✅ Unable to see all bookmarks

Bug 1: I have 69 Bookmarks. I am only able to see 50 of them when I go to the bookmarks page. The ones I’m shown appears to be random. Frequently posted in bookmarked topics don’t always appear, while rarely posted in ones do appear.

Bug 2: I don’t always receive notifications when I’m mentioned in a topic. This makes it difficult when I’m trying to record that people have received my postcards. I’ve even gone back and reviewed my notifications and they aren’t there. I discovered two more instances of this today.

Any help is appreciated.


It can happen because you accidentally muted a certain topic. Have you checked the topic notifications? It is on the below of the topic? Does it say “normal” or “muted”?

The topic isn’t muted. It says normal.

On number 1 i have the same thing. I have way more bookmarks, but i don’t see all of them, which is a bit frustrated. Because …what’s the point of bookmarks than? right…

I also have a bug with bookmarks, from time to time some of them disappear from the list, they are still bookmarked if I visit the topic directly, but they are not shown in bookmark list.

Can I tell a problem that I am facing here or do I have to make a new thread or send a pm to any mod?

It depends on the issue you’re having. If it relates to the bookmarks bug (which is a known issue at this point) then you can comment here. If it’s a completely different problem, you can search the HELP FORUM and if you don’t see your issue, you can create a new topic.

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Thank you so much :blush::+1:t3:

Are you looking at the bookmarks at this button

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 16.49.41

or in your account bookmarks?

Let’s focus on the bookmarks issue on this topic as it’s confusing to discuss two different bugs on the same topic. Missing notification are typically hard to debug and reproduce – if it’s still happening regularly, please create a separate topic with some examples and to allow others to share their own reports.

I created this original post a year ago. The missing notification issue is no longer an issue. The bookmark issue is a known bug at this point and I believe has been addressed elsewhere.

When you’re on the main forum screen, and you click the down arrow on the left side of the screen, your choices are categories, latest, new, top, bookmarks … when I click that bookmarks button I’m not seeing all my bookmarks. I have far less bookmarks now than I did a year ago. But all of them still do not appear. I have seen this mentioned other places in the forum over the past year so I believe it’s already being addressed and it’s a discord problem.

That button shows you which topics from the current category you have bookmarked. If you are within a particular category and go to that button, then you only see what you have bookmarked within that specific category. This is important as it would not show all your bookmarks in that case.

Having said that, if you are at the homepage, then the /bookmarks may get all your bookmarks since you are the top level of all categories. For a proper full list of your bookmarks, you can find on your account.

Indeed, after updating to Discourse 3.1 there were issues with disappearing bookmarks which we have reported to the Discourse team. And today we have updated the forum to the latest Discourse version so it’s likely that it includes the fix for this.

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