What are your country's current definitives?

Just happened to touch on this topic in another thread, and I thought it might be interesting to see the definitives from each country :grin:

Here are the current definitives from Singapore since 2019 - the goldfish series.


Germany has flowers since 2005. Full list in the Colnect stamp catalog. They come in both minisheets of 10 and coils. Not all of them are still available from German Post due to frequent postage increases. One cancelled example, 1.55 Euro with large-letter inkjet cancellation:


In China.We have 4 set of definitives stamps.But Chinese member are not use those stamps usually

No.1 Beautiful China, issued at 2013(Xiapu Beaches, Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain, Qilian Yu - Sansha, Panjin Red Beach, Longsheng Terraced Field, Xinghua Duotian, The Snow Country, Wanfeng Peaks Forest, Sand Lake, Xixi Wetland Park.)

No.2 ChineseBird , issued at 2003(Yellow-bellied tragopan,White-tailed Ground jay, Formosan blue magpie, Ala Shan Redstart, Tibetan Bunting,Yellow-bellied Tit, Yunnan Nuthatch,Chinese Monal Pheasant, Taiwan Yuhina.)

No.3 Protecting the common homeland of mankind, issued at 2001(Forest conservation, Air conservation, Stabilizing the low birth rate, Mining resource utilization and management, Water resource conservation, Marine resource development and protection, Combatting Desertification, Conservation of biological diversity.)

No.4 The Great Wall, issued at 1999( Tiger Mountain Great Wall, Shanhaiguan Pass, Jinshanling Mountain,Mutianyu Great Wall, Pingxingguan Pass, Deshengkou, Yanmenguan Pass,Zhenbetai Tower, Huanghuacheng City, Huamachi, Sanguankou Pass, Jiayuguan Pass, )


The ones I think as definitives are the stamps with queen and king

Traditionally the king is portrayed on the domestic stamp while queen is on international stamp. They have used these portraits for few years now, only changing the colour now and then (queen’s stamp is going to have new colour next year, and king’s stamp is not the current colour. Couldn’t find a pic of the current one)

But depending on person, I think somebody would say many of the current Swedish domestic stamps are definitives as they are not issued for any special reason. But they are still available only for specific time, and are quite pretty to look at. All the current domestic stamps available

Funny that they usually make the international values be more commemorative-like.
I am also curious to see how the tradition will adjust once crown princess Victoria becomes queen. Will she be portrayed on domestic or international stamp?


wow. your countries all have such fun and colorful definitives.
Denmark has had these two designs for 50+ years.

It’s not that I think they are bad. I’m just really bored with them.


The round stamps are for international mail. The sea creatures are for postcards within the US, the flags, for domestic mail.


In Denmark it was Queen Margrethe on all values, all the time. Her “poor” husband only got a few commemorative stamps. When I was checking the current definitives to answer this topic, I was actually surprised that there was not a “queen head” variety. but apparently they don’t make those any longer.

I kind of hope they would get prince Daniel a stamp too. He is a good guy :confused: But yeah, probably it will just be the queen then as I guess prince Daniel will not become a king anyway, but be a prince-spouse or something like that.

Denmark be like “if you make really good once, you will never need to do any other”


In The Netherlands there are definitives with the king (Willem-Alexander):

And there are definitives without the king:


And the Dutch icons series:


In Belarus we have several sets of defenitives. They are also called “standart stamps” here.

Vegetables from 2020

National emblem from 2016. I don’t use the emblem, think it’s boring.

National ornament 2012 and Animals 2014 for international mail.


Italy’s latest definitive series is “le piazze”:

These stamps depict famous Italian squares.
This was the first “forever” series issued by Poste Italiane in 2016.
Some of us, Italian postcrossers, don’t like these stamps very much, but the recipients reportedly appreciate them more than we do. :wink:


I don’t mean any harm, but the vegetable and the animal stamps always look like self printed. Maybe because they don’t have any perforation and a more matte finish like normal paper.


Yes, they are very small, and printed on thin paper, may be for saving trees :sweat_smile:

USPS definitives
U.S. Flag - The most common design on domestic mail stamps currently.

Chrysanthemum Global- Current International rate stamp.

Poinsettia Global- Issued 2018, this one has popped up during the Holiday season. Unlike the other Global designs, these have not been taken out of circulation.

Uncle Sam’s Hat Additional Ounce rate. An additional ounce rate stamp is an extra addendum to a normal domestic rate letter. Example: Current US letter rate of letters to an ounce are 55 cents. Letters up to 2 ounces are 70 cents. Letters up to 3 ounces are 85 cents. The additional ounce is 15 cents and makes up the value to the next rate

Coral Reefs Postcard rate stamps. These are for domestic postcards. Sometimes they are called fish stamps because of the fish that dwarf the coral.

Butterfly Series for Non-machinable Surcharge. A machine readable rate stamp is for square envelopes.

Fruit definitives-These definitives are for extra postage to make up values when using stamps that have numeric values on them or to add up to a certain rate.

Antique definitives-These are also Additional Postage. They are to make up values.

Statue of Freedom 1 2 and 5 dollars.


These goldfish stamps are beautiful!


The small-value fruit stamps are surprisingly hard to obtain: they’re only available in large, expensive coils from USPS, so it’s a bit of a miracle to receive one. I’m still hoping for a strawberry :strawberry: some day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do these also belong to this series?


Yep, the “American Design” series. Though these three are no longer available. The 10c clock has been supplanted with the pears, the 5c coffeepot with grapes. There’s no 4c at all, which is a shame.

I wondered about that in your original post as well. It seems the last queen Margrete II. stamp was issued 2016 https://colnect.com/en/stamps/stamp/655171-Queen_Margrethe_II-Queen_Margrethe_II_serie_6-Denmark and is a reprint with POSTNORD. So the queen stamps may no longer be available in post offices.

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These are our current first and second class stamps for the UK. They rarely change apart for the colour (first class stamps are currently red, but were gold for a long time before that). In common with all British stamps the country name isn’t printed on them.