Welcome to the 2nd Annual Spring Handmade Postcard Exhibition – March 2024

Visitors - feel free to “heart” every card you like. The cards with the most hearts will be winners of this show. You can visit multiple times because artists may continue to post new creations. And we invite you to participate in the lottery associated with this exhibition and will post the link to it after March 20.

Artists and creative types who want to post their handmade postcard art on the theme of Spring (creation, new beginnings, Satori, etc), please follow these rules :

  1. You may post more than one card (each in their separate posting) with a maximum of 5 cards in total. But only one card per posting!

  2. Feel free to include a short description of techniques used, inspirations or explanations. Titled or untitled at your choice. And please add the word “Willing” if you are willing to offer your card – if it is one of the top winners – to the winner of the lottery. No worries if not – I will have other ways to reward them.

  3. Artists are also welcome to “heart” as many cards as you like (including your own!) and to participate in the lottery that goes with this exhibition.

  4. Winners will be announced next weekend. Sorry - only one prize per person!

Enjoy, one and all!


To start this off, I offer my own photo, doctored by software filters. Photo was taken from a train window after visiting a fellow Postcrosser. Feel free to “like” this but note that I am not eligible for a prize!


Thank you very much for this amazing exhibition, I with very happy partecip in it :heartpulse:

“Flying to dreams” :star2::parachute:
Spring is a great time to dream, my postcard shows a flight into a dream! Fly around the world to find yourself and get to know the biodiversity around you :four_leaf_clover:


After receiving a special invitation Grumpy decided to share some of his opinions on spring after all (he’s such a sucker for sweet talk :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:):



And another one:



Minimalist Spring Bloom🌹: This rose captures the essence of spring using fine lines and simple geometric shapes. It reminds me of the elegance and simplicity of spring…:cherry_blossom::blush:
I did this using a black fine liner and adding a few colour pop in between…


This is an acrylic painting on a cardboard, done by my daughter Vivien and me. I did the horse and she did the rest.The dragon is holding a mug and feeding the horse. In Chinese culture, Dragon Horse Spirit refers to the vigorous and upward spirit and appearance of a person.
I made it a Maxicard.


This is a paper cut “The dragon gate” sitting in my drawer for quite some time, and I glued it on a thin transparent plastic sheet and attached paper on both sides for framing, and made it a Maxicard.

The little carp does its best to jump across the dragon gate, then it will become a dragon. This proves that dreams can come true. You just have to work hard and never give up!


This is my first hand made silk dragon maxicard. I have used a hand embroidered dragon piece I got from the past, and attached it on a thin silk sheet, and framed it.


This is a kind of Maximumcard I made from one of my favorite stamps.
I love the :clown_face: so I made a cut out of the picture and put it back together in different colored layers ( made with my Cricut)


Another handmade card is this one I made through potato print on canvas with acrylic paint :orange_heart:🩷🩶


I have another unique Maxicard that arrived today, I made a special card for Leapday with watercolor and used a stamp with a glass of water and then got the special cancellation from the postoffice.


This is a card I made using strips of paper and a picture of a lighthouse out of an magazine. Spring is my favourite time at the beach.
It is a card I sent officially and it was received with enthousiasm. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ll piggyback off @Kayla1973 's lighthouse theme and post my own, created using the time-honoured medium of ballpoint pen and highlighter :wink:


:laughing: :alien:


A yellow-themed spring card.


#Love in your eye
Love is seeing… I see you.
This is a self made wooden card, with my favorite wood stamp from Spain. I’ve cut out the tree shape from the back sheet out of dark walnut veneer, adding a heart shape to show up underneath the stamp. The natural texture enhances the shape of an eye. That’s an eye with love. I’m hoping to find someone who could help with the proper postmark so it’ll be an ideal wooden maxicard.


Thanks for the invitation to join the fun!
Here’s my Springtime entry. Tess

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![20240320_105443|338x500](upload://e9UyaW9A13yc1S8eWeVdHdryiS5.jpeg) Springtime Robin Watercolor
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Spring Robin watercolor


So finally I got creative today …

“the bird’s wedding” - it’s a German folk song.
Made a collage out of it, in honor of spring & love.