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Thank you for your idea. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this international reply coupon,I just went to the Chinese website to search

This idea is also good,thank uu

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According to Wikipedia it is called 國際回信券 in Mandarin.


PM sent

Hello dear friends! I will be for this weekend in Austria, in Vienna :smiley::star_struck: Near Gumpendorfer Straße metro and Westbahnhof.

I wanted to ask you interesting places and food that I should definitely try and visit, not only for tourists :smiley:. Maybe you can advise some “All you can eat” places of traditional food :slightly_smiling_face:

I will be very glad to hear any advice, this is my first time in Austria :star_struck::revolving_hearts: Thank you very much!

Where can I find stamps on Saturday and Sunday and how , where can I send postcards? Maybe there are also some special places where I can get cards?

I was in Vienna some years ago and I remember there was a post office inside the Hauptbahnhof (main statiin) and I bought some of the following postcards at the souvenir shop beneath the old ferris wheel in the Prater for only 0.50 € each:


Maybe @ooma, @wandafan or @Dunkelblau could help?


From Westbahnhof you take the Underground U3 to Rochusgasse to visit the post office there. It has a special philately shop (with special postmarks). If you enter the building and take the escalator to the first floor, you avoid the “real” post office but turn to the right to the philately shop. :slight_smile: It’s open Monday-Saturday.

Postcards you might even get around Westbahnhof and Gumpendorfer Straße. Unfortunatelly, I’m not in Vienna that weekend, because I could have taken you around a bit. Postcards can be found at many souvenir stores around U3 station Stephansplatz or U1/U4 Karlsplatz.


When you visit 100 Water House so you can bet many Postcards abd Stamps. 1030 Kegelgasse .
Philateilie Rochus is open on Saturday until i thin 6 pm. You can buy stamps and send your cards.



It’s a long shot, but I am giving it a try.

I am big Bundesliga fan and want to get something about the current table topper Bayer Leverkusen. It could be postcard, match ticket, trading card, etc.

I will be happy to get you whatever possible for me.


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Soccer fans are sometimes crazy…, like all fans :flushed:
I’m not promising anything, but I’ll see what I’ve got.


Thanks :smile: :smile:

Unfortunately I can only offer a postcard of the BVB Dortmund stadium. :wink:


I will take Signal Eduna Park as well :slight_smile:

I’m looking for pen pals from Germany. Exchange of letters and postcards in an envelope : heart:

My husband has been studying German for a long time, he loves Germany and the German language very much. I would like to find pen pals for him

Hi all,

Austrian Post is going to release the stamp below on March 2nd. I am looking for it mint/unused. I can offer recent stamps and postcards from Cyprus in return.



If no one came back to you yet - I just got my stamps and can help, just drop me a PM.


Thanks to @PenCake , the stamp has been found. Thank you!!!

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I understand Germany is issuing a Playmobile stamp - I would love to trade for it on a postcard or envelope!

Send me a pm, I just received my stamp order yesterday :slight_smile: