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I just opened a new topic for a very firest meet-up on Sept 30th in Neustadt (Palatinate region). How can I get this event listed with a blue pin on the world map/calender at Postcrossing > Explore > meetups ?

All meeting topics are checked by @Mundoo and if everything is in order, i.e. all details are complete, the meeting cards comply with the rules and there are no other complaints, then she adds your meeting to the calendar.
Any questions she may have for you should be answered quickly if possible.

@Bille Thanks for your quick answer and explanation :slight_smile:

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I will add your meeting to the calendar once I have checked the information is complete and as I get to it in my queue.

I have sent you a more detailed reply via email.


I have a question about copyright.

I saw a card for a meetup that was also a Sailor Moon fan meeting.
Wouldn’t such a card be a copyright violation?
This is from this meetup:

I recently did a meetup at the Snoopy Museum. I considered making a card featuring a photo of the museum, but refrained because I thought it might be a copyright violation.

This is the one I wanted to make if the copyright doesn’t matter:

Sorry if I missed something that is already in the guidelines.

:sunflower:Attention Postcrossing Team:

Would you please add my Postcrossing MeetUp to the Calendar of Events?

@Mundoo does go through all meetups threads. If it’s OK, she’ll add it to the calendar. If not, she’ll let the host know what needs to be fixed. So there’s no need to ask here to get a meetup added to the calendar.

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Has been added.

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Is it possible to edit (in this case increase) the number of available slots in an already published meetup? If so, how is that accomplished?

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That there is! See attached. Click on the pencil (edit) on the title of the Meetup, then click on the date/time field, finally click on the Maximum Guests field (or use the up and down arrows in increase the number of attendees. You can also use this pane to remove attendees if needed, or modify the date.

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I’ve recently listed a Meetup in the USA category. The unfortunate thing is the calendar doesn’t allow weekends to be selected, and ours will be on Saturday, October 14. What am I missing, or is this a bug?


I’ve made meet ups for the weekend before, and I just tried now and it worked, so i’s definitely not an intentional restriction.

I can’t see what would be going wrong in your screenshot, so hopefully a mod can work it out.

@Mundoo looks after the meet up listings. Give her some time to get back to you, as I know she always busy.

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Thank you. My March 25 (also Saturday) Meetup worked just fine, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Thanks for your input.


I have no idea what the yellow spot on the 14 is being caused by. I have updated the date to the 14th.

Postcrossing Team


Thank you. I was simply highlighting it as the ideal date. Appreciate the fix.

Does anyone have input on this? I have a Meetup scheduled five months out. Although I’d love to forewarn people (invite them) ahead of time, I’m worried if I send invites and people sign up. there will be many people who flake at the last minute. Do people generally just send invites 6-8 weeks out, or something different?

Excuse me. I am very concerned that this question is being ignored. Even if you are not official member, could you give me any advice?

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I think the only person who can answer this question is the person who made the card. It’s not a copyright violation if they had permission to use the image, or if it was a public domain image or under an open Creative Commons licence.

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I don’t think Sailor Moon is public domain nor Creative Commons image.

I mention easy example: what if somebody use image of Mickey Mouse for meetup card? You must be afraid if it violates copyright.

I am a fairly green member, but I was thinking of organizing a meetup. Can someone who has previously planned a meetup give me some pointers or explain the process they went through?