Forum update (Discourse 3.2)

I think most people would not even notice that you changed anything.


Do you think so? Maybe I’m too precise in such things? At least I now can throw away my rubber stamp because I doubt this is possible to change. It’s a custom made rubber stamp for the thrash bin.

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Many people address me as Ralph, although my name is Ralf and the username is RalfH, that is why I think most people would not really notice the difference.

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If someone had changed their nickname in the old forum, the new name always said something like
'formerly known as xy*

Maybe something similar would be possible here for a short time so that others know who the person is.

I think that would also make sense in general if someone changes their name for a different reason.


Now I have changed my username due to software requirements and nothing has changed with the forums. Once I log in via my bookmark in browser I’m only able to see the topics I have marked as tracking. Same like before.
I only can see all topics when I enter the forums via the PC main page. So I think this problem wasn’t connected with my username but something else. Would be grateful if this could be solved at all. I always see “There are no topics, create one” and I know there are many. And I don’t want to have to check all topics again and again. I use Firefox.

Dear @Dandelio_n , I check if you can be marked with the @ sign.

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Just tried with the Firefox of my husband (I use Chrome) and it worked properly.

Did you do the usual things, like emptying the cache, logging out an in again, refreshing the page etc.?

Yes, that’s fine but not my main problem.
@Angelthecat I’m in the process to try all these things. But the problems started from the software update and in earlier times I had nothing like this at any time.

Cache emptied, logged out manually and the problems remain. I can see only topic which I marked as tracking but a refresh shows me all the German part of the forums. I went better before but at least I now know how to go there. Thank you all.

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