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my account has been inactive for almost 5 years, because I was moving around too much

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Huh. That is a mystery then

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Well, it was sent from Germany and the sender used nice stamps and beautifully decorated the backside. It really looks like they forgot the message.
Did you take part in the Decorated Wildcard Tag? :thinking:

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I’m tagged in that tag before, but I received all the cards I tagged, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen this postcard before in the offer section (that I tagged), but interesting suggestion. I thought the washi decoration is pretty too :smiley:

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Is there any chance you can decipher the cancellation stamp? It may give a a hint which postcode area the card came from and that could narrow it down a little! :thinking:


Since the “Gemeinsam gegen Corona” cancellation on the left doesn’t seem to be complete, maybe there was a message glued to it and fell off. :thinking:

@wurzelsofie great idea, but it looks like the normal cancellation mark containing the “Postzentrum” and date is missing :thinking:


@wurzelsofie @lauranalanthalasa the first thing I looked was the postmark, I was trying to find a date, so I can go though my messages to see if there is any tag/rr I forgot. But no date found ~ I really want to know who sent this, because I really love it! I thought the postmark is uncomplete as well, and thought someone may cover it up with something at one time. I usually do that with chain cards to give space to put stamps, or write address over a stamped area by covering it up with paper, but I’m sure this is not a Chain RR because I only joined a year of ox group and the addresses haven’t been sent.

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I think you’re right - it really looks that way! Unfortunately I don’t recognise the handwriting, so I have no idea who it might be…

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It seems that the card was sent 6 or 5 June or May… It’s the only thing I can identify.
By the way, are you interested in receiving cards like this one? If yes and your profile is inactive I suggest you to take all your collection of cards received from Germany officially + cards received from there by the games and swaps and to try to find the same handwriting. I would do the same.

Where did you see that?
The round cancellation mark that contains the date in its middle is missing. It would have been right from the waves.

It seems to me that it’s written under “Gemeinsam gegen Corona” but I can be mistaken.

No, the date is not there. The full corona cancelation would look like this

But I just realized that with this type of cancelation, where there’s no round mark, the “Briefzentrum” (number of the letter sorting center, the card was processed) and the date are under the wavy lines. In this case they would be on the stamp of the Fränkische Schweiz. I can’t see anything on the photo, but maybe @Pei_CL can check.


I’ve registered for this postcard-themed event, not sure if someone else is interested :slight_smile:


Maybe it sounds crazy but let’s imagine the postcard was writen with those erasable ink ballpens like pilot frixion FriXion Ball Clicker: Pilot Pen Then why don’t you try to put the postcard in the freezer? at -15ºC the ink would be visible again… it’s just a suggestion… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


CSI: PostCrossing. I love it! :heart_eyes:


My account is “inactive” for many years, so I know this is not an Official card (HPC didn’t exist back then) and the tags/rr I join are usually offer or fav tags, so I know the designs of the cards I’m going to receive. I actually had a HPC Germany in my fav wall, I unfaved it when I receive this card. So I think I would have unfaved before, if I was tagged with it in a fav tag. I’m not into random postcard tagging, so I don’t think I joined any tags/rr/swaps that can get this card. I’m really going crazy here :rofl: I also swap on IG, but only 2 German partners at the moment, so I think I would know if they sent me a surprise card.

fun suggestion :laughing: but I would think that would at least leave some writing dents on the postcard paper. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No, it is not visible on the postcard. So now that I think about it, I still think the sender forgot to writ a message, instead of a paper with message falling off. The reason is that the whole bottom part of the postmark is unavailable (the date being important part that is missing for me to track it down). I think either there was a glitch in the postmarking machine, or another postcard was stuck on this one (maybe that is why the sender didn’t realize she didn’t write on this postcard) so the postmarking machine printed half of the postmark on mine and the other half on the other card, but the 2 cards got separated by the sorting machine after postmarking LOL

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That actually sounds quite convincing. I could imagine it happening that way.
But unless the sender sees this post or someone else recognises the handwriting, it might be nearly impossible to identify the sender.:confused: