Total Eclipse of the Sun Meetup, San Antonio, TX, United States, Sunday, April 7, 2024

So far looking good on my end to attend :sparkles: If I may reserve 30 cards? Excited for this! :raised_hands:t5::smile:

If anyone going to this meetup would be interested in a swap of the card shown above with a postcard from Norway, I would love to do a direct swap.

Please DM me if you are interested :slight_smile:


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I’d love to reserve 30 cards too if possible! :pray:
Thank you so much for arranging this! :heart:
I’m very excited! :star_struck:

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I’d also like to reserve 30 postcards please!

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I just ordered a bunch more postcards so there will be more than enough to go around.
I’m VERY excited about my trip and the eclipse, and getting to share it with fellow Postcrossers! Tanya


Is there anyway I can get one of the postcards? I just received my first meetup card in the mail and loved it! I unfortunately live far way from San Antonio.

hello. some one would swap with me? thank you very much

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@Mom2boys86 Give me your address (please send a PM) and I’ll make sure someone at the meetup sends you a card!
And, welcome to Postcrossing! I hope you get to go to a meetup soon. It’s so much fun to actually meet and talk to others who share this hobby!


@spidermoro I’ll make sure someone at the meetup sees your message and contacts you to swap.

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Hello Tanya. I am so excited. This meetup and the solar eclipse are coming up so fast. I just wanted to touch base and say hello and that I look forward to meeting you this Sunday at Olive Garden.



Hi folks! I can’t make it to this meetup, but would anyone be able to swap cards with me? I can send a stamped postcard from a National park in return! Please DM me if so! :grinning:


Howdy- I went to the address provided and it is a Trader Joe’s. There are 2 olive gardens and I’m roughly halfway between them. Which one are we meeting at?

Update. I googled it and found the right Olive Garden. It looks like there’s 2 different things with this address. On my way!


I’m here! Are we the reservation for a party of 14?

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Made it here.

hello i’m here but i dont see anyone. are we supposed to go inside?

We are inside in the party room ask the front for the postcard group

We’re at the one on loop 1604.

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Yes we are inside in the party room.

I should have given this out earlier: text or call me at 850-218-0686.

We’re at the olive garden at 1604 west loop