Washi tape discussions!

These look amazing!! :heart_eyes: Bonus points for the thoughtful boyfriend!


Yesterday I was on the hunt for transparent boxes. I’m looking for specific boxes, where the rolls are under the box, not inside so the box inside doesn’t have any bulges. Seems like a neverending story, since I visited 3 stores yesterday (including one DIY warehouse) and fives stores at monday too.

So I bought the last two designs of the following Washi Tape sets (50 pieces for each 4,44€) in one of the stores because of frustration:

Pictures are from the stores homepage, I hadn’t a digital camera yet to take pictures myself.


It is always so inspiring to see all the cool washi tapes and washi storage here :heart_eyes:
Currently I have a little display that holds my favourites right on my desk (both stickers and washi), but I find it difficult to limit to this small space. Result is, I change the items in this box quite often such a perfect way to get distracted :sweat_smile:


I see you have a couple of little Shinzi Katoh boxes of mini tapes in your collection. I have more Shinzi Katoh than any other brand. I just love his artwork. I also have a few other designs I see that you have as well! I love the little organizational box for your desk…that’s a wonderful idea!

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I made a hudge mistake :pensive: I spend a couple of days in Paris. I walked along the Japanese culture house, so I was curious and went in. And there was a shop… so I went in, just to look, did not want to buy anything

I’m weak! But they are so beautiful!


Those red pandas! So adorable.

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I wait until I’m home to open then, but I’m so impatient! The colours will be more beautiful

Interesting to know that they also sell masking tapes at the Maison de la Culture du Japon now.
I have several rolls of the Saien ones, they are beautiful.

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The Saien ones are beautiful!
And thay sell some postcards too :wink:

I came home this evening and unpacked the tapes. I’m so happy! Such a quality and so cute!


Visited an art museum today and stopped in the gift shop :shopping:


Most recent purchases on Etsy🤗

Top: from CatherineRedgateArt



I use the washi tape ti define borders and I like a good sparkly one, All things are usually improved by a little sparkle.


I’m so in love with this new washi tape. It’s a layering washi tape: you if you layer the pieces you can create a bigger image.

So cool!
(Tape “Leaf out my Book” by AALL &Create)


I received theses 24 rolls yesterday :

To complete my collection:


Are you sure you completed your collection? laugh

I like your banana, pineapple and the big blue feather one very much. Looks great. ^^

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Ahahaha, you’re reason, it’s never completed !! :grin:

Tag Me on this discussion and I will send it to you :wink: You can choose 2 more aswell

To be honest, I prepare for 3 days examples of my own washi tape samples to join this topic - I lurking every time when I came around. cough

When I’m ready hopefully on monday, I do so. ^ ^

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