Forum update (Discourse 3.2)

Hi everyone! :wave:

We’ll soon be upgrading the forum software to its 3.2 version. Usually, we only post about these upgrades after we’ve concluded them… but this one brings about some significant changes, so we think we should explain some of those ahead of time.

These are the main changes:

  • The events plugin we use for meetups does not work well in the new version of the forum, and so we will remove it on the next upgrade. This means there will be no more RSVP feature, and the calendar/agenda on the forum will disappear. From here onwards, meetup hosts will simply write the information about the meetup on the topic itself (like it was done on the old forum), and we’ll keep the calendar of events on the main site.
  • The carrousel gallery will stop working in the newer version of the forum. As an alternative, you can use image grids (as explained here). When someone clicks on an image that is part of a grid gallery, a lightbox will pop up, and all the images can be viewed as in a carrousel.
  • The weirdest change is that usernames that either start or end in a dash or an underscore will not work properly after the forum update. The forum was never designed to support these types of usernames (which clash with the formatting of text), but we’ve been making them work thanks to a plugin we developed when the new forum came along. With every new forum version, the plugin breaks and @paulo spends time fixing it… but with this update, so many things have changed that it has become unreasonably hard to maintain this plugin. :frowning: If you have one of those usernames, you can still use the forum but other members will not be able to properly @ mention you and thus you will not receive notifications about it. You will be gently prompted by Postcrossing to change your username, and we really recommend you do.

I think these are the big things coming up! We hope for your understanding and patience in this process — we’re almost there.


This update will take place today, at 2pm UTC time. Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly! :slight_smile:


The update seems to have gone okay — on the surface, at least. :sweat_smile: If you find any (new) issues, please let us know!


Thank you very much for your great work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much! I haven’t really tried out much yet, but for now I’m super happy :partying_face:. The nightmare of the disappearing bookmarks that was driving me crazy for over a year suddenly ended :confetti_ball:. I just went to my list and all my (long) lost bookmarks have magically returned! :magic_wand:

Previously, probably each time coming back to the forum site, some would have disappeared. Sometimes even minutes after having tagged someone, the Tag would be gone. I was probably not the only one having to look for Tags or topics through the search field that were “officially” still bookmarked, remove and then add them again from the bookmark list, only to have them disappear once more a while later :face_with_spiral_eyes:.

And often while clicking on a Tag from my bookmarks, it would skip to March 2023. Now I have the full list back and it seems to skip to “last visit” instead of to the last comment, as it did before March 2023, but it’s a huge improvement. :blush: Thank you again! :yellow_heart:


I don’t know if it’s directly a bug, but I’ve noticed the following:
7 new topics are displayed and when I click on them, it says: “You have no new topics.”
Most of the time it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. (I especially love things like that :roll_eyes:).

Hello everybody !
Thank you very much for your hardly work and everything you do for us :muscle: !
I have a question . Before the update, I could activate notifications directly from the forum, but the link where to click has disappeared.
Is this related to the update or has nothing to do with it ?
Thank you very much !

Sounds like something may be cached. Does it work correctly after you refresh the page (both within the category and in the parent category)?

You should still be able to set a topic to tracking/watching like before. Look for the button with the bell – it’s normally at the end of the topic or at the bottom of the progress bar.

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That helped, now it works. :+1: Thank you very much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I also have that problem and your suggestion does not bring a solution:

When I click on the “27 new” I get the answer: “you have no new themes”

Great news. I go with this nickname since 2013. People recognize me with this nickname.

This is the reason:

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Fantastic digital world! I choosed this underline because it was accepted. Now I would lose my identity. Thanks to the forum software. It’s a great progress into future.

Having thought about that fact I got happy that it will save me time and money in standing to my current nickname. I still can receive personal messages and this is what count for me. I will see if I will feel a need to see more of the forums in future. Nevertheless it’s a mess and a point to drive out users. Just to pick a new, good, liked username in a community of more than 800.000 users is a mess.

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Just testing - so far it seems I still can tag you.

Edit: Nope. While I can see you in the list it remains grey after posting.

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How about trying to add a letter or a number after the underscore? Maybe that solves the problem without too much upheaval.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to post publicly that I’m Axolotl now, formerly known as Axolotl_. :slight_smile:


Yes, I know but still I have to tell all people why I suddenly have added whatever. I just don’t want to do this again and again. Not only it’s boring but for me personally annoying. There is already more than enough confusion with persons who picked a very close username to mine.

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