Total Eclipse of the Sun Meetup, San Antonio, TX, United States, Sunday, April 7, 2024

:world_map: CITY/REGION: San Antonio, Texas, USA
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Olive Garden Restaurant, 423 W Loop 1604 N
:calendar: DATE: Sunday, April 7, 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central Time
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Meet other Postcrossers who are either local to San Antonio or came to see the Total Eclipse of the Sun occur on Monday, April 8th. Learn more about Postcrossing, talk about our hobby, and maybe write some postcards.

I live in the Florida Panhandle and I’m traveling to San Antonio to see a solar eclipse for the first time in my life! I’m very excited! I know San Antonio will be a bit east of the optimum location, but I’m hoping it’ll be less crowded. And, I know San Antonio is a beautiful place!

What to bring:

  • If you have any extra postcards you want to trade or give away, bring them! We’ll have a “trade/share” box. Same with stickers and washi tape, or even markers and pens.
  • Some people bring some of their postcard collection to show off interesting cards.
  • Bring a pen and/or a personal ink stamp (if you have one). Some people like to have a bunch of the meetup postcards signed by all of the meetup participants. We’ll stay reasonable with this.
  • No items for sale, please!

I contacted the Great American Eclipse organization for permission to use their wonderful map for the meetup postcard. I love the map and I hope everyone else does, too!

THE POSTCARDS HAVE BEEN ORDERED - They will cost 20 cents each.


I’m sure I’ve left something out - Please ask questions!


Hey! I got your DM and was meaning to reply after we got all our plans together. Right now, it’s looking like I might be able to make it, but I can’t be sure because I’m trying to meet a road trip schedule at the same time. I think I might be able to give a better answer closer to the event. :smile:

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Hello, dear Postcrossers!
I would be very interested in swap the wonderful card.
My offers:

Enjoy your meetup and thank you in advance.

Hello Texan Postcrossers!

I LOVE this design! I live in Texas but will be unable to attend the San Antonio meetup as I will be viewing the eclipse here in Temple with my family. :slight_smile:

With that being said I would LOVE the swap for a signed meetup card! I will gladly swap a card to whoever mails me the meetup card!
Here’s my album-


I’m still hoping I can make it…I live a little over 200 miles from San Antonio so not an impossible trip, we go frequently enough, but we just have a trip in March planned and another mid-April, so I have to make sure it works out as I probably will make this trip by myself. If I go, I’d be staying with my daughter and her family and they live about 30 to 35 miles from the locations you’ve mentioned. I like the Eclipse meetup card too!

No worries! It’s official now, so this should be on the Postcrossing Meetup Map soon. I hope to see you there!

I hope you can make it! And, I was so happy they let me use the eclipse map - I love it! The actual location is still up in the air. Please let me know if you or your daughter know of a favorite, casual restaurant or coffeee shop.

I’ll ask her. She doesn’t live in that area, so she may not be as familiar.

Oh my gosh! This card / meetup is amazing!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

I’d love to make a swap (or 2?)


Isn’t it great! But, I can’t take the credit - I saw it on an online news story. It’s from the Great American Eclipse organization and they are gracious enough to allow people like us Postcrossers use it! I don’t usually swap - I just send blank postcards on request, but I’ll keep your message and see if anyone at the meetup wants to swap. I know someone will! I love your postcards!


Hi! I’m slowly putting notes together to hopefully make it out that area for the eclipse! So I’m excited at potentially being able to attend this meetup! Same as @pigeonpost , I’ll be able to confirm once I get all my plans in place! :pray:t5:


I hope you can make it!

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I’ll plan to attend this one!


Hey @tpuchalski and @Angelthepup22 - How about the Merit Coffee in medical center near louis pasteur and clinic?

Should have plenty of parking and is more central for us downtown folks.

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Works for me, I live in College Station so I’ll be driving anyway

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Any chance of shifting the time a little later :sweat_smile::fearful: So far looks like I’ll be departing (driving out) Friday night from SoCal. Probably puts me in San Antonio Sunday afternoon - but if anything I’ll try to catch the tail end! :pray:t5::sparkles: - Excited!

Hey - I really don’t want to make it any later than 1pm because I have other tourist stuff I really want to do! We’ll see how it works out and I hope you can make it!

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Completely understand! And that’s true, will be nice to have time to explore around afterwards - hopefully get to see y’all there! :muscle:t5::sparkles:

This sounds like a great idea! I live in San Antonio. Expect that weekend and the day of the eclipse to be totally crazy! lol

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Well I’ll go. Would be neat to talk postcards and philately stuff with other enthusiast.