[TAG] USA U-choose & "Use a stamp other than the current postcard-rate stamp" tag

This topic was in the old forum, and I propose that it be moved here. To quote:

This is a USA-to-USA tag for people tired of receiving the boring postcard-rate stamps. Any other combination of stamps is fair game, but NOT those.

The person ABOVE you is sending you the card–be sure to write which card (from their list) you want.
Then list at least three options of cards you could send to the person BELOW you. Have fun!

I am offering:

Audubon Insectarium card
Maui landscape card
Multiview of New Orleans
Bunny Suicide comic card
Vintage US card
ADG travel poster card
LouPaper random state card

I am the next to be tagged. Who wants to have some fun??

You can share the postcards you’ve received from this tag on this topic.

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Tag @MeaganMS for a Lou Paper card please. You have waited way too long. I guess this tag got burried. I’ll bring it back. Cost is same.

I can offer:
Shark teeth
Sea horse
Plus sized lady on beach
Overseas architecture

Tag @Crystalinne

I offer:
Lou Paper card with mailing theme
super-cool illustrated map card of CA
random Harry Potter card
random Game of Thrones card
a funny punny illustrated cat card

Tag @sleepykitty for a random Game of Thrones card

I offer an amazing assortment of themes, one of which will be picked for you completely at my whim! :nerd_face:

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Sesame Street
New Yorker magazine covers
Weird food art
LouPaper (Virginia)
Frank Lloyd Wright homes
First Amendment

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Tag @murphy I’ll take Sesame Street
I offer:
The Lion King
Audubon birds
Peter Rabbit

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Tag @sleepyhippo1 I’d like Audubon birds please

I offer:
Harry Potter
Peter Rabbit
Winnie the Pooh
Blue Cats
Related to Mail


Tag @BarbL - I’d like blue cats please!

I offer…
James Bond
Doctor Who
Fifty-Nine Parks
Game of Thrones
Lantern Press
Cherry Blossoms
Austin, TX

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Tag @HoosierWyomingite for Lantern Press

I offer a (recently expanded!) amazing assortment of themes, one of which will be picked for you completely at my whim! :cowboy_hat_face:

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Sesame Street
New Yorker magazine covers
Weird food art
LouPaper (Virginia)
Frank Lloyd Wright homes
First Amendment
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Local Lantern Press
Miscellaneous illustrated cards, all beautiful

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Looks like this tag has stalled…I’ll restart it :upside_down_face:. Tag @murphy I’ll take a local Lantern Press card. I’m able to offer…

Wild Animals of the World box set
Fifty-Nine Parks box set
Doctor Who - Postcards from Time and Space
Game of Thrones box set
Lantern Press - Dozens of locations
James Bond
Puffin book covers
Washington, DC
Postcard Fair National Parks

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Tag @HoosierWyomingite for a James Bond

I have following to offer:

Jane Austen
Highlights from MoMA
Design Museum
Penguin Sci Fi covers
Studio Ghibli
Paris vs. New York
Bill Cunningham Details From the Street
DC Comics
Vogue covers
Vanity Fair covers
Star Wars Comics
Urban Sketching
Carousel Art

Tag @uconn for Star Wars cartoon

My offer:
Beach scene (day or sunset)
Spanish moss w story
Blue Angel Jets

Tag @crystalinne for Spanish moss with story

I have

Illustrated cat
Autumn theme
Route 66

@journeyforth for a zebra

I have
St patricks day lou paper
Random harry potter card
Wheres waldo card
Amish people card
Quote card

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@aemenheiser2 for St Patrick’s LouPaper

My offers:

Legend of Zelda
Museum Art Piece
Local View Card
Wine Dog

Tag @pcronn for Wine Dog

I offer:

Hawaii touristy
Hawaii vintage travel poster reprint
Turtles illustration
Bees illustration
Dogs illustration
Alice in Wonderland
William Morris

Tag @CeceG for Hawaii Vintage Travel please.

I offer:
Michigan Northern Lights
Michigan tourist card
USA flag
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
LouPaper Cocktail Essentials
LouPaper Crystals
LouPaper Valentine

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Tag @sharonMI for johnny depp

I offer
Polo grounds new york baseball stadium
Cracker barrell florid state fair 1992
Random bible verse card
Random victoria and albert musem card
Mesa verdes national park
Random pumpkin spice quote card
Amish postcard
Random first lady postcard
Snowy castle card

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Tag @aemenheiser2 with a snowy castle card.

I offer:

random Viewcard from Berlin, Germany
Minnesota landscape
Random Lou Paper
Food package postcard
Tea hearts card
Lady reading

tag @sannah82 for random Lou Paper

I offer:

Daring Dames
DC Comics
The Art of Quilts
The New Yorker
Guess How Much I Love You
Dungeons & Dragons
The Little World of Liz Climo
Random animal card
Random art card

tag @CrimsonKing for Liz Climo

I offer:
National Parks
UNESCO sites
What’s Your Story
Vogue covers
Snooty Bookshop
Roald Dahl
Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e)
Ansel Adams
animal cards
map cards
Gems and glitz
Amish (older cards)