TODAY'S THE DAY🎉 2 July 2023 - SUMMER MEET-UP ➡️ Windsor ON Canada

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Windsor Ontario Canada
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Bean Bagz Café
1965 Tecumseh Road West
Windsor Ontario
N9B 1V7

:calendar: DATE: Sunday July 2nd, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 2pm (EST)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Come and say Hi​:wave: Eat/drink and write postcards​:love_letter:

☆EACH PARTICIPANT WILL RECEIVE a surprise gift bag :tada:

☆SPOILER ALERT: Includes copies of our MeetUp Postcard:

☆ Bring any :love_letter::love_letter::love_letter: you are willing to trade (both favourites and those you don’t know what to do with)
Remember your washi tape & stickers too!

☆Bring your own postage & I will personally deliver your written postcards to our Leamington Post Office to be mailed with this special cancellation stamp:




  1. @Nique - Nicole
  2. @shelopolis - Shelley
  3. @Krzysiab - Krystyna
  4. @lyndac - Lynda
  5. @lamail - Lee Ann
  6. @stephengreen - Alex :crossed_fingers:
  7. @Jorryn - Jennifer
  8. Jessica :crossed_fingers:
  9. Tracey :crossed_fingers:
  10. @FatCatPostcards
  11. @OhCanada - Amy
  12. @Tigergirl - Evita
  13. @mcbuchanan - Meaghan

Awesome that you are organizing this @Nique ! :hugs:
And yet … so far away for me … I cannot join you, but wish you and all Postcrossers who join in the postcard fun a grand time! :partying_face:

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@shelopolis HERE IT IS :woman_cartwheeling: :man_cartwheeling: :person_cartwheeling:
If you could please share on FB?

Please mark me as coming!!

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Of Course I will be there. How much is the meeting card? I would like to order 15 please.

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How wonderful you will be coming Lynda! There will be 15 Meeting Cards in your Surprise Bag. My :gift: to you!

You are not on the Calendar of Events. You should check with the Postcrossing Team.

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Thank you @lyndac for letting me know.
@Mundoo has now added us to The Calendar of Events

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Hello :smiley: I’ll hopefully be able to attend. I just need to ask for that day off at work.



Hi Alex @stephengreen :wave:

That would be so great if you could make it! I hope your Boss says "Yes!":smiley:

As long as I can get the day off work Ill be coming. I will know in a few weeks for sure! Fingers crossed


Hi Lori @pickles4u2 :wave:

Cute Username🤗 Hoping you can make it. It would be so nice to meet you‼️

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Hello, I’m from Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil
I would like to exchange postcards with someone who will attend this event.

In June we will have the Festa Junina event here. I can exchange it for this event or for one from the south region.
This is the postcard for the event, and each region will have its own, in all there are 6 to complete the total picture.

Jessica :smiley:


Hello, Bonjour Jessica @paimjessica

What a fun Postcrossing MeetUp postcard you have!
I would be :slightly_smiling_face: to exchange one of ours for one of yours.
PMing you💨

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Patio is up, with some :potted_plant:plants​:potted_plant:and sails to give us shade, to come!

Weather permitting we will be outside☀️

Can’t wait! Can’t wait!!


A sneak peek :eyes: at Bean Bagz Drink Menu:

Daily food specials, including salads​:green_salad: sandwiches :sandwich: and desserts​:cake::cookie:

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For those coming in from out of town, there is SO MUCH to see and do in the Windsor-Essex Area :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for arranging it, @Nique
I’ll be in the US at the end of June, but I’ll try to enter Canada from Detroit.
My contribution will be some meet-up postcards.
Hopefully, everyone will be able to get a few.



Wow​:flushed: Your :love_letter: are FANTASTIC​:stars: What a wonderful surprise​:tada:

Can’t wait to meet you‼️

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