Washi tape discussions!

I just bought some new pretties!


I have quite a collection… These are from my two trips to Japan — I like to get them as souvenirs from museums/oceanariums.

Train-themed washi tape is my favorite! For weeks when I’m on a journey, I like to define edges in my weekly planner with a train tape.

This should last me for ages even though I use them often, but I have a feeling I’ll need a third box eventually… washi tape is just so neat (:


Just bought these:

Finally I found some thinner washi tapes as well.


@birdie, I LOVE your collection! I want to visit Japan so badly when mt is having a washi tape exhibition during the blossom of the cherry trees! I asked my husband if we could fly there for a couple of weeks and I could go washi tape crazy!


Hello Kitty and Sanrio washi tapes ! So cute!!


Loupaper is launching washi tape!!! Too bad they don’t ship to France…


Oh, I love this thread! It feels like a big shopping list to justify buying more washi tape :smile:. I’ve seen so many beautiful designs here!

I really like slim washi tape, it allows me to decorate the postcard while leaving enough space for a nice message!

This is my collection so far:


Oh what a pity, to Germany they don’t ship, too! :scream:
I love this tape with the VW camper van!

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Not a big collection, but a super cute one. Today I bought coloured thin and holographic for a super low price. The holographic ones are a dream, they cost crazy money in craft stores, but today I bought 7 for 1€ :broken_heart:

I bought the rest on Etsy, Ali, Temu, Primark, Hema, Søstrene Grene (btw, it’s a great shop for artsy people)


I was’t planning to buy any washitape, but I came across some lovely sets and decided to buy this one, because I rarely see paper tapes in shops.


Unexpected Centenary of the Causeway stamp issue feature!

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I wish I wouldn’t have seen this! lol… I immediately went to the store and I am trying hard not to buy anything….

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I found a website that you can get sample tapes from…I didn’t originally like samples but they are growing on me. (All of this was a gift from my husband.)


It is an amazing idea, has also metal teeth that can be very useful! love it :heart:

My washi collection!! first is my own collection, the rest are from swap and I made into sample!!
I am open to swap! I really like the idea of swapping cos usually I cannot finish one whole roll and swapping allows me to get a higher variety. sooo fun




Bought some new washi tapes recently :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s strange, I ordered before and now I tried, it would work and it is also listed that they ship to Germany (the shipping costs, of course, aren’t funny, they were lower in the past).

Edit: It seems that if you order via their online shop it is sent from UK what won’t work. But if you order via Etsy it is sent from the US where the artist is living right now. I’ve always ordered via Etsy and it worked.

Oh, that’s really strange.
But I only order from shops, which are not in Germany, via Etsy! There was the notice, that’s not possible. But with this shipping costs … :crazy_face:


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I see…
Ah, It’s only the washi tape, that’s really really strange :thinking:

As I ordered (from other Shops) also washi from the US there’s no plausible reason why they won’t ship it to Germany. Hm.

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Bought this cute set today from miniso!