Two bugs: Unable to see all bookmarks & not receiving all @ mentioned notifications

Bug 1: I have 69 Bookmarks. I am only able to see 50 of them when I go to the bookmarks page. The ones I’m shown appears to be random. Frequently posted in bookmarked topics don’t always appear, while rarely posted in ones do appear.

Bug 2: I don’t always receive notifications when I’m mentioned in a topic. This makes it difficult when I’m trying to record that people have received my postcards. I’ve even gone back and reviewed my notifications and they aren’t there. I discovered two more instances of this today.

Any help is appreciated.


It can happen because you accidentally muted a certain topic. Have you checked the topic notifications? It is on the below of the topic? Does it say “normal” or “muted”?

The topic isn’t muted. It says normal.

On number 1 i have the same thing. I have way more bookmarks, but i don’t see all of them, which is a bit frustrated. Because …what’s the point of bookmarks than? right…

I also have a bug with bookmarks, from time to time some of them disappear from the list, they are still bookmarked if I visit the topic directly, but they are not shown in bookmark list.

Can I tell a problem that I am facing here or do I have to make a new thread or send a pm to any mod?

It depends on the issue you’re having. If it relates to the bookmarks bug (which is a known issue at this point) then you can comment here. If it’s a completely different problem, you can search the HELP FORUM and if you don’t see your issue, you can create a new topic.

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Thank you so much :blush::+1:t3: