Tell us more about your definitive stamps

I am curious about the definitive stamps, those which are not the “beautiful stamps” but are printed in much larger quantities and avalaible on sale for a long time.
As I have been in four countries for several months these last years, I noticed that there were some interesting differences between France and the other countries.
In Lithuania, Taiwan, and Egypt, there were different types of definitive stamps, but with more or less the same topic (national symbol designed in differents ways in Lithuania, fruits in Taiwan, antique art in Egypt).
In France, there is only one type of definitive stamp (only the colour changes), the “Marianne”. The design sometimes changes, but it has been six years that it looks like this.
We have a debate in the French category to know if it is ugly or not. In my opinion, we (French people) may find it ugly because we are used to it, but it isn’t that bad, knowing that it is an engraved stamp.

So what do you think? And how are the definitve stamps in your country? Please show us pictures :blush:


UK definitive stamps of the 1950s and 1960s were very well designed. More modern ones are bland and uninspiring!


Singapore changes up its definitives every few years

1980 - Ships

1990 - Tourism

1994 - Corals and Reef Life

1997 - Transport

2001 - Tropical Marine Fish

2002 - Tropical Freshwater Fish

2007 - Flora and Fauna

2009 - Flora and Fauna

2010 - Flora and Fauna

2011 - Pond Life

2012 - Pond Life Flora

2013 - Pond Life Flora

2013 - Vanishing Trades

2014 - Past Street Scenes

2017 - Greetings

2019 and current series - Goldfish

2021 - Tetra fish

2021 - Greetings

I have, at various points, used stamps from every series before - lucky me!

And here’s a card that features stamps from three different definitives

I believe we are due for a new definitive soon, probably in the next two years
I would be very interested to see the denominations and designs


The Channel Islands have nice definitives. Even Jersey manages, despite a simple design, to have expressive stamps!


2021 - ??? Welt der Briefe – Wikipedia (World of Letters)

These are not too popular as definitives are often used to combine with older stamps and they’re quite big due to the matrix code. The different values are part of a puzzle.

2005 - 2022 Blumen (Deutsche Post) – Wikipedia (Flowers) series

This was a very large series with lots of different stamps / values.


1987 - 2004 Sehenswürdigkeiten (Briefmarkenserie) – Wikipedia (Sights / Places of Interest)

Only few of these might still be used (only the ones in DM and EUR or the EUR ones)


1986 - 2003 Frauen der deutschen Geschichte – Wikipedia (Women of German history) series.

Only few of these might still be used (only the ones in DM and EUR or the EUR ones)



Our current low rate definitives aren’t bad, but the new one for domestic first class mail is really uninspired.


The puzzle aspect is ruined by the QR-matrix. Total failure here !


I didn’t even understand that there was a “puzzle effect” :sweat_smile: Thanks for explaining!


2023 - according to Colnect no definitives, because now we have ATM labels.


2017-21 this series of objects

2016 special issue

And before that 2012-2015 there were very nice animals, that are not sold anymore:

And before, there was a big set of very cool flowers; some are even still available on anpost, but just a few.

@HirokoDaisy in case you haven´t seen this thread, you might be interested :slight_smile:


This is Philippine Post’s latest set of definitives, featuring regional languages:

Before this, we had shells (2020/2021):

Before that, we had flowers (2018/2019):

And even before that, we had fruits (2015/2016/2017):

Mailing centers, which I understand are privately owned franchises of the post office, have their own definitives that look like this:

The fruits and the mailing centers are my favorites. Not a fan of the most recent designs :confused:

Pics are from !


In India, we have a series of definitive stamps. In general, I don’t like Indian definitives, very dull colours and little to no detailing. Even new defivities look like they are from 30-40 years ago. I never use them on any of my mail.

Currently, we are in series 11 named “Builders of Modern India”. The list includes politicians, artists, scientists, freedom fighters and some great kings from the medieval era. I am not a fan of these, as I don’t like personality stamps.

Series 11 - Builders of Modern India 2

Series 10 - Builders of Modern India 1

Series 9 - Flora and Fauna


Wow the birds are great. Remind me a lot of the old HK definitive stamps


In Serbia, definitive editions are not issued specifficaly as named series, but designs lead to conclusuon that there are some series. Since 2006 we had a few series. Many of them were reissued.
These stamps are not very inspirative to me. I don’t like very much the current biggest series of flowers and fruits, since they are not ilustrations but pictures. I have to use definitive stamps and it is useful with low face values stamps to reach apropriate postage, since there are no stamps that cover full airmail postage for any country.

State symbols definitives (2006-2009)

Flowers (2007)

Sights (2007)

Museum exibits (2009-2018)

Prominent Serbs (2014-2019)

Children’s online safety (2019-)

Herbs and fruits (2019-)

Also there were some stamps that can’t be fit in those series. These stamps were depicting some sights, digitalisation and covid-19 vaccination.

Snimak ekrana 2023-06-03 233156

Currently are available: all Children’s online safety stamps, all herbs and fruits except 1 RSD lavender stamp, 23 RSD Nikola Tesla stamp from Prominent Serbs series, 27 RSD Žiča monastery, 30 RSD St. Sava temple and 3 RSD vaccination stamp.


These are the ones for Slovakia :slovakia: I found:


1st Definitive series of india

2nd Definive series of india

3rd Definitive series of india


Here are Malaysia’s National Definitives:

1965 Birds

1970 Butterflies

1979 Wildlife

1986 Fruit

2010 Garden Flowers

2017 Orchids

2020 Marine Life


Adding on to previous post, from Malaysia:

2018- Wild orchids (rarely used for postage)

2016-2018: International Definitives (when GST was implemented in Malaysia for a few years)


We have these flying fish stamps :

The blue one is for domestic mail, the red one is for France and other French territories. I never use them. I didn’t even know they existed until about ten years ago :sweat_smile: - when you ask stamps in post offices, they give you the commemorative ones. I reluctantly used the 5 XPF ones only once - when prices rose and OPT hadn’t issued new 5 XPF commemorative stamps yet.
You can see more definitive stamps here : What are your country's current definitives?


Thank you for letting me know this.
It is interesting for me.


Adding one more definitive issue from Malaysia :

Malaysia 1986 Agro Based series ( 14 states ). Below is a complete set :

We can find 1 sen, 2 sen stamp until the middle of 2000s. After that they are all gone from post office.