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@reiselustig Thank you for letting me now, so there are more and more other failures not only on one site though it’s probably the same or similar domain. Let’s see if anything gets better tomorrow afternoon.

Ah! That’s interesting!

@reiselustig and how is your case, can you log in to your account? I’m very curious as you were right - it seems this afternoon they fixed something as my mail finally arrived!
Thank you all for the answers :slight_smile:

Everything is ok again! :+1:

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Hello everyone.
Greetings from China.
I am a big fan of Jacques Tilly’s Städteportraits Ad Postcards (I think many people like it as well lol),I am trying to collect all of them.But does anyone in the community know that where can people buy this in Germany?I would like to ask my friend to try to buy some for me😊Vielen Dank!

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There was never an option to buy these (accept for places like ebay etc), they were given out for free but the promotion is over now.

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@Cassiopheia Ah,Danke für Ihre Antwort😊

You could ask on Facebook, there are people who still have a lot of them.
But be aware: some of them try to sell them and not just for postage. Don’t buy them!

I think I should have left one or two, if you’re interested send me a pm with your address. You don’t have to send something back.

Hello @Jimmy423,

I also have a few of the Tilly Städteportrait cards left and do not collect them myself. I am happy to send you a card if you PM me your address and tell me which one you would prefer. I have the following left: Essen, Hamburg, Erfurt, Düsseldorf, Bremen, Dortmund, Aachen, Bielefeld, Bonn, Köln, Wiesbaden and Heidelberg.

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I can send Nürnberg, Düsseldorf and Hannover, if you like.

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I wonder why a lot of people put “no Harenberg” cards on their profile. I think they are actually pretty cool! The photos are generally lovely… I actually just bought one of the calendars, just to get the postcards :laughing:. We don’t have anything like that here in the UK


I think it is because they already have a lot of them.
Or maybe they do not like them so much for they are slightly thinner or a bit bigger than usual postcards.


Hi! :slight_smile:

Quick question: does anyone know whether it’s possible to order stamps on the Deutsche Post website if you do not live in Germany?

I live relatively close to the German border and because postage is much cheaper there, I buy stamps every time I visit and use them for my penpal letters/postcards. However, I’m getting tired of the selection they have (basically only the same two designs) and I’d love to have some prettier and varied stamps (as a big chess fan, I love the Kasparov stamps). I was hoping I could order some online, but it doesn’t seem possible without a German address, unless someone knows a way around this?


I think there is no option. What is always an option though is asking a German Postcrosser to forward them to you.


There actually is an option - or af least there was one a few years ago. I did so.
I had to order via email (or fax). I got an email then telling me how much to pay + their bankaccount number and my order number. I paid and after they had received the money they sent the stamps to my address in Sweden.


Hi is “Danke” alright as an abbreviation for Thank you, (Danke schön)? TIA. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s perfectly fine and a lot more common than “Danke schön” :slight_smile:


Danke. Thanks. :slight_smile: I did a bit of German at school, can still count to 20, I know, please, thanks, can say that my German is (kaput) but that’s about it. lol. A little bit (ein bisschen).


Hello, German friends. Could one of you write this message out in a comment? It would help to see this message typed perhaps. I’m an English speaker and my husband speaks German as 2nd language. We understand some of the card, but the handwriting for the postcrosser had us a little uncertain about some words. Many thanks!

Dear Rachel,

I send you many greetings from Germany. When my husband and I were very young, we traveled a lot, including the United States. Now my husband is very sick and I am taking care of him. But I’m happy about my garden with lots of birds and bees. Stay healthy.