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I spent many summers as a child in Germany. My father taught at a University there, and the two of us visited many of the towns damaged by the floods. Germany is one of my favorite places in the whole world, and seeing these images breaks my heart.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones



@valdavid @Iside82 @meiadeleite @pmunz
thank you so much for your kind words - I am living in an area where we don’t have any problems, but the pictures of the catastrophe are horrible - it seems that there are also forum members struggling with damages done by the flood… It is difficult to imagine how people will cope with this!


Dear German members. I have read the terrible news in your country.
Hope you all are safe. My thoughts and other Finnish members´ thoughts are with you :heart:


I hope all Postcrossers are safe, I can’t believe what is happening. :worried::green_heart:


I contacted Deutsche Post to start a subscription for maxicards and some other items, in the form they sent me, there are some items i did not understand:

What are:
Kunstgraphiken/Art prints
Atelier-Edition/Studio edition
Deutschland plus/Germany plus
Deutschland Klassik/Germany classik
Deutschland Exklusiv/Germany exclusive
Steckkarte Briefmarken-Kollektion/Stamps on a card
Erinnerungsblätter/Commemorative sheets

Also, what is the difference between “Sonderganzsachen zu philatelistischen Ereignissen/
Envelopes for philatelic events” and “Messebelege/Vouchers of exhibitions”?

For “20-Euro-Silber-Gedenkmünzen/20 Euro-Silvercoins” and “Kursmünzensatz: Dokument Deutschland/Coins of Germany (EURO)”, do they just send the coins separately or…? Is “Kursmünzensatz: Dokument Deutschland/Coins of Germany (EURO)” the commemorative 2 euro coins or something else?

Is “Steckkarte Briefmarken-Kollektion/Stamps on a card” the same as maxicards? Because there is no maxicard option on the list.

What’s the difference between Normalstempelung, Vollstempelung,and Tagesstempel?

Sorry for my many questions, I just did not know where to ask.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I can only help with some of your questions!

There is one “Steckkarte Briefmarken Kollektion” every quarter. They contain all new released stamps (mint).


more on the official website

Here you can see the different cancellation options Normalstempelung, Vollstempelung and a Tagesstempel

For the maxi cards we have this information in our German FAQ:

The most important thing is the order number D055 (the name of this subscription is E:B-Maximumkarten

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,
one topic / question was in my head today of which I thought it might be useful to discuss in the visitors corner: the question of how to adress the recipient if writing in German - to “Du” or not to “Du”?
Personally, since all profiles I have seen so far introduce themselves by first name only, I used the less formal “Du” instead of “Sie”. It only occured to me today that that might be perceived as inappropriate, particularly when writing to someone older then me. What are your experiences and opinions?


In internet stuff I always write Du and a postcard is also not very formal, so “Du” is totally fine.
I wonder why you place this in the English corner, for you are German and you speak German. And people, who ask something in the English corner, will probably not write in German, due to lack of knowledge, I think. shrug


hallo, greetings from Japan.

i am looking for tram postcards sent unwritten / blank in an envelope for my friend. he has been a postal-theme collector for a long time but it seems he does not have any tram cards yet. i would like to collect as many tram cards as possible for him, perhaps 20 cards or so. could anyone help please ?

my offers are

  • postcards from Kyoto, Japan, UNESCO (temples)
  • mount Fuji, UNESCO
  • postcard of Osaka Castle in snows or with cherry blossoms
  • postcard of Japanese Snoopy summer greetings
  • 3 Japanese art AD free cards
  • 35 Japanese used stamps on paper

i can send the card in an envelope if you prefer that way, either written or unwritten.

i can also offer a limited edition seasonal Japanese postbox shaped card (posta collect) too if you can offer me two different tram cards sent unwritten / blank in an envelope.

you do not have to show me the card images, i trust your taste. i can show you several cards of mine upon request.

please feel free to message me for our swap. thank you so much in advance. Stay safe !

edited to add :

As of 12th September, 5 tram cards swap arranged and received. Still looking for tram cards :slight_smile:

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Hello dear German community,
I’m Franckel, from Benin, I will be very happy to part in this group, please!!!
Kindly let me know more about you…

Hello and welcome @anon28770169 :slightly_smiling_face:

We are mainly from Germany, but our community also includes German-speaking people from Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, the USA, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

If you want to know more about our part of the forum, just read a lot in the different topics and talk to us. It’s important that you can understand and write German if you want to be part of our community.
Have fun!


Hello dear Bille,
Thank you very much for writing to me… It’s kind of you.
I have limited proficiency in German, do you think I can’t connect with your community please? For me I’ll improve my german …

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Everyone is welcome to communicate with us in the ongoing topics (in German). Not everyone participating here in our language community is a native speaker :slight_smile:


Thank you very much dear :slight_smile:

Ok. I just deleted the English version.
I didn’t know different language posts were considered doubles.

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Hi am Rome from Thailand I have some stamp ( Not use ) of Germany and wana be sent to some guys for use with your postcard and Pl sent to me.>>>>>>>

The postcard is blank, the picture side is good, the reverse side is damaged



thank you! private message sent.

I don’t know where to ask about it, so I will write here. I have a question for web.de mail users, do you know if there is any problem, failure with receiving emails from the gmail.com (mine) domain to web.de? From Saturday 23.10. I don’t know why it rejects my e-mails to a certain address on web.de and after several attempts to deliver it by the system at a later date, I finally received message that the e-mail has not been delivered. I tried to sent another message from the mobile internet from telephone and my mail was rejected again. I don’t know what to do and whether it’s something with my mail or with this person mail, or generally with web.de. Maybe there is some contact where I could write to web.de and ask what is it about? Or maybe this is just some temporary case, I have no idea. I don’t know anyone more with another web.de address to see if he/she would get an email from me. Seems that my mail is kind of blocked? :thinking: Though it has never happen through many years before. Vielen Dank für jede Hilfe!