US Stamps on International Postcards

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Out of curiosity, for those of you who aren’t from the US, what kinds of stamps typically get used on the postcards you receive from the US? (And are there any that you do/don’t typically enjoy?)

If you are from the US, what stamps do you use when sending abroad?

For me, I started just by using the single ‘Global Forever’ stamp (either a red poinsettia, green succulent, or now pink chrysanthemum). But then I started learning more about stamps and realized that I could put whatever stamps I wanted to, as long as it added up to $1.20.

Now, I typically use two forever stamps (I don’t typically use the flag ones, but rather the other releases) and one 10 cent stamp. I’m currently out of older, vintage stamps, but I have been known to use enough of those to cover some of the cost as well.


I use at least two Forever stamps, plus a stamp of a smaller value (like the “Uncle Sam’s Hat” additional ounce stamp) or, if I am out of those (as is often the case), another Forever stamp!

And often, if I have Forever stamps that I know the recipient will love, I use three of those right away! Yes, I’m technically overpaying, but it’s worth the thought that the recipient may really enjoy the stamps. :blush:


I always recieved with 2 Forever+10cent stamps on it.For me,I would like recieve as much stamps as you can put on the cards.(I don’t like Global Forever stamp)


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Personally, I like the US Global Forever stamps for a couple of reasons.

First, the images shown on the stamps are interesting and colorful. Going back a few years, there were at least another two versions of them in addition to the ones mentioned by TheBeaverFamily earlier in this Topic. There was a full moon one and also a tennis ball one.

Second, that single stamp leaves me more room on the card for other things, especially when a card is small, such as US-6769003 (redacted version attached). I always put some version of the Air Mail sticker on my International cards, even if I have to trim the sticker with scissors down to the bare minimum. My handwriting is just okay, so I have long used the Avery 8167 Return Address label for the date/time/weather/Postcard ID. Even though small, that label takes up some room and I have that room because I can use the single Global Forever stamp.

For people who might not be familiar with some of our recent Global Forever stamps and our Air Mail labels, here they are.

For people who really want to see some USA stamps, I’m happy to send them the postcard of USA stamps in the form of the US Flag. When I was a boy, I had a small stamp collection and I recall fondly many of the stamps shown on the card. Every person who’s received that card from me has been happy about it.

I don’t get a commission for this, but I recommend those stamp flag cards from It’s a very clever, colorful conception and they have them for a lot of countries. I’d be happy to receive them myself.

Happy Postcrossing!



I can’t, I won’t ever get over how cute the little green succulent Global Forever stamps are. I refuse.

Regarding air mail stickers: Everyone but me seems to use them. They don’t seem to be necessary, but they sure are fun. Is this a service for which you pay extra? (Same with the prioritaire stickers?) What am I missing, besides getting to put more stickers on my cards?


I use any combination of stamps.
Global 1.20 for small cards that may not accommodate multiple stamps.
Postcard Rate 35 cents
Additional ounce 15 cents

I use whatever really. I order them off the USPS website and from USPS official Ebay account.

I try to be in theme with the card but it can be hard. Since I’m in San Diego, I use Sally Ride stamps a lot (She taught physics in San Diego after retiring from NASA)

The postcard rate stamps I use a lot. The have fish on them but the theme is really coral reefs which are dwarfed by the fish. I use those for domestic sending or for the international cards with views of the ocean.

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The tennis ball one was a regular domestic Forever stamp (rather than a Global Forever stamp) but easily mistaken for a Global because of its unusual round shape. It was one of a series of sports balls, with textured surfaces. Very cool!

Regarding the original post, I have an excess of stamps, so for international postcards I try to use a combination of 3 Forever stamps that are interesting,or beautiful, or coordinate with either the postcard theme or the person’s interests.

I think the Global Forever stamps are fantastic, and for me, at least, they are rare. But I understand that for international Postcrossers the Global Forevers are common and boring.


I received lots of postcards with global stamps, I do prefer US forever stamps (value equal to 55 cents now?) as there are really lots of great designed forever stamps, but maybe it’s easy for people to find global ones sometimes.
Ps The problem for Chinese postcrossers is Chinese stamps are too big! I need to use three or fours stamps on a single postcard and there is really little space left to write on a standard postcard.


I love those ball stamps,:slight_smile:

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I would guess that around 50% of my received cards from the US have global forever stamp and honestly it’s a bit boring. So every time the sender uses other stamps I will add an extra line in my thank you message.


For the about 80% of the cards I have got from US come with the succulent.


But then the rest 20% come with several different pretty stamps, often even with really old ones! I don’t really mind about with what stamps US cards come with as I don’t collect US stamps and there are so much cards coming from US that it is like you don’t have time to think about yet another succulent stamp because soon there will be yet another card from US with maybe different stamp.

Around Christmas all the succulents turn into that red flower I have forgot what it is called, and I find that hilarious. It is definitely holidays coming when succulents disappear!


I like when people use stamps other than the Global Forever but I understand for some people it might not be so easy to find access to stamps or probably it’s a matter of convenience.
My favourites are the older vintage stamps. The Domestic Forever stamps are interesting too. I’ve also received some cards with the Non-Machinable Butterfly stamp plus extra stamps to match the international rate.
Sometimes the postmark obscures most of the stamp and that is a little disappointing. I’ve noticed this with special postmarks like the Energy Awareness postmark.


@Eels, yes, you’re right–the current value of the Forever stamp is 55¢! (How did you know that? :sweat_smile:) I have the ball stamps you enjoyed; if you’d like some on a postcard, PM me! :tennis: :basketball: :baseball:

@princeofasturias I used up my Sally Ride stamps so fast; I miss them! :joy: I think they’re still available, so maybe I’ll stock up while I still can. And I remember asking for “the fish stamps” at the post office and quickly being corrected that they were coral reef stamps. That was the last time I made that mistake. :upside_down_face:

Ahhh, yes; that time of year when we all put away our succulents for the season and get out our poinsettias! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I do miss the original world global stamps plus the moon stamps. Only stamp dealers sell them now but at a high high markup.

Succulents aren’t avaliable on the USPS website but you can get them from the
Official USPS Ebay account.

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the red"flower"is a leaf. The plant is called a poinsettia

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@PinkNoodle I’ve used Sally Ride as well for “girl power” as well as she was the first American woman in space and for LGBT as she was in a same sex relationship she kept quiet until she died.


The original blue global forever stamps are still my favorite too. That was one of the very few times in my life that I ordered a whole press sheet of them from the USPS site, so I still have a few sheets left. I guess I’ve kept them long enough that they’re in demand again! I tend to use them when I draw a new Postcrosser who likely hasn’t seen them before.

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I rarely use the global forever stamp. Most of the time it’s two forever stamps and a ten cent stamp or the extra ten cents is made with some combination of 1, 2, 3, and 5 cent stamps. I also sometimes mix it up with one ounce, two ounce, three ounce, semi-postal, postcard, and non-machineable stamps.

The stamps I miss are the Oscar de la Renta stamps. True, they were huge. But there were also extremely colorful and they were perfect for sending to people who were into fashion.


Aloha @maleko

I also remember there was a sea temperature issue too.

I ordered several from a seller on ebay (for a markup) but I use those for private swaps and the few penpals I have and just to keep really.


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You can always find a stamp dealer on ebay or something.

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