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Hi, everyone:
My name is Yu Wen Pan.
I am from Taiwan.
I like to do dance and listen to the music in my free time.
My teacher introduced me to the website and I hope I can learn more languages here.


My name is Jane.I am from Taiwan,I like to watch dramas and movies in my free time.My teacher introduced me to the website and I hope l can learn more English from here.


My name is jiang zhi ren. I am from Meinong. I like to do plays basketball and watch movie in my free time.My teacher introduced me to the website and I hope I can gain a lot of knowledge here.


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welcome @anon65823829 @LINZHENLING

Dear teacher @benjaminjaded

I’ve send you already a message .

Please advice your pupils to post here in this Welcome topic.
Please don’t spam the General Topics


Hello from Suffolk in the UK.

I love swapping postcards and meeting people fro m all over the world. It’s been such a big help with my mental health in the past now I share my post cards with my children to help them learn about the wonderful places in the world.


Wow… I would to direct swap postcard with you :slight_smile: I am from Penang Island, Malaysia

Greetings and good wishes from Bangalore,INDIA.I have a long name and address as informed by many members.I joined Postcrossing on Jan 2015.It has been wonderful experience all these years meeting different people from all over the world through different Postcards/Stamps.Thank you Postcrossing/Paul for making this possible.After retirement, activities in this august forum keeps me pre-occupied as I have many interesting collectibles accumulated over period of time.Later,I started collecting UNESCO Postcards through Posrcrossing FORUM and am lucky to have collected 706 site cards out of 1121 sites[written/stamped and from place of origin].Now, I have 5 Albums show casing all the cards collected which keeps growing.
Also,I have a Blog which was chosen as Top 50 Postcard Blogs, Websites & Influencers in[Now Top 70 Postcard Blogs] 2021 for Deltiologists
27. D.O.A.P (Diary Of A Postcrosser)
About Blog- Diary Of A Postcrosser is a blog by Raghavendra Bhat showing his passion for postcrossing.
Follow to find postcards of different countries.
Have fun and Happy Postcrossing.


Hello everyone! My name is Rain and I’m 22 and from Seattle. I have chronic illnesses which keep me from being able to work or attend university, so I try to stay engaged with many hobbies. My biggest hobby is spinning yarn and knitting, but I also love stationery, which lead me to discover stamp collecting and then postcrossing. I have decided to collect stamps with sheep on them (sheep are my favorite animal because they provide me with the wool that I use for knitting) and would love to swap post cards with anyone who has sheep stamps!

I am also generally interested in direct swaps while I wait for my first cards to reach their destinations so that I can request more addresses for official cards!


Hi Rain

Welcome to the Postcrossing.
I would let you know if I come across any postcard or stamp with Sheep.
Btw Do you know that Sheep’s milk is used as medicine in some diseases as per Ayurveda (Traditional medicine of India)

Stay Happy
Best Regards,

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I didn’t know that, it makes me so happy to hear! Sheep are such versatile and providing animals!

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Nino from Wuhan :wink:
I’m a senior high school student and my major is mathematics.Postcrossing is a new world for me.I used to get in touch with my penpals by sending letters and now I hope to make international friends here!


My name is Anna, I’m 20 years old, and I’m from Belarus. Whatever you may have heard about my country is mostly true.
(Yes, yes, I can make more than 200 dishes from potatoes :smile:)

I like reading, making tea and playing video games.
And I enjoy writing, but in my country, it’s very hard to be a writer.
I think it would be really amazing to have friends from other countries.

If you want, you can send me a card with your favorite tea recipe.

Have a nice day and happy postcrossing!


hi Nastya, you sent a postcard without ID number so i cant register it for you.
What a beautiful handwritiing you ve got! You wrote me about the Zuiderzeewerken. Hopefully you can find your number so I can register it.
Best wishes, Emily Posthumus

I’m Samantha from Maryland USA. I joined Postcrossing in March 2021 - last month- after googling "postcrossing " …I was online shopping for cat postcards to send my niece and kept seeing "good for postcrossing ". Imagine my (pleasant and excited) surprise when I realized there were so many people out there who still write!!

I’m excited to join this community of people who value communication, creativity, and mail.

As a working mother of two teen daughters - and a puppy - it is nice to have something for just me to enjoy! In addition to writing I like to read, find shows to watch on Netflix, go on nature walks with the kids and dog, and travel when possible.

Looking forward to meeting many fun and interesting people via postcards!


Hi Rain. If you’re interested in direct swap with East coast USA (Maryland) send me a message and we can exchange addresses!

Hi! Sounds like my experience in finding Postcrossing - I kept seeing the reference when shopping online for postcards!
It’s quite the fascinating find. :slight_smile: Besides the postcards.

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@SamB23 @Anneli_ @ninooooo

We are so happy you are here​:woman_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling: