another definitely overpriced item but my mum would love it so I thought it worthwhile… Now I need to send it in the post but will wait until January to avoid the Xmas traffic jams).


You guys made me want to check out the local antique stores I passed countless times but never entered… :scream: There are actually two on my daily ways! But I never figured they could have postcards…


I bought some colored pens, a few washi tapes, stickers, and a rubber stamp for US postcrossing IDs. And then of course I needed a box for my received postcards and a pencil case to hold my pens.

I would personally love it especially if it was a vintage advertisement, pinup, photo? I love vintage stuff :relaxed:


yay! happy hunting @Axolotl_!

and thank you for your responses @RalfH, @saintursula, @alikat229 and @Sleep. I guess it shows, that old postcards, just like all other postcards are a matter of taste. Hopefully I can judge people’s tastes correctly based on their profiles, favorites and sent cards, so that I won’t send my vintage finds to anyone who would be disappointed.


Today I got these beauties:

with these poignant messages on the backs:

They are by the very talented Molly Brown on Etsy.
I also got a set of colorful vegetable cards from her shop.


I love the little rat rubber stamp! So cute!

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Wow they are really nice!

Thanks for sharing this shop, the postcards look really fun!

Whoa I love the cards! Not crazy about the messages on them but the illustrations are lovely, nice find!

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these are some of my latest bought stickers and my washitapes box :grinning:


Beautiful!!! I hope that somebody you draw my name and just happen to send me one of these! Postcrossing gods are you listening?? :slight_smile:


This morning I bought these beautiful stamps.
This collection’s title is “The Colors of Friendship”. Aren’t they awesome? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have acquired a lot of rubber stamps.

Date stamp (bought in Germany):

Number and NL stamps

Variety of priority and airmail stamps (and one economy stamp)

And a lot of rubber stamps


Huh, I received two postcards with stamps from this set. I really love them :heart:

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Are you a rubber stamp collector?